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NYC Osgood Bradley RPO/Pass #M406
, Pittsfield MA 1949, blt 1928 ex M207

NYC Osgood Bradly/EMC Pass/bag #M407
, blt 1928, ex M208

NYC Osgood-Bradley EMC #M408
, blt 1928, ex NYC 209
Al Paterson

NYC Mack/Osgood Bradley/Mack Pass/bag #M14
, Brewster NY 1939, nee demo M-200, to WOD45, blt 1928 cn161001

Washington & Old Dominion Osgood Bradley/Mack Gas-electric #45
, Rosslyn VA 1946, nee demo M-200, ex NYC M-14, blt 1928 cn161001
Don Ross

BM Osgood-BradleyEMC #1182
, Lawrence MA 1948, blt 1926

BM Osgood Bradley-EMD motorcar #1187
, blt 1926 cn8695
Don Ross

BM Osgood-Bradley/EMD Pass #195[1195]
, blt 1926

BM Osgood-Bradley/EMC #182[1182]
, Manchester, NH , blt 1926

BM Osgood-Bradley/EMC 2-dr Mail/Bag/Pass #196[1196]
Vic Mailloux

BM Osgood-Bradley/EMC motor car #1183
, blt 1926

BM Osgood Bradly-EMC #1185
, blt 1926

BM Osgood-Bradley/EMC #187[1187]
, Clinton MA 1953, blt 1926

LV Osgood-Bradley/EMC #10
, blt 1930

LV Osgood-Bradley/EMC #16
, blt 1929

LV Osgood-Bradley/EMC #17
, blt 1929Jersey City Eng house, blt 1929, streamlined by Otto Kuhler in 1938
Ralph Heiss
Reprinted with permission from The Lehigh Valley Railroad Across New Jersey, by Ralph Heiss. Available from the publisher online at Arcadia Publishing or by calling 888-313-2665.

LV Osgood-Bradley/EMC #18
, blt 1928

LV Osgood-Bradley/EMC #21
, blt 1927

LV Osgood-Bradley/EMC #22
, blt 1927

BM Osgood Bradly-EMC #1180
, Boston N. Station MA, To St. Marys RR#1180, blt 1926
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