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Illinois Central ACF 'Illini" Motorailer #130
Champaign, IL.1941. blt 1940

Illinois Central ACF 'Land O' Corn' Motorailer #140
, blt1941 cn2109, to NYSW1005
Stuart Kurth-DR

NYSW ACF motorcar #1005-6
, blt 1940, ex-IC 'Land O' Corn'

NYSW ACF Motorailer #1001
, blt1940
Phil Soyring

NYSW ACF Motorailer #1002
, N Bergen NJ 1948, blt1940
Herbert Rosenfeld-Jay Held

NYSW ACF motorcar #1003
, blt 1940, ex IC 'Miss Lou' & 'Illini'

Missouri Pacific ACF bi-directional MotoRailer 'Eaglette' #670
, blt 1942, cn2223
Steven A. Wydeck

Gulf, Mobile & Northern RR 'The Rebel' RPO
, Berwick Plant, PA

GMO The Rebel Alco-ACF #352
, ex-GM&N

Navy ACF Motorailer #19

Bob Redden

Alaska ACF 40T 75' Motorailer #213
, blt 1942 cn2514, nee USN 19
Jack Klingbeil

NS ACF Motorailer #101
, Norfolk, VA 1941 , Hall-Scott 176Hp, 41T
Bob Redden

Norfolk Southern ACF motorcar "Carloinian" #102
Bob Redden

NS ACF rail bus #103
, Norfolk, VA 1947

Salt Lake Garfield & Western ACF #MC3
, nee SAL 2026, ex Aberdeen & Rockfish106, to California Western M300, blt1935 cn1432
Don Ross

California Western ACF M300 #X300
, blt 1935 ex-SLGW M-3; nee AR107
J. Testagrose

California Western ACF M300 #X300
, blt 1935 ex-SLGW M-3; nee AR107
Robert Lehmuth

Missouri Arkansas ACF #705
, 1938

, blt 1929 w/2 Hall-Scott M150, to NYC M409
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