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Tucson, Cornelia & Gila Bend Edwards/Buda Modle 20 #401
, Gila Bend, AZ 1935, blt 1926, to Sierra Ry
OP-16338 Otto Perry

Laramie, North Park & Western Edwards/Buda RPO/pass #9056
, Laramie WY 1936, nee CBQ9506, blt 1926
OP-12461 Otto Perry

Laramie, North Park & Western Edwards/Buda Mail/Bag/Pass #9508
, Laramie, WO 1936, nee CBQ#9508, blt 1926
OP-12462 Otto Perry

West VA Central "Salamander" Edwards motor car #M3
, Cheat Bridge WV
Sam Sponseller

Colo Southern Edwards Pass, Ft. Collins, CO 1928. #500
, blt 1925 Ex-CB&Q 504,
OP-7193 Otto Perry

Hampton & Branchville Edwards Model 20 #M-200
, North Carolina Transportation Museum 2008, 1 of 4 surviving Edwards cars
Bill Blomgren

Morehead North Fork Edwards Model 20 Gas-El #200
, blt 1926, to Calif Western

CBQ Edwards/Porter Budda #552[9530]
, blt 1925, rblt & ren 810, then 530

Alaska Edwards M21 motorcar #212
, 1948, ex Navy, cn198
Jack Klingbeil

CBQ Edwards/Buda motor car #507[9507]
, Cape Charles, VA 2009. blt 1926
Jason Underwood

Bay Creek Edwards #316
, Cape Charles, VA 2009

Tennessee RR Edwrds? motor car #M2
, Oneida, TN 1937

CBQ Edwards/Buda 2-dr Mail/Bag/Pass, #9505
, Lincoln, NB 1935, blt 1926
OP-4822 Otto Perry

Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay Edwards motor car # 503
, blt 1928
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