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GE gas-electric Manual

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MP-Houston North Shore GE Gas-El #504
, Houston TX1943
Gary Morris

Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific GE, Pass/Bag Tacoma, WA 1931 #5902

OP-5247 Otto Perry

Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf GE Pass/Bag, Oklahoma City, OK 1936 #M-23

OP-12422 Otto Perry

SF GE/Watson Pass, #M106
, Wichita, KS 1940
OP-2250 Otto Perry

SF GE Watson Gas Motor #M105
, blt 1913 bn13505
Harold K. Vollrath-BL

SF GE/Watson Gas Motor #M106
, blt 1913 bn13505
Harold K. Vollrath-BL

MP GE/Watson Pass/Mail/Bag, #502
, Mineola, TX 1932, Ex-SLSF, NOT&M 2108 ,blt 1912 bn3725
OP-13207 Otto Perry

SLSF GE/Watson Pass, #2100
, Jonesboro, AR 1929, blt 1912 bn10400
OP-15070 Otto Perry

SLSF GE/Watson Motor Car #2100

Greg Dickinson

San Diego Arizona Eastern GE/Watson motorcar #41
, Ex- Dan Patch 11, blt 1913 bn13700

SDAE GE/Watson Gas-Motor #42
, Ex-Dan Patch 12, blt 1913 bn13700

PGE GE Gas Car #105
, nee GN 2300, cn3741 blt 1913
British Columbia Archive F-04916

IC GE/Watson, #112
, blt 1914 bn1550
Greg Dickinson

BAR GE/Watson #6
, blt 1912 bn3722, To AC&Y
Greg Dickinson

International-Great Northern Brill/MW Pass, #1002
, Pueblo, CO 1928, blt 1924 bn21910, To MP 515
OP-12377 Otto Perry

CMSP GE Bag/RPO/Pass #5903
,blt 1912 #4, rebuilt 1933 with Winton engine
Stuart Kurth-DR

CMStP&P GE repair , Missoula, MT 1931 #X935018

OP-5249 Otto Perry

Akron Canton Youngstown GE motorcar #55
, New London OH 1920

DH GE/Watson motor car #2000
, blt 1911 bn3721, To Clinchfield 75, to Apalachicola Nor.,
Joseph A. Smith Coll

Eldorado-Wesson GE motorcar

North Western Pacific GE/Watson Modified motor car #900
, blt 1912 bn12050, nee Dan Patch 9., ex Vista Electric450, To Bridge Ry

Minnesota Western Cooke GE baggage - mail - coach #38

Roy Blackburn-BL

Kansas Oklahoma & Gulf Midland Valley GE/Wason baggage - mail - coach #23

John Stephen Foster

Kansas Oklahoma & Gulf (Midland Valley RR) Watson GE motor car #M4
, Oklahoma City OK 1939, nee P&LE 500, ex Hawk. & Fla, blt 1912 bn3751 .
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