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NJT Fairmont Track Geometry #TGIV
| INFO |
Marty Perkins

NJT Track Geometry Inspection Vehicle #TGIV
, Spencer, NC 2005
Derek Poole

UP Track Evaluation Car #EC-1

UP Track Evaluation Car #EC-2

Lynne Kahn

UP inspection #EC2
, 2002
Bob Smith

UP Eval Car #3

© Gary Stuebben

UP inspection #EC4
, Conroe, TX 2002
Bob Smith

UP inspection #EC-4
, Las Vegas, NV 2005
Ken Carr

UP Inpsection Sensor #EC-4
Tom Daspit

UP Plasser & Theurer Track Geometry #EC5
, Cahokia, IL 2006
John Witthaus

UP inspection #DC2
, Rawlins WY

UP Inspection #DC-3
, Wyoming 1975
Don Hall

UP Rail Detector, Laramie, WY 1963 #DC-3

OP-19456 Otto Perry

Brill Track Car #TC100
, 1954 Topeka, KS, to UP DC-3

UP inspection #DC-3

Chris Zygmunt

UP inspection #DC4
, 1981
Alan S Gaines

UP inspection #DC24

Mark Ciskey

UP Inspection #DC25


UP Insp #DC-26
, Roanoke, VA 1966
George W. Hamlin

UP Inspection #DC-27

Bob Smith

UP track Inspection #DC31
, Gurdon, AR 2010
G Gerard

UP inspection #DC35
, OgalIala NE 2006
Amaro Rocha

UP insp #DC51
, Greenland, CO 2014
Wayne Burser

UP Inspection #67686

George Elwood

AMTK Plasser Track Evaluation Car #N68401

Bob Redden

AMTK Track Structure Assessment Vehicle #TSAV1
| 2000
Patrick Ackroyd

AMTK Track Structure Assessment Vehicle #TSAV1
, South Boston MA 2002
Jack Clifford

AMTK L-Kopia Laser Clearance System

Marty Perkins

CSX Track Guard Insp #A5256
Brendan Kelly

Dapco Rail Services inspection #02
, Kansas City MO

SP Geometry Car #GC1

Robert Sarberenyi

SP Geometry #GC1
, El Centro CA 1978
WE Harmon-DS

SP Geometry GC
, Deming, NM 1981
Doug Kroll

SP Inpsection #TC-6
Tom Daspit

UP Rail Inspection Truck #DC8A

Jan Olejnik

CSX Inspection Van #F5259

Brendan Kelly

Holland Track Strength & Analysis #TS-151
, Minnesota City, MN 2004 | INFO
Doug Johnson

Holland Track strength tester #GRPS151
, Barstow, CA 2003 | INFO
Wayne Buser

Holland Inspection #GRPS475

Clayton Langstaff

MILW Inspection Car #802

Vladimir J. Kedrovsky

MILW reail detector #806
, 1971

AAR rail detector #201

Gerald Widemark

AAR rail detector #X202 -
, Atlanta GA 1968
©Dennis Schmidt

SP Rail Detector #04901


NP Rail Detector #M3 B103
, Duluth MN 1953

MILW rail detector #800
, Bensonville IL 1974
©Dennis Schmidt

CBQ Rail Detector, Hudson, CO 1958 #9050

OP-4832 Otto Perry

ATSF rail detector #3
, Batstow 1977

UP Rail Detector, Brighton, CO 1946 #B29

OP-19455 Otto Perry

CR track inspection

Brendan Kelly

CR Inspection
, Elmira NY - 1989
©Greg Dickinson

CSX track inspection

Brendan Kelly

NYCTA Inspection #52, Coney Island/Stillwell Ave NY 2002
David Pirmann

AMTK Automated Track Inspection Vehicle (ATIV) #A68335
, Perryville MD 2003
©Mike L Folkes

Metro-North Insp #TC82
, Woodlawn NY 2003
Mike Brotzman

DOD inspection #216
, Ravenna.NE 2010
Glen Beans

FRA DOTX 218 Gage Restraint #T18


FRA Gage Restraint measurment #T-18
, Manassas, VA 2005
N. L. Pitsch

USDOT FRA inspection #T2000
INFO, Rigby Yard, South Portland, ME
Zach Guenzel

FRA geometry w/ENSCO TGMS #T2000
, ex FRA-T17

FRA Inspection #T17
, St Paul MN 2006
Vladimir J. Kedrovsky

FRA engr consol (fr & rear) #T17
, Biglerville PA 2008
Dave Marconi

FRA fireman & brakeman on left (fr & rear) #T17
, Biglerville PA 2008
Dave Marconi

FRA kitchen #T17
, Biglerville PA 2008
Dave Marconi

CSX Inspection

Pete Piszczek

CSX inspection #IS1007

Steve Brautigam

CSX Geometry #GN1
, Wilimington DE
Bruce Z. Friedman

CSX Plasser Guage restraint #GMRS-1
, Decatur, Al 2005
Terry Poole

CSX Plasser Guage restraint #GMRS-1
, Decatur, Al 2005
Terry Poole

CSX Guage restraint #GRMS2
, Ft Lauderdale FL 2001

CSX Guage restraint #GMRS-2
, Brunswick, MD 2005
Jim Johnston

Herzog rail tester #122
, Minneapolis MN 2006
Vladimir J. Kedrovsky

Herzog inspectiion #111
, Lake Park, MN 2006
John Fladung

Herzog rail test #143
, Yost, IL 2009
Matt Petersen

Herzog rail testing #149
, Denver, CO 2011
Derek Brown

Herzog insp #154
, Newton, KS 2014
John Matrow

Herzog MPM #173
, Rollinsville 2006
Chris Ness

CN inspection #077371
, Joliet, Ill 2009
Bill Grenchik

CN inspection detail #077371
, Griffith IN 2010
Gary Everhart

SOO Inspection #1100

Jim Sands

D.O.T. AAR Track Evaluation Car EM-80C #103 , Pueblo, CO 1977
Ken Houghton

DOT Track Eval EM-80 #101

Holland Welded Rail Insp. Car #1003
, SD 1996

SP inspection #04992
, Moorbanks CA1948
Bud Laws

SCL rail test #2

DAPCO Ind inspection 180
, East Syracuse NY 1993

Herzog #401
, Durand_MI 2016-
John K. Herreshoff

Panderol Jackson Insp #376077
Bob LaMay collection

LV Insp #148
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