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Erie Bethlehem Steel/EMC #5012?
, Gas-Electric , blt 1931
George Elwood

Erie Bethlehem/EMC pass-bag 5006
, Midvale NJ, blt 1931

Erie Bethlehem/EMC pass/bag #5010
, Susquehanna, PA 1947, blt 1930

Erie Bethlehem/EMC pass/bag #5011
, blt 1931
George Elwood

Erie Bethlehem/EMC pass/bag #5012
, Youngstwon OH 1936, blt 1930

NYSW Bethlehem Steel/EMC RPO #5012
, N Hawthrone NJ 1940, ex Erie5012, to Central Ohio Railfans Assoc,
Robert Collins-John Zuidema

Erie Bethlehem Steel-EMC RPO/pass #5014
, blt 1931
©George Elwood

Erie Bethlehem Steel-EMC RPO/pass #5015
, Hilldale NJ 1937, blt 1931 cn476, to American Aggregates
Don Ross

RDG Bethlehem Steel-West #70
, blt 1929
Bud Laws

RDG Bethlehem Steel-West #74
, blt 1929

LV Bethlehem Steel-EMC #19
, blt 1928
Richard Palmer
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