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McKeen Motor Car by Madison T. Kirkman | McKeen Motor Car History

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UP Denver, CO 1937 #M4
, blt 1911, ex GW M-1
OP-19458 Otto Perry

UP Sterling, CO 1927 #M8
, blt 1906
OP-19460 Otto Perry

UP Denver, CO 1932 #M9
, blt 1911, ex Saratoga & Encampment Valley M-1
OP-19463 Otto Perry

UP Omaha, NB 1932 #M10
, blt 1907
OP-19464 Otto Perry

UP Brighton, CO 1919 #M13
, blt 1907
OP-19465 Otto Perry

UP Colorado, CA 1920 #M14
, blt 1910, ex StJ&GI 113
OP-19466 Otto Perry

UP McKeen #M16
, Burley ID 1947, blt 1911

UP Brighton, CO 1921 #M18
, blt 1911, ex OSL M-65
OP-19468 Otto Perry

UP Ogden, UT 1936 #M20
. blt 1908
OP-19470 Otto Perry

UP MeKeen #M21

UP Boulder, CO 1917 #M22
, blt 1909
OP-19471 Otto Perry

McKeen RPO #M23
, blt 1915

UP McKeen Gas Motor Car #M29
, UP blt 1927
Tim O'Connor

UP McKeen motor car #M29
, UP blt 1927
George Elwood

UP #M100
, Salt Lake City, UT1936, ex SPLA&SL 1, blt 1910
OP-19485 Otto Perry

CGW St. Paul, MN 1931. #1003
, blt 1910, cn18, rebuilt by EMD 1928, #C18
OP-4928 Otto Perry

Denver, Laramie & NW 1916. #Greenley

OP-11415 Otto Perry

SP Sacramento, CA 1931 #45

OP-16104 Otto Perry

VT McKeen Car Reno NV #22

Woodworth Studios-Edward O'Donnell

CGW Motor car by McKeen in 1910 as 1002 rebuilt by EMD 1929 as 1000

Don Ross

UP Mckeen #1
, 1905 1st in US, 31-foot 100hp 'potato bug', 'doodlebug'

Buffalo Rochester, Pittsburgh McKeen motor car #1001
, Salamanca, NY

Charles City Western McKeen #51
, blt 1911 cn67 Charles City IA
Don Ross

Chicago Great Western McKeen #2001
, blt 1910. rebuilt by GE in 1928 as 1004
Don Ross

Lakeside & Marblehead American Express McKeen #5

Marblehead Ohio, 1920

Bessemer & Lake Erie Mckeen #1

©George Elwood

Erie McKeen #4002
, Salamanca, NY

SP McKeen #63
, Oregon 1910

UP Mckeen RPO #M24
, converted to Winton GE

Long Bell Lumber Mckeen #2
, Tennant, CA

Los Angeles & San Diego Ry "La Jolla" McKeen
, Pacific Beach CA 1911

UP McKeen #M20
, Salt Lake CIty, UT

SP McKeen #25
, Bayview OR 1915
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