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Strasburg 21 Railbus

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GMO EMC/SLC Mail/Bag 3-dr #2506
, Deloran IL1958, blt 1928 nee M17, ex Alton RR 6011
Tom Gildersleeve -GM

SLSF EMC/St. Louis Mail/Bag 3-dr, #2125
, Ok City, OK1936, blt 1928
OP-15072 Otto Perry

T&NO EMC/Pullman/EMC Mail/Bag 3-dr #1026
, Galveston, TX 1936, blt 1930
OP-16106 Otto Perry

T&NO EMC/Pullman/EMC Mail/Bag 3-dr #1027

, San Antonio,TX 1939, blt1930
OP-16107 Otto Perry

T&NO EMC/Pullman/EMC Mail/Bag 3-dr #1028
, Houston, TX 1936blt 1930
OP-16108 Otto Perry

ATSF EMC/Pullman Pass Bag #M131
, Emporia, KS 1957, blt1929

SF EMC-WH/Pullman Mail/Bag 4-dr #M153
, , Kansas City, MO 1934, blt1931
OP-2254 Otto Perry

SF EMC/Pullman Mail/Bag 4-dr #M156
, La Junta, CO 1939, blt1931
OP-2255 Otto Perry

SF EMC/Pullman Mail/Bag 4-dr, #M157
, La Junta, CO 1938, blt1931
OP-2257 Otto Perry

ATSF EMC/Pullman mail/bag/pass #M185
, blt 1931

SF EMC-PullmanStd Articulated G-E 900hp #M190
, Amarillo, TX 1937, blt 1932
OP-2268 Otto Perry

SF EMC-PullmanStd Articulated G-E 900hp #M190
, blt 1932
Bob Redden

Chicago Alton EMD/St. Louis Pass/RPO #M18
, North St Louis MO blt 1928
Joseph Testagrose

CP EMC pass/bag motor car #9004

Joseph A. Smith Coll

CBQ EMC/St. Louis pass-bag #585[9565]
, blt 1927

CBQ EMC Pullman baggage - mail - coach #9845
, Savannah MO 1959, blt 1928, nee 845

CBQ EMC/Pullman bag-pass #9816
, ex 9626, blt 1928

CBQ EMC/Pullman mail - baggage - coach #9097
, Lincoln NE, ex-9526, nee-526, blt 1928
Don Ross

GCSF EMC Mail/Bag #M150
, Silsbee TX 1933
Bud Laws

CBQ EMC/Pullman motorcar #844
, blt 1928
Joseph Testagrose

ATSF EMC/Pullman combine #M117
, blt 1929

EMC/Pullman Bag/Pass #M119
, Gallup NM 1948, blt 1929

ATSF EMC-WH/Pullman mail/bagg #M153
, Kibryville TX 1952, blt 1931

NP Std . Steel/EMD pass-bag #B-18
, blt 1929

ATSF EMC-Pullman RPO #M177
, blt 1929, To Travel Town , L.A.,
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