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Winnipeg River Railway Mack/Cummings Model AS #PM5
, to Greater Winnipeg Water District #31/204 1935, blt 1928 sn163001
D.A. Wyatt

Greater Winnipeg Water District Mack/Cummings AS railbus (streamlined) #31
, ex Winnipeg Elect Co PM5, St. Boniface CA, ren 204. blt 1928 sn163001
Jim Sands

Greater Winnipeg Water Dist Mack AS Rail Car #31
, St Boniface MN

Manitoba Eastern Mack/Cummings Model AS #PM6
, Whitemouth 1949, nee Winnipeg Electric, blt 1928 sn163002
D.A. Wyatt

NH Mack FCD Railbus #12
, Readville MA1958, blt 1954 sn1005
Joseph Testagrose

Dupont Remington Arms [Bridgeport CT] Mack FCD II #2
, nee NH15, blt 1954 sn1006
Jeff Lubchansky

SRS Mack FCD Inspection #402
, blt 1954 sn1010, nee NYNH 19

SRS Mack FCD Inspection, rear #403
, blt 1954 sn1009, nee NYNH 18
Bob Boudreau

Dupont Remington Arms [Bridgeport CT] Mack FCD II #2
, Danbury CT, nee NH15, blt 1954 sn1006
Robert A. LaMay

WBH Mack Railbus #204
, Wilkes-Barre
LVNHR, blt 1932(2)

WBH Mack Railbus #206
, Hazle Park
LVNHR blt 1932(2)

California Western Mack/McGuire-Cummings ACX #M80
, Bragg CA 1948, blt 1923 sn60014

California Western Mack/McGuire-Cummings ACX M80 #X80
, blt 1923 sn60014
J. Testagrose

Chestnut Ridge Railway Mack/Brill AB rail bus #51
, Palmerton PA 1978, nee Pittsburgh Lisbon Western, blt 1921 sn70013
Randy Kotuby

Buffalo Creek Gualey Mack/Brill rail bus #A
, Dunden WVA 1940's, nee Lewisburg, Milton Watson#20, exx PRR4738 ex Artemus Jellico#1,to Strasburg RR, blt 1921 sn60005
Bud Laws

Mack/Brill Railbus #21
. nee Lewisburg, Milton & Watsonburg, exxx PRR 4738, exx Artemus-Jellico Ry.#1 ex Buffalo Creek & Gauley "A", blt 1921 cn 21368, 60005
Bill Waller

NH Mack AS/Osgood-Bradley rail bus #9002
, Poughkeepsie, NY, blt 1921 sn60004

Winnipeg Electric River RR Mack/Brill Model AB #333
, Stonewall CAN 1933, nee PM3, to WS&LW 333, to Manitoba Hydro Elec PM3 in 1933, blt 1920 sn70001

NH Brill-Sterling "Sykes" type #9023
, Woonsocket River St Station RI 1930, blt 1924 bn22082
2"History of Mack Rail Motor Cars and Locomotives", LVNHS, © 1959
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