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CNR Oil-EL @Port Mann Yd, VC, 1927 #15812
Jim Parker

MPA Russell Co Gas Motor Car and Trailer, 1922 #61

INFO Jud Powell

Illinois Terminal Railbus #206

©VG Aylward-GPE

California Western Edwards M100 #X100
, blt 1925 nee Morehead & North Forks
J. Testagrose

CNW Skagit Steel 150-h.p. Buda gas 1927 #M200
, blt 1927 Motor Appliance Corp", div of Skagit Steel And Iron Works, ex-Trona 22; nee Longview, Portland & Northern 20
J. Testagrose

Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf RR #M-3
, blt Kalamazoo in 1936 | INFO
Bob Redden

PGE W.I.W. Brill motor car #106
, Squamish-Lillooet 1929, blt1923
British Columbia Archive F-06382

Comox Logging & Railway speeder #108
, Nanaimo Lakes on Vancouver Island BC
Gordon P. Hulford

Western Forest Products rail bus #X126
, Beaver Cove CAN 2007
Richard P

Reading Budd Pneumatic-tired 22T, Cummings 125Hp #65

Michelin Rail Coach w/Goodyear Tires #3146
, Akron OH Depot 1932

San Luis Valley Southern #M-300
, Blanca, CO 1937
OP-15127 Otto Perry

Midland Terminal #102
, Colorado Springs, CO 1937
OP-12749 Otto Perry

FM Railmobile & freight trailer, 9T

NYC Sykes #M1206
, Indianapolis, IN 1929, blt 1925, ex CCC&STL M-1206
OP-13645 Otto Perry

NH Sykes Railbus#9060
, Beacon, NY 1932
OP-13747 Otto Perry

Chicago Great Western Sykes rail bus #M209
, North St Louis MO 1925
Joseph Testagrose

NYNH Sykes Railbus#9010
, blt St Louis Car, 1920

CGW Sykes #209
, Council Bluffs, IA 1925
OP-4927 Otto Perry

NYOW Sykes railbus #801

Washington, Idaho,Montana railbus/RPO

Tim O'Connor

Union Transportation Co railbus #20

Knox & Kane Rail Bus
, Marienville Pa
Bill Waller

Chitina Auto Railer
, Wasilla Alaska 2003

Greater Winnipeg Water District railcar #233
, 1991

Buffalo Creek Gauley Four Wheel Drive Auto Co railbus #B
, Dundon WV 1960, blt 1922
Joseph Testagrose

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR railbus #MW02
, Chama NM
Allen Littlefield

Stewartstown Brill Modle 43 railbus #7
, Fawn Grove, PA 1934

Ironhorse Central RR #M-6
, ChisagoCity MN 2007
Vladimir J. Kedrovsky

ex-Morris County Central, nee-Morristown & Erie, rail bus #10

Paul R. Tupaczewski

East Kentucky Southern Queen #215

Skagit River Railway rail bus #1

Skagit River RR railbus #5

Phillipsburg RW rail bus

Grasses River rail bus # 11
, Conifer NY

NH rail bus #9020
, Southbridge MA

White Mountain Central railbus #B1
, Lincoln NH 2010
Paolo Roffo

DH MOW bus
, Taylor Yd, PA 1981
Steve Nordahl

Hetch Hetchy RR White Motor Co railbus #19
, Jamestown, CA 2010, blt 1919
Kevin Madore

Tennessee Kentucky & Northern rail bus #101
, Livingston TN, Cookeville Depot Museum
©George Elwood

Legonier Valley RR gas-electric #M21
, Legonier, PA 1949

Tennessee Kentucky & Northern rail bus #M103
, Algood TN, Cookeville Depot Museum
©George Elwood

East St Louis Rail Bus #M36-6
, dual purpose to Haul Explosives 1942

U.S. Navy Edwards Model 21 railbus
, Sanford, NC 1938
Jerry LaBoda

UP rail bus #B-5
, Kerney 1945
Bud Laws

EL Section Car #300
, Scranton, PA 1965

Milledgeville Southern railbus #1641

Cherry River Bloom Lumber Rail bus #D-3
, Richwood WV 1954

Grasse River Buick railbus #11
, Cranberry Lake NY

Norwalk Shelby RR rail bus #1
, American Railway Car Co 1920

Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes RR rail bus #4
, Richmond VA 1984

Virginia & Truckee White Motor railbus 'Canary' #23
, Carson City, NV, blt 1917

Edaville White Motor Co railbus
, 1959
Norman E. Kohl

MP rail bus #606
, Topeka KS

Maine Central Rail Bus #10
, Willimantic, CT 2000
Bob LaMay collection

Bridgton & Harrison RR Rail Bus
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