CN55355 Plow

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Maintenance of Way Equipment

Rotary Plow

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CR Plow #64522

Phil Gross

CR Plow smashing through #64522

Phil Gross

CR Plow close-up #64522

Phil Gross

A Conrail maintainer inspects the plow crew's handiwork.

Phil Gross

KB&S C420 #315 busting through

Phil Gross

KB&S C420 #315 real close

Phil Gross

Tuscola and Saginaw Bay #393
, Elmira, MI 1994
Mark W. Andersen

Montreal, Maine & Atlantic spreader #VB200
, Millinocket, ME 2005
Rod Bushway

SP Plow

Larry Dillon

SP Plow w/pushers

Larry Dillon

Snow Plow

John Reay

IMRL Russell Snow Plow #251

J Hunt

WC Russell pushed by GP30 2252, 12/26/1996 Spencer, WI #303

Peter N. Ruesch

WC Russell Snow Plow 12/26/1996 Abbottsford, WI #303

Peter N. Ruesch

CR plow
, McNabb, Illinois1997
Peter N. Ruesch

Kankakee Beaverville & Southern, plow
, ex TPW RS11, St. Anne, Il, Jan 1997.
Peter N. Ruesch

Cn Spreader #50956
, cn1441
Joe Mitrovic

BN Plow, Montana 1982
Gary Morris

BNSF Plow March 2001

Dave Schauer

Plow close-up

Chasse Maxime Neveu

Iowa Traction Plow #50
Dave Johnson

Iowa Traction Plow #50
Dave Johnson

CN spreader

Ron Grant-BB

CNW plow #2969

J Hunt

UP Jordon spreader

J Hunt

CN plow #55198

Bob Boudreau

CN plow #55355

David Winter-BB

BNSF plow Chemult OR 1998

Martin Hansen

CP plow

WA Gleason - Railroad Explorer

CV? plow

Robert Sheridon - Railroad Explorer

NYSW? plow

Mike Confalone - Railroad Explorer

CP? plow

Robert Sheridon - Railroad Explorer

Goderich and Exeter GP-9's
ex CN, ONT 1994
Dave Stowe-Clayton Langstaff

PC plow
, Boonville, NY 1969
David Snyder

Lamoille Valley RS-3 plow
, Greensboro Bend VT1979
David Snyder

BNSF plow Chemult OR 1998

Martin Hansen

NYS&W SD45 #3618
, Narrowsburg NY 2003
Tim Wakeman

NYSW SD45 #3618
, 2003 Cochecton Curve NY
Tim Wakeman

NYSW SD45 #3618
, Cascade Valley NY 2003
Sam J Botts

NS C40-9W #9214
, Summersville PA
Sam J Botts

CSX SD40-2 #8123

NS C39-8 #8554
, Lafayette, IN 2001
Peter N. Ruesch

GATX D&H plow #2006
, Central Bridge NY 1993

GATX DH EMD SD40-2 #2006
, Summersville, PA 1992
Sam J Botts

CN SD70I #5770
, Raymond, IA 2008
Craig Williams

CN SD70I #5770
, Raymond, IA 2008
Richard S Marsh

CSXT SD70MAC #4741
, Adams Center, NY 2008
Joe Hance

AMTK P42DC #694
, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec 2008
Marc Caya

UP GP38-2 w/flanger #600
, Soda Springs, CA 2008
Ryan Dadgari

UP SD70 #4887
, Gridley, IA 2009
Nicholas Benson

CP Jordon spreader #402883
, St-Edouard, Que 2010

BN Snow Dozer #972503
, Sioux Center, IA 2010
Sam J. Botts

IC #9571
, Guthrie, IL 2011
Jon R. Roma

Amtrak 151 GE P42DC #151
, St Valentin, Quebec, CAN 2012
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