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"After its invention in 1886, the rotary snowplow became the snow remover par excellence. It cut up the snow and threw it far from the track, rather then merely pushing it aside; thus it could cope with deeper snow then the wedge plow.

A rotary might be out for days clearing the tracks after a severe blizzard, and thus a camp car or two was often included in the consist to give relief crews a place to sleep and eat. Occasionally the camp cars were specifically assigned to the plow train. Plow trains often included a flanger in the consist to clear the flangeways inside the railheads, especially if the snowplow was neither a Rotary nor a Russell, both of which had their own flanger blades." John C. La Rue, Jr


Jim Cunningham

BN Rotary 1966

Dan Williams

CN Rotary Snow Plow #55361

BN Rotary

James E. Gilley

DRGW Snow Plow #487

Al Chlone

DRGW Snow Plow #487

Al Chlone

NP Steam Rotary #10

Ruth Eckes

SP Spring 1994

Maurice Fullmer

Iowa, Chicago & Eastern SD40-2 #6458
, Soda Springs, CA 1993
B Douglas

UP rotary #90080
, Portola CA 2005
Alex Ramos

UP rotary #900080
, Cheyenne WY 1977
WR Phillips

UP Rotary Plow #up900082

©Dave Krumenacker

UP Rotary Plow #up900082

©Dave Krumenacker

UP Lima Rotary Snow Plow #900075
, at Illinois Railway Museum
Burch Seymour

NP Steam Rotatry, 1967 #9
Walt Ainsworth

CP Rotary Snow Plow #400805

British Columbia Archive F-06075

SP Rotary, Yuba Pass, 1982 #209

Brian Jennison

CP Rotary Snow Plow

British Columbia Archive A-08714

BN Cooke rotatry snowplow #972551

Charles H. Biel

BN Cooke rotatry snowplow #972558

Charles H. Biel

BN Rotary Snowplow Power Unit or "RSPU" #972573

Charles H. Biel

BN William Bros snowplow

Charles H. Biel

BN Rotary #972559


Fonda Johnson Gloversville dbl-ended roatry #500
, Gloversville, NY 1936

SPMW211 rotary leaving Roseville , CA 1/97

©Dave Henry All rights Reserved

SP Rotary Plow #205

Richard Percy

DRGW Rotary Steam

Bill Smith

SP Rotary #MW210

Bryan Flint

SP Rotary #MW718

OP-16128 Otto Perry

NYC rotary #X660
, 1926
Sam Shumaker

SP Rotary #MW7202
, Roseville, CA 1938
OP-16129 Otto Perry

CR Cooke Locomotive and Machine Works rotary #64599
, Hamburg, New York 2004, nee NYCH, ex PC 60021, exx NYC X-659, blt 1889
Adam Vester

SP Rotary

J Connell

White Pass & Yukon Rotary #1

E.D. Motis

White Pass & Yukon Rotary #1
, Fraser CAN BC, blt 1898
E.D. Motis

Milwaukee rotary #X900214
, Aberdeen, SD 1980
Doug Kroll

SP Rotary train @Donner Pass
, Feb69
W.H.Mills - GM

Nine-foot rotary
, Anchorage Alaska 2003

MILW rotary #X900207
, 1966
Paul McGrane

RI rotary #95377

CP SD40-2 #6034
, Drake, ND 2009
Craig Williams

BNSF GP28PP42DC #1598
, Stanton, ND 2009
Craig Williams

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic rotary
, Antonito, CO 1997
John West

WPY rotary #1
, Skagway AK 2010
Graham Harrison

BNSF rotary #972559
, Ravenna NE 2010
Glen Beans

BNSF rotary power #972572
, Ravenna NE 2010
Glen Beans

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