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Rotary Plow

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NYC Plow, Bellevue OH

Thomas Bedwell

NYSW Snow Plow

Paul R. Tupaczewski

C&NW Snow Plow #6419

Steve Todd

Rochester & Southern Plow #2

John Stewart

DH Snow Plow Front #35054

Joe Blizman

DH Snow Plow Side #35054

Joe Blizman

DH Snow Plow Rear #35054

Joe Blizman

DH plow #35054

Thomas Coyne ©

D&H plow #35055

Arthur Mitchell ©

D&H Russel plow #35057

Tim Byrne ©

CN #55367

Paul Duncan

CP Plow #400783

Bruce Pearson

Niagara, St. Catharines & Toronto single track plow #39
, 1932

Salem Hillsboro Plow

Dale Gloer

CN double plow #55697

Jim Sands

BCER Plow #102

Don Ross

CR wedge plow #64527

Troy Smith

CO plow #914020

©Kermit Geary Jr.-GS

CN modern steel plow #55400

Bob Boudreau

CN extended roof plow #55401

Brad Wurtz-BB

CN plow #55449

Bob Boudreau

CN small plow #55457

Bob Boudreau

CN round roof plow #55499

Cliff Basler-BB

CN double track(1 side only) plow #55500

Bob Boudreau

CN double track(1 side only) plow #55502

Bruce Peachey-BB

CP double track #401100
, 2001

CR plow #cr64515

T. Hannon

UP Plow #900007
, 1986 Spokane WA
Dan Schwanz

UP Plow #900007
, 1986 Spokane WA
Dan Schwanz

Wisconsin Great Northern plow
, Trego WS 2003
Dan Grobestein

Logan Valley Snow-Fighter #18, Altoona RR Museum PA
Bill Blomgren

LNE wooden plow #603
, ex 602
Bob Fischer

CP snowplow #400648
, Field, BC 1984
Doug Kroll

Chesapeake & Ohio plow #914025
, Salamanca, NY 1983
Doug Kroll

Genesee & Wyoming's plow #MW-2
, Retsof, NY 1990
Doug Kroll

Erie Lackawanna snowplow #1305
, Hornell, NY 1976
Doug Kroll

Escanaba & Lake Superior snowplow #112
, Well, MI 1987
Doug Kroll

Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern Jaws plow #1
, Utica, NY 2004
Doug Kroll

LIRR plow #W83

Phil Soyring

Vermont Rwy snowplow #X20
, North Walpole, VT 2004
Doug Kroll

DLW plow #95904
, Syracuse NY 1955
Phil Soyring

Barre & Chelsea Wood Plow # 2

Phil Soyring

Belfast & Moosehead Lake plow #21

LNE plow #353
, Bethlehem PA 1970
Phil Soyring

MBA Snow Plow #2740
, Cambridge, MA. 2007
Jack Clifford

MBTX Snow Plow #2746
, Cambridge, MA. 2007
Jack Clifford

BO wooden Plow
, 1945

WM wooden plow #1662

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