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North East Rails
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RR Crossing

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LS SW1200 #1216 with Joe Blizman Joe is an Eighth grade teacher by profession - 38 years old - married with 2 kids - live 2 blocks from CP's D&H mile post 687 - turned onto trains as a kid when Lehigh Valley coal trains and D&H freights were almost constant behind grandma's house - favorite engine SW7.

Joe Blizman

Mike Pryor has spent most of his 33 years living trackside to the WB Connecting Railroad enjoying the PRR, Penn Central, D&H, Guilford, and CP trains that have graced it over the years. His model train display takes up most of his basement and is always under construction. In the real world Mike's a music teacher and top notch sax man having shared the stage with none other than Bill Clinton at whose family functions Mike's band often performs.
Joe and Mike Pryor are local area photographers that have made significant contributions to this educational effort.
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