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"Jordan could be configured to spread ballast evenly along the track. The front flanger blade, hinged and normally in a V configuration, has been brought forward on the right side to form a shear plow. The ballast retainer has been installed on the left spreader wing to form a pocket to keep the ballast close to the track and out of the drainage ditch, which has already been cut by the bolted-on ditch digging extension." J. C. La Rue, Jr.

"The Great Northern developed a large spreader, which it called a snow dozer. The spreader blade height was adjustable." J. C. La Rue, Jr.

Per DOCTOR REYNOLDS (, one operator can run a spreader in a pinch, but I always had two on the spreader. We often had the section foreman from Lacolle operating the front plow on the NJ, because he knew best where all the obstructions were. They were all marked with flanger signs, but the consequences of a missing sign were considerable.
We never opened the wing when plowing snow at speed. The wings are not very responsive, so we would set the wing in position while stopped, and then push the spreader for as long as its position was good. If it needed repositioning, we would stop and reset it. The wings were mostly used to clear sidings or to open up the approaches to highway crossings. The air-operated spreaders (newer ones are hydraulic) had a system of locks and cylinders on the wings. Only the front plow was directly operated by the air cylinder, from lower stop to upper stop.
To move a wing, you first stepped on a pedal to release the lock for the desired movement, and then moved the air valve lever to operate the movement cylinder to wherever you wanted it. Then you released the lock pedal and the lock secured the wing in position. The locks were air operated, too, just a plunger in or out that dropped into a hole or onto a rack. So it was not an instantaneous operation, and when the wing was loaded only the lock held it in position. Normally, when you are winging with a spreader, especially with only one operator, only one wing is extended at a time. Sometimes you have to make two or three cuts to avoid slewing the spreader and derailing it. It takes someone who really knows what he (or she) is doing. The wings on Russel plows, etc, are directly air operated, and they can be extended or retracted on the fly, as can the flanger blades amidships.

O. F. Jordan Coe spreader #MGRS21523
, Jordan's factory in East Chicago, IN
John C. La Rue, Jr.

MRL Spreader #10000

J Hunt

CNW(UP) Spreader #11991

Ken Schmidt

CNW Jorden Spreader #11991
, Hampton, IA 1994
J Hunt

BRW Jordon Spreader #JS-6
, Ringoes, NJ [BRW] 2001
Jeff Lubchansky

CN Spreader #50948

Daniel Dawdy

CN Spreader #50957

Daniel Dawdy

BN Jordan Spreader

Charles H. Biel

BN Jordan Spreader #972658
, Sioux City IA 2002
Doug Johnson

BN Jordan Spreader #972658
, Sioux City IA 2002
Doug Johnson

CNW Jordan Spreader #108047
, Mason City IA 2001
Doug Johnson

Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Jordan spreader #1006
, Wells MN 2004
İDennis Schmidt

CP Jordan #402894
, Havelock ONT 2003, blt 1971 cn1435
Chris Blaschuk

BN Snow Dozer #972502

Charles H. Biel

BN Snow Dozer #972514

Don Hanley

GN Snow Dozer #7301
, Minneapolis, MN 1964
D. Repetsky-John C. La Rue, Jr.

BN Snow Dozer #972810
, Staples, MN
Doug Johnson

BN Snow Dozer #972503
, Sioux Falls SD 1997
Doug Johnson

BN Snow Dozer #972508
, Sioux City IA 2002
Doug Johnson

BN Snow Dozer #972516
, Jamestown ND 2003
Doug Johnson

BNSF snow dozer #972504
, Lincoln NE 2004
Glen Beans

BN Spreader #972622

Charles H. Biel

BN Spreader #972612

Charles H. Biel

SP Jordan, Winter 1994 #4014

Maurice Fullmer

SP Spreader

J Connell

SP Spreader

J Connell
Iowa Interstate Snow Spreader #9500
Dick Tinder

CP Spreader #402875

Paul Duncan

GBW Plow & Snow Spreader

Daniel Dawdy

Willamette & Pacific Spreader

Nathan Eby

CR Jordan spreader #64611

Troy Smith

New Hope & Ivy Spreader #382

İCharles Trapani Jr.-GS

CR spreader #2254
, Lindenwold NJ 1983
Bob Vogel

CNJ spreader #93000
, Allentown PA 1967
Phil Soyring

D&H spreader #92650
Bud Laws
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