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GE"From 1925 to 1928, GE was a partner in a 3-way consortium. Ingersoll-Rand built the engines, Alco assembled the bodies, and GE furnished the electrical equipment. In the 1930's, GE developed a wide range of switching locomotives, using a variety of engines of various manufacture". While GE continued to be the exclusive electrical supplier for Alco, it began to develop its own line of heavy locomotives, and in 1960 introduced the U25B"(1) .

"GE began building small, diesel electric, 20-25 ton locomotives in 1938. Between 1938 and 1974, 550 locomotives in the 20-50 ton size range had been built. In 1956, GE sold the under-25T business to Rogers Brothers of Albion PA; but continued to offer 25 ton and larger industrial locomotives (2)

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Am Rolling Mill Co 65T GE-Cummings #747
, 500hp

SCOP(Mexico) GE 65T
, Cooper-Bessemer GN eng

USA 65T II-A1 #7173
, blt 1942, cn15629
Don Ross

Detroit Connecting GE 65T II-A1 #4
, 2004
Rob Barry

AMTK GE 65T II-A1 #7
, Beach Grove, IN 1982, ex AMTK77, to AMTK1100, blt1941 cn15609
Mitch Cline

Northwestern Oklahoma GE 65T II-A2 #3
, Woodward, OK 2001
Mike Woodruff

Archer Daniels Midland Co GE 65T II-A2
, Alton IL 1986
Kermit Geary Jr

CASS GE 65T II-A2 #21
, Cass WV
Werner Anschutz

Vulcan Materials GE65T II-A3
, Wichita, KS 2002
Nick Harvey-Phillips

Toppenish, Simcoe & Western GE 65T II-A3 #12
, blt 1942 ex-Puget Sound Navy12
Alan Woolf

Roblin Steel GE 65T II-B w/clerestory #R-3
, North Tonawanda NY 1973
Doug Kroll

Arizona Grain GE 65T II-B #46
w/clearstory on hoods, ex Spreckles Sugar 5948
Tom Fassett

Horry County GE 65T II-B #109
, 1986 Conway SC, blt 1944 cn27518
Ralph Thompson

Moshassuck Valley GE 65T II-B #9
, Lincoln RI 1969, blt 1943 cn17890
George Elwood

SIRT GE 65T II-B #184
, St George, Staten Is NY 1948, nee184 ex194 blt1943, to PPG

Bartlett Mill GE 65T II-B #T724
, Statesville NC 2005, blt 1943 cn17862, ex RJ Reynolds, exx USN 65-00548, exxx USA7876, nee Raritan Arsenal
Bill Blomgren

Canadian Refractories Ltd 65T III-A2 #1
, ex IVACO Rolling Mills ONT, blt 1951 cn30807
Steve Timko

106 Milwaukee Solvay Coke Co. GE 65T III-B1 #106
, Milwaukee WI 1952, blt 1952 cn31331
Don Ross

SCEC GE 65T Phase III-B1 #95

© Gary Stuebben

Middletown and Hummelstown GE 65T III-B3 #2
, Middletown PA1995, blt 1955 cn32228
Tom Wolfgang

USMC GE 65T II-C #152408

Tom Fassett

Becker Sand & Gravel GE 65T II-C #40
, Cash SC - 1983
©Warren Calloway

YOLO GE 65T (IV, 70t) #50
, Woodland CA 2002, ex Spreckles Sugar 420 , blt 1962 34582 nee 5920
Rob Jacox

Pittsburgh Intermodal Terminals GE GE 65T IV-B1 #3
, Ambridge PA - 2002, blt 67 cn36057, nee AO Smith TX
©Mark Hoeller

Toledo Edison GE 65T IV-B1 #2
,Harbor View, OH 2002, blt 1967 cn36056
Pat Huemmer

Hyman-Michaels(Azcon) GE 65T steeple cab clerestory
, Alton IL scrap Yd 1986
©Kermit Geary Jr.-GS

USA GE 65T drop cab #1368
, Ft Eustis VA 1952
Don Ross

Peck Recylcing GE 65T end cab
, Richmond, VA 1991, ex Maryland Slag 8, blt 1949 cn30046
Russell Underwood
(1) Marre, Lewis, "Diesel Locomotives: The First 50 Years",Kalmbach Publishing Co. ©1995 ISBN 0-89024-258-5
(2) Eakin, James S., "Critters Vol 2", Railhead Publications. ©1999 ISBN 0-912113-0
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