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GE"From 1925 to 1928, GE was a partner in a 3-way consortium. Ingersoll-Rand built the engines, Alco assembled the bodies, and GE furnished the electrical equipment. In the 1930's, GE developed a wide range of switching locomotives, using a variety of engines of various manufacture". While GE continued to be the exclusive electrical supplier for Alco, it began to develop its own line of heavy locomotives, and in 1960 introduced the U25B"(1) .

"GE began building small, diesel electric, 20-25 ton locomotives in 1938. Between 1938 and 1974, 550 locomotives in the 20-50 ton size range had been built. In 1956, GE sold the under-25T business to Rogers Brothers of Albion PA; but continued to offer 25 ton and larger industrial locomotives (2)

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Boone & Scenic Valley GE 45T steeplecab #1858
, ex Iowa State University, model BB 90-90, nee USA8534, blt 1944 cn18042
Jim Sands

Amalgamated Sugar GE 45T I-B1 #300
, Twin Falls ID, ex USN65-00443
Michael Goodfellow

GE 45T I-B1 #7320
, Northwest Rail Museum

McDermott GE 45T I-B1

Lee Gautreaux

KRM GE 45T I-B1 #10
, - Louisville KY 1985
© Gary Stuebben

Orr Tank Lines 45T I-B2
, Long Beach, CA 1973
Ken Houghton

Old Colony & Newport RR GE 45T II-A1 #476
, USN Base, Newport RI 1989
Andy Smith

AMTK GE 45T II-A1 #7
, blt 1941

GE 45T IIA-1
, Edgerton IN
Tom Boylan

Rochester Gas & Electric GE 45T II-A2 siderod #1941
, ex Quebec Iron & Titanium#3, blt 1950
RGV Railroad Museum

Clark Landmark GE 45T, II-A2 center ladders


USA GE 45T II-A3 #8537
, blt 1953
©Charles Trapani Jr.-GS

Pullman Std GE 45T II-A3 #170

George Elwood

Warrenton RR GE 45T II-A3 #6
, nee Byrne Ordnance-Naval Sub Base Norfolk USN 65-00137, blt 1942, cn15159
Warren Calloway

Warrenton RR GE 45T II-A3 #1876
, Warrenton NC 1976, nee Naval Ammunition Depot@Port Chicago blt 1943 cn17803
Warren Calloway

Port of Redwood City GE 45T II-A3siderod #2603

William Barr

Con-Agra Co, Buffalo GE 45T II-A3

Arnold Morscher

, ex Chelatchie Prairie(TE), ARR7356 blt 1941
Rob Jacox

Maple Leaf Milling Ontario GE 45TII-A3 #35

Arnold Morscher

RMNE GE 45T II-A3 #42
, RMNE, Waterbury CT 2000
Jeff Lubchansky

Fiber Industries GE 45T II-A3-g 'Blue II'
, Barber Jct. NC 1980, nee Savannah Ordnance exx USA7048, ex Goodpasture Grain blt 1942 cn 15249
© Mac Connery-Gary Stuebben

Samuel Pacific Ind GE45T IIA3 #45
, Oregon Pacific RR Milwaukie, OR 2007, hydraulic boom added
Doug Kroll

Tonawanda Iron (American Standard Co) GE 45T II-A4 #2
, N.Tonawanda, NY 1973
Doug Kroll

Portland Public Docks GE 45T II-A4 #LDE-403
, Portland, OR 1977, blt 1943 cn17851, exUSAF, nee USA#7499
Sheldon Perry

Marion Industrial Ctr GE 45T IIA-5
, Marion OH, nee USA8538 blt 1944
Tom Boylan

Canadian General Transit Co., Ltd.GE 45T II-B
, 2003 Lachine, PQ

National Steel Car GE45T II-B #11
, Hamilton ONT 1998
Cletus Romano

Dardanelle Russelville GE 45T II-B #12
, Russellville AR
George Elwood

Eastern Scrap & Recycling Co GE 45T II-B #2

©Kermit Geary Jr.-GS

James River Cogentrix GE 45T II-C1 #1
, Hopewell, VA 1991, nee East Washington Rwy 101, blt 1946 cn 27932
Russell Underwood

New York State Electric & Gas GE 45T II-C1 #1
, Goudy Station, Johnson City NY, nee Stone & Webster Engr, ex Niagrara Mohwak Power #1 1950 cn30748
John C. Durant

Jones, Laughlin Steel GE 45T II-C1 #76

Joseph Testagrose

Ferdinand RR GE 45T II-C2 #101
, Ferdinand IN 1973, cn31715 1953
Don Ross

Giant Cement GE 45T II-C3 #10
, Harleyville SC - 1984 exCentral IL Public Serv10, blt 1960 cn33447

Saint Charles Grain Elevator Co. 45 IV-A #1
, blt 1962 cn34445
Don Ross

Dresser GE 45T IV-B2 #120P-3
, Depew, NY 1976
Doug Kroll

Port of Corpus Christi TX GE 45T IV-B4 #2
, blt 1977
© Gary Stuebben

Salt Lake Garfield & Western 45T dropcab # D.S.3
, nee USA8519, to , to PAM14, VCRR103, to Martin Marietta, to Ash Grove Cement#8519, blt 1944 cn27597
Brent Petersen-DR

USAF GE military BB90/90 45T dropcab #8580
, blt 1944 2-Cat 200hp
Tom Fassett

USMC 45T drop cab #279669
, Yermo CA 1994, nee USA8502, ex USN 65-00523 blt 1944 cn27580
Bill Navari

Jewell Coal & Coke GE 45T drop cab #1
, Jewell VA 1979
© Mac Connery-Gary Stuebben

American Materials GE 45T military dropcab
, New Miami OH 1986
E. Clark

American Materials GE 45T dropcab
, Hamilton OH
©Kermit Geary Jr.-GS

Amherst Ind GE 45T dropcab #8526
, Silver Springs PA 1987, ex USA#8526, blt 1944 cn27604
John Petko - JT

USA GE 45T dropcab #7926
, Essex CT 1987
Tim Darnell

CMTV Eport Industries GE Drop Cab 45T #22536
, Elizabethport, NJ. 2008
John McCluskey

USAF GE 45T drop cab #8574

©Kermit Geary Jr-GS

USAF GE 45T drop cab #8583
, 1983
©Kermit Geary Jr-GS

Kaiser Sand & Gravel GE 45T drop cab
, Hollister CA 1974
Steve Hoskins

Nez Perce RR GE 45T drop cab #7114
, Nez Perce, ID 1980, blt 1944 cn27632
John Henderson

US Marine Corps GE 45T Drop Cab #279669
, Yermo, CA 1999 , ex USN65-00523, nee USA8502, blt 1944 cn27580

Nez Perce RR GE 45T drop cab #7115
, Nez Perce, ID, blt 1944 cn27698
Bud Laws

Nez Perce RR GE 45T drop cab #7116
, Nez Perce, ID 1980, blt 1944 cn27711
John Henderson

Cherokee Brick & Tile RR GE 45T dropcab #10
, Macon GA 1962

Hollis & Eastern RR 45T OCC #7427
, Altus OK 1972, nee USA7427, ex Phillips Petroleum Co 7427, blt1944 cn13165
Don Ross

, Shreveport, LA 1985, nee Cheswick Harmar#7 PA, blt1941 cn15094
Michael M. Palmieri

Stockton Terminal & Eastern GE Military 45ton #11


Vulcan Materials GE 45T #2264
, Alabama City AL 1970, blt 1941 cn13169, nee USA4550, ex Birmingham Slag DE7, to Pacolet Mfg
Don Ross

Consolidated Rock Co GE 45T #1833
, , Lewindale CA 1964, nee Quartermaster Corps 4548, ex USA7429 exx Conestoga Equipment Co, cn13167 1941
Don Ross

Oglebay Norton Co GE 45Tm dock #8
, Saginaw Dock, Carrollton MI 1976
©Dennis Schmidt

NYCTA R52 GE 45T #78
, Sayre PA, blt 1977
Tim Darnell

NYCTA R52 GE 45T #78
, Sayre PA, blt 1977
Tim Darnell

New York City Transit Authority GE 45T #62
, 380hp, blt 1971
Harv Kahn

New York City Transit Authority GE 45T #063
, 380hp, blt 1974
©Charles Trapani Jr.-GS

New York City Transit Authority GE 45T #66
, 380hp, blt 1975
David Pirmann

NYCTA GE 45T #52
, 38th St.yd, NY 2002, blt 1965 cn35771
Jeff Erlitz

NYCTA GE 45T #53
, Coney Island Yard 1972, 1965 cn35772
Steve Zabel-JT

NYCTA GE 45T #56
, 38th St., NY 2002, blt 1968 cn36306
Jeff Erlitz

NYCTA GE 45T #70
, blt 1975, Westchester, NY 2002
Jeff Erlitz

Jewell Coal & Coke GE 45T #1
, Cleveland, OH 1981, cn 32384 blt 1955, rblt by GE
John C. Benson
(1) Marre, Lewis, "Diesel Locomotives: The First 50 Years",Kalmbach Publishing Co. ©1995 ISBN 0-89024-258-5
(2) Eakin, James S., "Critters Vol 2", Railhead Publications. ©1999 ISBN 0-912113-0
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