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GE"From 1925 to 1928, GE was a partner in a 3-way consortium. Ingersoll-Rand built the engines, Alco assembled the bodies, and GE furnished the electrical equipment. In the 1930's, GE developed a wide range of switching locomotives, using a variety of engines of various manufacture". While GE continued to be the exclusive electrical supplier for Alco, it began to develop its own line of heavy locomotives, and in 1960 introduced the U25B"(1) .

"GE began building small, diesel electric, 20-25 ton locomotives in 1938. Between 1938 and 1974, 550 locomotives in the 20-50 ton size range had been built. In 1956, GE sold the under-25T business to Rogers Brothers of Albion PA; but continued to offer 25 ton and larger industrial locomotives (2)

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DSM Melamine Americas GE 35T #K29-120
, Addis LA, ex Copolymer, ex Cargill IL, blt 1959 cn33693
James Mischke

Illinois Sand & Ballast GE 35T III-A1 # 4
, Chicago IL 1969, blt 1952 cn31767
Phil Soyring

Carolina Power & Light GE 35T III-A1 #201
, Moncure, NC, 1994, blt 1951 cn31195

Staley Grain GE 35T III-A1
, Wapella IL
Gerry Miller

Frit Car & Equipment GE 35T III-A1
, Bridgeton, NC 1986

Narragansett Pier RR GE 35T III-A2 #38
, Peace Dale RI 1965, cn33107 blt 1958
Paul McGrane

, 1990 Copper Cliff ONT
Doug Boyd

Central Soya? GE 35T III-A2
, Decatur IN
Tom Boylan

Bethlehem Steel GE 35T III #587
, Lackawanna NY 1984
Doug Kroll

Martin Marietta GE 35T IV-B1 #100
, The Dalles, OR 1978, blt 1961 cn33927, ex Harvey Aluminum
Sheldon Perry

Barbary Coast Steel GE 35T IV-1B #2-43
, Titusville, FL 2001
Robert Lehmuth

ASARCo GE 35T IV-1B #2-43
, Hayden, AZ 1994
Robert Lehmuth

Mead Paper GE 35T IV-B2 #91
, Am Kraft Mills Harriman TN 2002, ex Carolina P&L NC, blt 1964 cn34610
Jonathan Guy

Michigan Limestone GE 35T, ex-NG #304
, Conneaut, OH 1971, cn12989
Steve Timko

NYCT GE 35T #10
, Coney Island Yard NY 2003, blt 1959 cn33663
David Pirmann

Southern NY GE 40T diesel/battery/elect #5
, nee GE Pittsfield gas-elect, blt 1922, rblt 1931
İC. Tharp

Southern NY GE 40T diesel/battery/elect #5
, nee GE Pittsfield gas-elect, blt 1922, rblt 1931
İC. Tharp

Gadsden Industrial Park GE 40T #4
, Gadsden, AL 2012
Dale Vaughn

Gadsden Industrial Park GE 40T #5
, Gadsden, AL 2012
Dale Vaughn

Bethlehem Steel GE 40T? NG?
, Leroy NY 1986, to Genesse Crushed Stone
Doug Kroll

Wabash GE 43T I-A 'Tillie' #51
, Elgin County Railway Museum in St. Thomas, Ont, , ex Atlas Steel, blt 1939 cn12496

Wabash GE 43T I-A 'Tillie' #51

, St. Thomas ONT, ex Atlas Steel, blt 1939 cn12496
John Nixon

Charles City Western GE 43T I-A #201
, , Charles City IA 1950, to IowaTerminal 45, to Mound City Terminal Ry 1, to Pt Everglades #300, blt 1939, cn12502
Don Ross

Mound City Terminal GE 43T A-1 #1
, North St. Louis MO 1968, nee Charles City Western #201, ex IowaTerminal #45, to Pt Everglades #300, blt 1939, cn12502

Port Evergalde Belt RR GE 43T A-1 #300
, Port Evergalde FL, nee Charles City Western #201, exx IowaTerminal #45, ex Mound City #1, blt 1939, cn12502
İGreg Dickinson

MILW GE 44T II-A1 #1690
, blt 1940 cn 12909, to MILW 990

CBQ GE 44T II-A1 #9103
, Galesburg IL 1969, blt ,1940 cn12908, nee BN1
Karl Henkels-DR

MP GE 44-ton II-A2 #3500

Charles H. Biel

Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern GE 44T II-A3 #502
, Marshalltown IA 1968, nee NYOW102, ex CNW, exx Fernwood Columbia Gulf MI #D6, blt 1941 cn15029
Jim Sands

Almagamated Sugar 44T II-A3 #1
, , South Fork CO 2006, ex #4, exx Great Western Sugar #40, nee DRGW40, to DRGW #2, cn15127, blt 1942
Mike Murray

Adirondack Scenic railroad GE 44T II-A3 #447
, Union Station, Utica NY 2003 , ex Salt Lake Garfield & Western, nee NYO&W105, blt 1941 cn15028
Jim Willemin

Salt Lake, Garfield & Western GE 44T II-A3 #D1
, nee NYO&W105 blt 1941 cn15028
Bill Navari

Claremont & Concord GE 44T II-A3 #18
, Claremont NH 1966, nee BM112, blt 1940 cn12917
George Elwood

MSTL GE 44T II-A3 #D842
, Ft Dodge IA 1967, ren 11, ex Indusmin Ltd, to CNW#11, to CN#6. to Int. Nickel Manitoba, blt 1942 cn15124
M. Price-Jim Sands

Cadillac & Lake City Ry GE 44T II-B1 #44
, Denver CO 1980, neeUSA7439, ex DOT 002, to Evans Railcar44, blt1943, cn15764
John Yoder-DR

Maine Central GE 44T II-B1 #14
, Lewiston ME 1957, blt 1945 cn 27974

Macatawa Bay Dock & Terminal GE 44T rpwr #30
, Holland MI 2005, blt 1943 cn15767 ex Peck Iron & Metal, nee USN65-00200
Leslie Koller

, Pensacola, FL 1947
Phil Soyring

Conway Scenic Railroad GE 44T II-B3 #15
, Conway NH 1987, ex Maine Central #15, cn27975
John Gerstner

PRR GE 44T II-B4 #9316
, cn30134 blt 1949

PRR GE 44T II-B4 #9357
, cn30254 blt 1957

PC GE 44T II-B4 #9999
, ex PRR 9353 blt cn30146
Arnold Morscher

Boyne City MI GE 44T II-B4 #70
, cn30472 blt 1950
İKameron Miller

Stewartstown R.R GE 44T II-B4 #10
, Addision, NY, 1979, nee Coudersport & Port Allegheny D-1, cn28503 blt 1946
William Klapp

GE Hornell Transportation GE 44T II-B4 [shorter radiator] #442
, Hornell NY, to ALSTOM Trans, blt 1949 cn30136
Doug Kroll

Conti Carriers Terminals GE 44T II-B4 #34
, 1984
İGeorge Horna-GPE

Port Stanley Terminal GE 44T II-B4 'Winnie' #L3
, Port Stanley ON 1995, nee Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf#D-4, ex GWWD 103, cn28347, blt 1947
Doug Kroll

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority GE 44T low cab #L001
, New Carrollton Yard, blt 1943
John R Cambron

USAF GE 44T II-C2 #1243
, Nellis AF base NV 1971, to Cuyahoga Valley Scenic RR, blt1953, cn31881
Don Ross

(BO - fake nbr) GE 44T II-C2 #21
, Akron, OH, Cuyahoga Valley Scenic RR 2007, nee USAF #1243 Kansas City, to Kentucky Railway Museum, blt1953, cn31881
Peter Bowler

Dansville & Mount Morris 44T II-C3 #1
, Dansville NY 1975, blt 1956 cn32664, to BCLR 411(last 44T blt)
Doug Kroll

Charlote & Southern GE 44T II-C3 #3
, Charlotte MI 2001
İDennis Schmidt
(1) Marre, Lewis, "Diesel Locomotives: The First 50 Years",Kalmbach Publishing Co. ©1995 ISBN 0-89024-258-5
(2) Eakin, James S., "Critters Vol 2", Railhead Publications. ©1999 ISBN 0-912113-0
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