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GE"From 1925 to 1928, GE was a partner in a 3-way consortium. Ingersoll-Rand built the engines, Alco assembled the bodies, and GE furnished the electrical equipment. In the 1930's, GE developed a wide range of switching locomotives, using a variety of engines of various manufacture". While GE continued to be the exclusive electrical supplier for Alco, it began to develop its own line of heavy locomotives, and in 1960 introduced the U25B"(1) .

"GE began building small, diesel electric, 20-25 ton locomotives in 1938. Between 1938 and 1974, 550 locomotives in the 20-50 ton size range had been built. In 1956, GE sold the under-25T business to Rogers Brothers of Albion PA; but continued to offer 25 ton and larger industrial locomotives (2)

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CSX GE LSB2C12 19T battery Huntington shop Switcher #18742
, blt 1917 nee X5000 sn#6966
Tom Boylan

CO GE LSB2C12 19T Battery #18742
, 1986, blt 1917 cn6966, nee X5000
Kermit Geary Jr

Maine Narrow Gauge GE 23T #1
, ex Whiting Machine Works#5, cn30491 blt 1949
Dave Cremins

GE Service Ctr GE 23T I-A1 #1
, Tonawanda, NY 1976, nee GE Everett Works, exx Erre Works, ex Erie Forge & Steel, cn15008 blt 1941
Doug Kroll

Lehigh Portand Cement GE 20T
, Lackawanna NY 1972, cn12447 blt 1938
© Gary Stuebben

Atlas Terminals Co GE 23T #13028
, Glendale, NY 2004
Marc Pitanza

Producers Grain(ConAgra) GE 23T I-A
, Amarillo TX 1995, nee E.I. Dupont LA, ex Corpus Christi TX, blt 1941 cn15009
Wes Carr

Dolese Brothers GE 23T #125001
, Big Canyon OK 1967, blt1941 cn15012
Don Ross

Dolese Brothers GE 23T I-A #102138
, Big Canyon OK 1967, cn15013 1941
Don Ross

Goodpasture Grain GE 23T I-A #93
, Brownfield TX, nee Columbia Geneva Steel 7
Wes Carr

Oregon Steel GE 23T I-A #737
, Portland, OR 1982, blt 1941 cn13146, ex Alaska RR #51, exx Schnitzer Steel 297-11, exx Inter City Metals, exxx Gilmore Steel, nee US Maritime Admin
Sheldon Perry

Canadian Arsenals GE 23T A-1
, Peterborough CAN 1974, blt 1941 cn13002, nee Canadian Car & Munitions 2
Al Howlett % R.L.Kennedy

Charles City Western GE 23T I-A #200
, , Charles City IA 1950, to Iowa Terminal 20, blt 1941, #13089
Don Ross

US Atomic Energy Comm GE 23T "Jackass & Western" #L2
, Jackass Flats, NV 2015, ex-US Army #7764, cn18139
Robert Lehmuth

Portland Public Docks GE 25T I-B #LDE-1
, Portland, OR 1970, blt 1942 cn15682, ex US Maritime Commission #L-060-3
Larry Russel-Rob Jacox

Hemlock Farmers Co-op GE 25T IB-1 # 4214
, Hemlock MI 1990
Phil Soyring

Dockside Commodity Term GE 25T I-B1
, New Orleans, LA 1974, blt 1943 cn17775
Michael M. Palmieri

Cargil GE 25T IB-1
, Hutchinson KS 1984
Jim Shepard-WR Phillips

Laurinburg & Southern GE 25T I-B1 #150
, blt 1943 cn17916
Warren Calloway

USA GE 25T I-B1 #7750
, Hawaiian RR Ohau 2005, blt 1942
Hector Vazquez

Liberty Mills GE 25T (I-B2)
, Shelby OH
Tom Boylan

Liberty Mills GE 25T (I-B2) repainted
, Shelby OH
Tom Boylan

Hemlock Farmers Coop GE 25T I-B2 rpwr
, Hemlock MI 1978, blt 1942 cn15702 ex Memphis River Term, exx Am Comm Barge2415, exxxx USN 65-00221, nee GF Atkinson 50
©Dennis Schmidt

American Bridge GE 25T I-B #1
, , Elmira NY, ex USN65-00352, blt 1942
John C. Durant

East Broadtop GE 25T I-B1 #M25
, 2001

Laurinburg & Southern GE 25T I-C #151
, (G&O) Knoxville Locomotive Works, Knoxville, TN 2000, blt 1943 cn18141
Emmett M. Bell

Steam RR Institute "Mighty Mouse" GE 25T I-B2
, Owosso MI 2014 ex Shelby Grain & Feed
Gary Everhart

New Riverside Ochre GE 25T I-C
, , Cartersville, GA 2004, blt 1944 cn 27615. nee USN, exx Natchez Urania & Rushton #1607, ex BR&L 106
Jonathan Guy

St. Marys GE 25T 1-C
, South Bend IN 1994
Phil Soyring

USA GE 25T I-C #7751
, Allaire State Park, NJ 2002
Bob Vogel

Shelby Grain & Feed GE 25T I-C
, Shelby OH
Tom Boylan

Shelby Grain & Feed GE 25T I-C
, Shelby OH
Tom Boylan

American Railcar Coatings GE25T I-C #3
, Goodrich TX 2000, nee USA7767, ex Louis Drefus Grain MS, cn18198 1944

Morris Nover Iron GE 25T I-C #114
, Saginaw MI. 1976, nee USA7766, exx Duke Power, blt 1943 cn18144
©Dennis Schmidt

Lake Erie Rail Car GE 25T II-A #2
, 1994 New London OH

Providence & Worcester GE 25T II-A #150
, Worcester, MA 1998. Ex- New Haven Terminal
Ken Houghton

, Terminal, New Haven, CT blt 1945 cn28413

CFI Steel GE 25T II-mill service #11
, Pueblo Locomotive HRS. Pueblo CO 2003, ex #3, blt 1947 cn29186
Bill Waller

CFI Steel GE 25T II-mill service #11
, Pueblo Locomotive HRS. Pueblo CO 2003, ex #3, blt 1947 cn29186
Bill Waller

Colorado Fuel & Iron GE25T II-mil #7
, 1971 Pueblo, CO blt 1947 cn29192
John C. Benson

White Pass & Yukon Route GE 25T II-mil #1
, blt 1947, nee Colorado Fuel & Iron

Sunrise Co-Op GE 25T II-B w/air brakes
, Monroeville OH, ex Conn Power & Light 3640,blt 1947
Tom Boylan

Sunrise Co-Op GE 25T II-B w/air brakes
, Monroeville OH, ex Conn Power & Light, blt 1947 cn3640
Tom Boylan

Keene Carriers GE 25T II-B #3
, Glade Springs VA, ex Duke Power 50, blt 1949
Tom Boylan

Belliveiu Const GE 25T II-B

Robert A. LaMay

, Philadelphia PA 1986
©Charles Trapani, JR-GS

Champion Molded Plast GE 25T II-B
, Masury OH - 2002
Steve Timko

Port Stanley Terminal GE 25T II-B #L1
, blt 1952 cn31575, ex Consolidated Sand & Gravel 2003, 104
Paul Duncan

Erie Forge and Steel GE 25T II-C1 drop cab #31295
, Erie PA 2001, nee GE1119 PA blt 1951 cn31295
Steve Timko

LIRR GE 25T II-C1 #399
, blt 1958
Harv Kahn

Port of Port Royal GE 25T II-C1 #25
, nee Southern Clay, blt 1951
Craig Zeni

Trinity Railcar GE 25T II-C2 low cab #2
, Sioux City IA 1997, ex Teledyen Columbia-Summeril 440-1, nee Panther Valley Coal #5, blt 1955 cn32238

The Andersons GE 25T II-C2
, Lordstown, OH 2004, blt 1954 cn32250 ex White Pine Copper 10387, nee Turner Const 10387
Wade H. Massie

Allwaste Container Service GE 25T II-C2
, Niagara Falls, NY 2005, ex &J Cleaning Serv
Doug Kroll

Lee Tidewater Cypress GE 25T II-C2 #3

, San Antonio TX 1997
© Gary Stuebben

, Angleton, TX 2005, to Fitzgerald Railcar Serv
Richard Boyce

, Ama, LA 1988, nee Farmers Export 1, blt 1968 cn36400
Jerry Sires

American Railcar Coatings GE 25T IV-B #2
, GoodrichTX, cn35668 1966

Marion County Railroad GE 25T IV-B
, Columbia, MI 2004,
John Higginson

Bethlehem Energy Mines GE 25T
, Cokeburg Jct PA 1988
F Vollhardt Jr-DR

Bethlehem Energy Mines GE 25T
, Livingston PA 1988
F Vollhardt Jr-DR

Algoma Steel GE 25T, mod to 35 T High Cab #8
, Ontario, Canada. 1979

Bethlehem Steel GE 20T #22
, Bethlehem PA 1981
(1) Marre, Lewis, "Diesel Locomotives: The First 50 Years",Kalmbach Publishing Co. ©1995 ISBN 0-89024-258-5
(2) Eakin, James S., "Critters Vol 2", Railhead Publications. ©1999 ISBN 0-912113-0
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