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Union Pacific "Big Boy"
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Unofficial Union Pacific "Big Boy" 4-8-8-4 Steam Roster

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UP 4008"The largest and most magnificent steam locomotives ever built! They were built to pull large tonnage over the 1.55% continuous grade up Sherman Hill between Cheyenne and Laramie Wyoming . Before BigBoy, a helper service was required." They can do up to 80 MPH, but produce maximum continuous power at 70 MPH. - Jonathan Landon

"The 25 Big Boys were built in two groups. The first group, called "class 1", were built starting in 1941. They were numbered 4000-4019. The second group, "class 2", were built in 1944. They were numbered 4020-4024. The last revenue freight pulled by a Big Boy was in July of 1959. Most were retired in 1961. The last one was retired in July of 1962. As late as September, 1962, there were still four operational Big Boys at Green River, WY." - Wes Barris

Builder: Alco Fuel: 28 tons
Cyclinders:(4) 23.75 x 32"Water:25,000 Gal
Weight:1,208,000 lbsDia. Drivers:68"
Steam Pressure:300 lbsTractive Effort:135,375 lbs
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Road Nbr Photographer Date Taken Location Builder
4000  Henefer UTSchenectady 1941
4000OP-18448 Otto Perry(2)1946Rock River, WYSchenectady 1941
4001OP-18451 Otto Perry(2)1941Riview, WYSchenectady 1941
4001OP-18452 Otto Perry(2)1954Hermosa, WYSchenectady 1941
4001Bob Rathke  Schenectady 1941
4002OP-17068 Otto Perry(2)1941Green River, WYSchenectady 1941
4002Jim Sands  Schenectady 1941
4002   Schenectady 1941
4003OP-18457 Otto Perry(2)1955Laramie, WYSchenectady 1941
4003   Schenectady 1941
4004OP-18462 Otto Perry(2)1958Dale WYSchenectady 1941
4004James L. Ehernberger(3)  Schenectady 1941
4004©Corel Corp 1994  Schenectady 1941
4004 1953Laramie, WYSchenectady 1941
4005Wes Barris(4) Forney Transportation Museum, Denver, COSchenectady 1941
4005Bob Rathke2000Denver COSchenectady 1941
4006OP-17069 Otto Perry(2)1958Cheyenne, WYSchenectady 1941
4006Merrill Bauer Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MOSchenectady 1941
4006Rick Hamman  Schenectady 1941
4007Bill  Schenectady 1941
4007OP-18468 Otto Perry(2)1956Dale WYSchenectady 1941
4008OP-18470 Otto Perry(2)1953Laramie, WYSchenectady 1941
4008 Bob Rathke   Schenectady 1941
4009OP-18472 Otto Perry(2)1946Medicine Bow, WYSchenectady 1941
4009Bill Navari
  Schenectady 1941
4010OP-18473 Otto Perry(2)1952Granite Canon, WYSchenectady 1941
4010OP-17073 Otto Perry(2)1947Cheyenne, WYSchenectady 1941
4011HK Vollrath(3)1954Laramie WYSchenectady 1941
4012OP-17075 Otto Perry(2)1941Green River, WYSchenectady 1941
4012OP-18483 Otto Perry(2)1941Riview, WYSchenectady 1941
4012Arnold Morscher1987Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PASchenectady 1941
4012Bill Waller Steamtown MESchenectady 1941
4013OP-17076 Otto Perry(2)1953Laramie, WYSchenectady 1941
4014OP-18489 Otto Perry(2)1956Hermosa, WYSchenectady 1941
4014©VG Aylward LA County FairgroundsSchenectady 1941
4015OP-18491 Otto Perry(2)1952Granite Canon, WYSchenectady 1941
4015Bob Lorenz(1)  Schenectady 1941
4016OP-17078 Otto Perry(2)1953Laramie, WYSchenectady 1941
4016Donald Duke(4)1958Perkins UTSchenectady 1941
4017OP-18493 Otto Perry(2)1958Dale WYSchenectady 1941
4017R.H.Kindig(4)1957Green River, WYSchenectady 1941
4018Richard Kurtz  Schenectady 1941
4018Joseph Testagrose1950HermosaSchenectady 1941
4019OP-18499 Otto Perry(2)1958Dale WYSchenectady 1941
4019William Coons(4)1942Echo UTSchenectady 1941
4019R. H. Kindig(4)1958Cheyenne, WYSchenectady 1941
4020OP-17079 Otto Perry(2)1958Green River, WYSchenectady 1944
4020Rick Hamman1951Cheyenne WYSchenectady 1941
4021© Gary Stuebben  Schenectady 1944
4022 1953Laramie, WYSchenectady 1944
4022 1953 Schenectady 1944
4023© Gary Stuebben  Schenectady 1944
4023OP-17081 Otto Perry(2)1963Cheyenne, WYSchenectady 1944
4023©Corel Corp 1994  Schenectady 1944
4024OP-17083 Otto Perry(2)1959Cheyenne, WYSchenectady 1944
4024 1953 Cheyenne WYSchenectady 1944
1. From the Collection of Stephen Foster. The original owner is listed, if known.
2. From the Collection of Denver Public Library   Note: There are more photos of the UP 4-8-8-4's here. Enter "Union Pacific AND 4000", and increment the number for a new search.
3. From the Collection of Bud Laws. The original owner is listed, if known.
4. From the Collection of Wes Barris. The original owner is listed, if known.
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