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Union Pacific 4-12-2 Class 9000
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CN6200 Steam

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Union Pacific "Big Boy" | UP 9000 4-12-2 | UP Challenger 4-6-6-4

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Unofficial Union Pacific 4-12-2 Class 9000 Steam Photo Roster

Builder: Alco Fuel: 21 tons
Cyclinders: 27 x 32" (i) 27 x31"Water:15,000 Gal
Weight:782,000 lbsDia. Drivers:67"
Steam Pressure:220 lbsTractive Effort:96,650 lbs
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Road Nbr Photographer Date Taken Location Builder
9000Paul Doering  Brooks 1926
9000Howard Ameling (3)1962 Brooks 1926
9000Bill Navari
1956Summit CABrooks 1926
9000Howard Ameling (3)1953North Platte NBBrooks 1926
9000OP-17294 Otto Perry(2)1930Laramie WYBrooks 1926
9001OP-17296 Otto Perry(2)1929Laramie WYBrooks 1926
9001HK Vollrath(3)1948Cheyenne WYBrooks 1926
9002OP-17298 Otto Perry(2)1931Laramie WYBrooks 1926
9003© Gary Stuebben   Brooks 1926
9004OP-17299 Otto Perry(2)1931Platteville, COBrooks 1926
9004Bud Laws(3) Laramie WYBrooks 1926
9004   Brooks 1926
9005Ed Bowers(3)  Brooks 1926
9005OP-19069 Otto Perry(2)1935Laramie WYBrooks 1926
9006OP-17301 Otto Perry(2)1927Laramie WYBrooks 1926
9007OP-17305 Otto Perry(2)1931Laramie WYBrooks 1926
9008OP-17307 Otto Perry(2)1936Green River WYBrooks 1926
9009OP-17308 Otto Perry(2)1927Laramie WYBrooks 1926
9010OP-19085 Otto Perry(2)1935Buford WYBrooks 1926
9011OP-17310 Otto Perry(2)1930Laramie WYBrooks 1926
9012OP-19089 Otto Perry(2)1935Rock River WYBrooks 1926
9012Wesley Krambeck(3)1937Kansas City KSBrooks 1926
9013OP-17312 Otto Perry(2)1934Laramie WYBrooks 1926
9014OP-17315 Otto Perry(2)1936Laramie WYBrooks 1926
9014F. O. Kelly(3)1937Topeka KSBrooks 1926, 3rd cyl gear valve replaced w/dbl Walschaert
9015OP-19097 Otto Perry(2)1935Cheyenne WYBrooks 1928.
9016OP-19100 Otto Perry(2)1941Archer WYBrooks 1928
9016   Brooks 1928
9017OP-19101 Otto Perry(2)1933Julesburg COBrooks 1928
9018Joseph A. Smith Coll1937Pocatello, IDBrooks 1928
9019OP-17319 Otto Perry(2)1929Laramie WYBrooks 1928
9020OP-17322 Otto Perry(2)1938Laramie WYBrooks 1928
9020OP-17321 Otto Perry(2)1928Laramie WYBrooks 1928
9021OP-19113 Otto Perry(2)1931Cheyenne WYBrooks 1928
9022OP-17324 Otto Perry(2)1937Sidney NBBrooks 1928
9022HK Vollrath(3)1953Cheyenne WYBrooks 1928
9023OP-17326 Otto Perry(2)1953Cheyenne WYBrooks 1928
9024OP-19119 Otto Perry(2)1934Kimball NBBrooks 1928
9025OP-17327 Otto Perry(2)1935Sidney NBBrooks 1928
9025OP-17328 Otto Perry(2)1935Sidney NBBrooks 1928
9026OP-17329 Otto Perry(2)1937Sidney NBBrooks 1928
9027OP-19127 Otto Perry(2)1935Kimball NBBrooks 1928
9028OP-17330 Otto Perry(2)1928Laramie WYBrooks 1928
9028Phil Soyring  Schectady 1929
9029Ron Healy  Brooks 1928
9029OP-17332 Otto Perry(2)1939Sidney NBBrooks 1928
9029OP-17331 Otto Perry(2)1929Laramie WYBrooks 1928
9030OP-19131 Otto Perry(2)1936Laramie WYSchectady 1929
9031OP-17333 Otto Perry(2)1931Laramie WYSchectady 1929
9032OP-19132 Otto Perry(2)1931Red Desert WYSchectady 1929
9033OP-19135 Otto Perry(2)1941Riview WYSchectady 1929
9034OP-19138 Otto Perry(2)1937Medicine Bow WYSchectady 1929
9034OP-19137 Otto Perry(2)1935Rock River WYSchectady 1929
9035OP-17334 Otto Perry(2)1930Laramie WYSchectady 1929
9035   Schectady 1929
9036Truman Boyd(3) Kansas City KSSchectady 1929
9037OP-17335 Otto Perry(2)1930Laramie WYSchectady 1929
9038Howard Ameling(3)1953North Platte NBSchectady 1929
9039OP-17337 Otto Perry(2)1930Laramie WYSchectady 1929
9040OP-17338 Otto Perry(2)1931Laramie WYSchectady 1929
9040Bud Laws(3)  Schectady 1929
9041OP-17339 Otto Perry(2)1938Platte NBSchectady 1929
9041HK Vollrath(3)1947Cheyenne WYSchectady 1929
9042OP-17340 Otto Perry(2)1939Platte NBSchectady 1929
9042HK Vollrath(3)1947Cheyenne WYSchectady 1929
9043   Schectady 1929
9044OP-17342 Otto Perry(2)1931Green River WYSchectady 1929
9045OP-17343 Otto Perry(2)1934Laramie WYSchectady 1929
9046OP-17344 Otto Perry(2)1937Green River WYSchectady 1929
9047HK Vollrath(3)1954Kansas City KSSchectady 1929
9047OP-17345 Otto Perry(2)1935Laramie WYSchectady 1929
9047   1953Kansas City KSSchectady 1929
9048OP-17346 Otto Perry(2)1930Laramie WYSchectady 1929
9049©VG Aylward1933TOPEKA KSSchectady 1929
9050OP-17347 Otto Perry(2)1931Laramie WYSchectady 1929
9050Bud Laws(3)1932Beatrice NBSchectady 1929
9051OP-19153 Otto Perry(2)1932Omaha NBSchectady 1929
9051Truman Boyd(3) Kansas City KSSchectady 1929
9052Roy Blackburn(3)1934Jopena KSSchectady 1929
9052OP-19156 Otto Perry(2)1938Council Bluffs IASchectady 1929
9053HK Vollrath(3)1948Kansas City KSSchectady 1929
9053OP-19157 Otto Perry(2)1934Pierce COSchectady 1929
9054   Schectady 1929
9054OP-19160 Otto Perry(2)1935Omaha NBSchectady 1929
9056OP-17349 Otto Perry(2)1931Laramie WYBrooks 1928
9057OP-19163 Otto Perry(2)1953Elm Creek NBBrooks 1928
9058OP-19164 Otto Perry(2)1933Borie WYBrooks 1928
9059 W.A. Ranke  Schectady 1929
9060OP-17350 Otto Perry(2)1936Laramie WYBrooks 1928
9061OP-17351 Otto Perry(2)1931Laramie WYBrooks 1928
9062OP-17352 Otto Perry(2)1931Laramie WYBrooks 1928
9062OP-17353 Otto Perry(2)1935Laramie WYBrooks 1928
9078   1953Kansas City KSSchectady 1929
9078OP-17355 Otto Perry(2)1937Green River WYSchectady 1930
9079OP-19175 Otto Perry(2)1941Riview WYSchectady 1930
9080OP-17357 Otto Perry(2)1931Green River WYSchectady 1930
9081OP-17358 Otto Perry(2)1931Ogden UTSchectady 1930
9082OP-19177 Otto Perry(2)1932Denver COSchectady 1930
9083OP-17360 Otto Perry(2)1931Ogden UTSchectady 1930
9084 1950Kansas City KSSchectady 1930
9085OP-17361 Otto Perry(2)1931Ogden UTSchectady 1930
9085   Schectady 1930
9086OP-17362 Otto Perry(2)1937Green River WYSchectady 1930
9086   Schectady 1930
9087OP-17364 Otto Perry(2)1935Laramie WYSchectady 1930
9087OP-17363 Otto Perry(2)1930Gothenburg NB WYSchectady 1930
9500Bud Laws(3)1933Pocatello, IDSchectady 1930
9502OP-17365 Otto Perry(2)1936Green River WYSchectady 1930
9503Bud Laws(3)1932Pocatello, IDSchectady 1930
9505OP-19185 Otto Perry(2)1953Elm Creek NBSchectady 1930
9506OP-19186 Otto Perry(2)1936Green River WYSchectady 1930
9507OP-17367 Otto Perry(2)1953North Platte NBSchectady 1930
9508OP-17368 Otto Perry(2)1936Green River WYSchectady 1930
9509OP-17370 Otto Perry(2)1931Green River WYSchectady 1930
9510OP-19189 Otto Perry(2)1953Kearney NBSchectady 1930
9511OP-17372 Otto Perry(2)1937Green River WYSchectady 1930
9512OP-19191 Otto Perry(2)1953Elm Creek NBSchectady 1930
9513   Schectady 1930
9514Rick Hamman  Schectady 1930
1. From the Collection of Stephen Foster. The original owner is listed, if known.
2. From the Collection of Denver Public Library   Note: There are more photos of the UP 4-12-2's here. Enter "Union Pacific AND 9000", and increment the number for a new search.
3. From the Collection of Bud Laws. The original owner is listed, if known.
4. From the Collection of Wes Barris. The original owner is listed, if known.
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