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1976 Freedom Train

UP Special Trains Special Trains

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Special Trains

SF PA-1 Freedom Train, 1947 #1776

Tom Bedwell

BN Dessert Storm, '94 SD60M #1991

Don Winslow

BN Desert Storm Ext Vision Caboose #12618

Charles H. Biel

CR SD40-2 #6373

'Olympic Road Trial' - cyclist time trials Altoona, PA,1992
Joe Breckner

CR SD50 #6726
, Addison NY, Olympic Road Trials 92
Greg Dickinson

CN SD40-2 Exp 86 #5334

Claude Prutton

CP MLW640 #5647

Claude Prutton

CP United Way SD90MAC #9159

Brian D. Switzer

CSXT CW40-8 1992 Presidental train, ex 7812 #900

Dean Heacock

Agence Métropolitain de Transport, Montreal FP-7 #1301
Jim Sandiland

CV GP-9 Coast Guard #4924
, Palmer MA 1979
Joseph Testagrose

AMTK P42 Post Office Century Express 2/99 #100

M. Johnson

AMTK (notice one stamp is different) 4/2000 #100

William Smith

AMTK Post Office Century Express 4/2000 #100

Mark Ciskey

AMTK Post Office Century Express #1252

Mark Ciskey

AMTK Post Office Century Express #1252

William Smith

AMTK Post Office Century Express #21044

Mark Ciskey

AMTK Post Office Century Express #21044

William Smith

SOU RPO on Century Express #800700

Mark Ciskey

VIA FP9 "AMRail" #6506
Claude Prutton

VIA F40PH-2 KoolAid #6454

Brian D. Switzer

SP SD40R Olymics #7347
, 1984
Stan Rothewell

Wisconson Central GP40 #3026
, ex AC, 10th Anniversary 1997

Wisconson Central GP40 #3027
, ex AC, 10th Anniversary 1997

ATSF GP60M Maersk publicity paint #146
, Cajon Pass CA 1990
Gary Kluge-Robert Seale

DME SD40-2 'Mt Rushmore' #6359
, 1967

Wheeling & Lake Erie GP35 w/Alco trucks #200
, 2003 Ohio bicentennial
Willie Brown

New York & Lake Erie C-425 #1013
, Gowanda NY 1988, fictional road "Contrack" from "Trains, Planes and Automobiles" ,ex N&W #1013
Doug Kroll

GM of Canada Ltd. SW900 #0069
, 50th Anniv, London ONT 2000, blt 1955 cn19703 nee Buick 818
Gordon Strathdee % R.L.Kennedy

Cleveland Works SW1500 'The Crow' #1556
, Cleveland.OH_4-3-06
Sam Sponseller

Cleveland Works SW1001 'American_Soldier' #215
, Cleveland.OH_4-3-06
Sam Sponseller

Adrian and Blissfield 'Lionel' GP9 #1752
, Blissfield, MI 1993
E Garrett

AMTK 'Car of Pokeman' #825631
, Newport News VA 2006
Jason Underwood

UP GE ES44AC "Green Locomotive Tour" # 7605
, Long Beach, CA 2007
Paul Ellis

UP ES44AC demo # 7605
, Gary IN 2007
Vladimir J. Kedrovsky

ATSF "Panorama of Progress" baggage #5005
, Albuquerque, NM 1969
Martin Matlack

Washington Central R.R. F7 "The Spirit of Washington" #102
, Renton WA 199X. blt 1952

Cargill GP7 'The Mighty Cow' #2014
, Kings Park, CA1998, (ex-ATSF)

Chicago South Shore & South Bend RR "Buy War Bonds" #100

SP Share in Freedom #31570
, 1972

EMD SD70ACe #1201
, Centralia, IL 2012, 2012, special "CAT colors", blt2012 sn20116604A-005
KM Sies

Larrys Truck & Electric SW1500 Millineum #2000
, McDonald, OH 2010, ex HB&T#51 leased to Amtrak, sn35294 blt 1969
Christopher Zygmunt

Pennsylvania Power & Light 'The Energy Of Man'
, Shamokin, PA 1972

NS SD60E #911
Altoona, PA 2015, ex NS6577, sn847023-14, blt 1985
Casey Thomason

AMTK NPCU 'Salutes Our Veterans' #90208
, San Buenaventura, CA, nee AMTK 208 (F40PH), sn757099-9 blt 1976
Michael V Greenspun

NS SD60E Veterans #6920
, Binghamton, NY 2015
Kevin Burkholder

AMTK GE P42DC, Veteran's Heritage #42
, Dakota, MN 2014, sn49580 blt 1996
Dennis Weber

Siemens ACS-64 , Veteran's Heritage #642
, Scranton, PA 2015
Stephen Bradley
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