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Hi-Rail Crane History

Isringhausen use to have their own train wrecking services. They used sideboom cats and designed and built the first Brute cranes. They sold out to Hulcher and his two sons started Cranemasters. Later SpanDeck bought the design and now manufactures the 150T Mantis. At one time, Pettibone built their own cranes. Kershaw bought out the rights for the Holmes cranes.

Little Giant tried to market a 100T re-rail crane. BN ordered three of them took delivery of two and cancelled the third. Little Giant finished that crane derated it to 60t and sold it to a commuter railroad up north.

Now for the sidebooms...RJ Corman and Hulcher both use Caterpillar pipelayers which are basically D7 and D8 bulldozer, so the 572 is the D7 with the pipelaying attachment and the 583 is the D8 with the pipelaying attachment. The 572 weighs a lot less and it can be transported with the weight attached to the tractor, the 583 has to be completely torn down." per Paul Knowles

AMTK Burro crane

©Charles Trapani Jr.-GS

Burro Crane #RC51289

Dick Leonhardt

NJT Burro 67 grader #EG303

William Barry

NJT Burro 67 grader #EG303

William Barry

CSX Little Giant Crane

Mike Oestreich

UP Little Giant crane

D.L. Owings

CN Little Giant #46108

Paul Duncan

CP Little Giant crane #2540402

Bob Boudreau

NS Little Giant #TC7502LN

Arnold Morscher

DME Little Giant 32R hi-rail #262049
, Pierre SD 1997Doug Johnson

Little Giant #X1500115
, Sprague, WA 2003
Peter Bieber

LIRR Little Gaint
, Richmond Hill NY 2004
Marc Pitanza

CSX Little Giant #MC8602
, Henderson, KY 2005
Keith Takarsh

UP Little Giant crane
, OgalIala NE 2006
Amaro Rocha

Little Giant crane
, Ripplemead, VA 2001
Joe Shaw

UP Little Giant #174029
, Milwaukee, WI
Keith Belk

BN hi-rail crane #X1500071
, Crawford NE 1996

Doug Johnson

CTX Little Giant #RTC536
, Harpers Ferry, WV 2006
M Abbott

Metro-North "Little Giant" crane
, Poughkeepsie, NY 1989
Joseph A. Smith Coll

Hulcher 125T Brute
, Kansas City MO div
Paul Knowles

Hulcher 130T

Paul Knowles

NS Brute 140 crane
, Suffolk VA 1999
Russell Underwood

Cranemaster 'Brute' by Loren Isringhausen


Cranemaster 60T Holmes


Hulcher 60T Holmes
, Kansas City MO div
Paul Knowles

UP Holmes
, Boone, IA 1998

IAIS Holmes crane
, Council Bluffs, IA 2009

Hulcher 110T Kershaw #52-017
, Twin Cities div
Paul Knowles

Hulcher 110T Kershaw crane #52-017
, Winona, MN
Doug Johnson

CP Kershaw crane #414049

Tom Hannon

Guilford Kershaw Crane


SP Kershaw Hi-rail crane #31820219
, Roseville, CA 1994
Randy Keller

R.J. Corman CAT 595
Paul Knowles

RJ Corman CAT 572 D7 side booms
, Kansas City KS div
Paul Knowles

RJ Corman CAT 572 D7 & 583 D8 side booms
, Kansas City KS div
Paul Knowles

Hulcher side boom CAT
, Winona, MN
Doug Johnson

Alaska RR Komatsu D355C sideboom

Richard Wise

Alaska RR Komatsu D355C sideboom

Richard Wise

Cranemaster 150T Mantis

Pete Piszczek

BNSF 150T Mantis
, Lincolin NB
Paul Knowles

BN Mantis 30011 150T crane #96085
, Council Bluffs, IA 2005
Keith Belk

BNSF 150T Mantis crane
, Tacoma WA

BN Mantis crane
, Seattle, WA 1995
Keith Belk

CN Mantis #26010
, Foxholm, ND, 3-9-1974
Luc Charron

Alaska RR Pettibone 260A 130T
, blt 1984 | INFO |
Richard Wise

CP Pettibone 260 RRC 130T #414042
, 2003, blt 1985
John Veldhoen

CP Pettibone 260 #414042
, Feild British Col 2002
Tom Price

Juniata 110T Pettibone #220
, Juniata Terminal, Philadelphia PA
Rich White II

RJ Corman 110T Pettibone
, Saint Louis IL
Paul Knowles

CP Pettibone 220 RR 110T #414033
, 2003, blt 1983
John Veldhoen

UP Petttibone 150T #82620
Paul Knowles

CR Pettibone 220 Crane

Bruce Z. Friedman

Cranemaster 110T pettibone


Oak Island Pettibone crane

Jeff Lubchansky

CP Pettibone 130T & Holmes 60T #414032
, Moyie BC CAN 1992
Ed Koski

BO crane #X1397

©Kermit Geary Jr.-GS

CR Galion crane #CH1312

Brendan Kelly

CSX crane hi-rail

William Barry

CP Truck w/crane

Joe Blizman

IAIS road or rail crane

Dick Tinder

NS Bantam T-744 crane
, Norris Yard, Irondale, AL
Emanuel Neiconi

Norfolk Portsmith Belt line Bantam crane
, Milkbank ON

Bantam crane

RDG Bantam Crane #847

Bob Redden

RDG Bantam crane #847
, Allentown PA 1969

AMTK P&H Crane #A57001

Bruce Z. Friedman

Railroad Maint P&H crane
, 180St NY1969
Steve Zabel-JT

P&H 325TC 25T crane
, blt 1967
San Diego Railroad Museum

CR Crane & Brendan, Savannah NY #CH1526

Brendan Kelly

100T Crane
, Wichita, KS 2002
Nick Harvey-Phillips

CSX Grove RT58 crane
, Stephensport KY 2002
Road Warrier

Norfolk Franklin & Danville road railer crane #11625
, Franklin VA 1984
Russell Underwood

American #5460

Hulcher hi-rail #32-3-003
, Winona MN 1998
Doug Johnson

Duluth & Northeastern crane/plow
, Cloquet MN
Jim Sands

BNSF 130T 'Blue Goose'
, Sandpoint ID 2004

BN 130T 'Blue Goose' crane
, Seattle, WA 1995
Keith Belk

Cline #31800387

Alex Huff-David koziol

CN hi-rail crane #404447
, Levis Quebec 2002
Lester Zmudzinski

R J Corman Crew Cab Crane
, Centerville, IL 2004
Keith Belk

BN Drott 1800 crane
, Galesburg, IL 2004
Keith Belk

UP crane #8928
, Saint Louis 2005
Keith Belk

UP Mack crane #GVW8000
, Saint Louis 2005
Keith Belk

BNSF crane truck #16494
, Rochelle, IL 2005

UP crane truck #GVW80000
, 2005

BNSF Ford boom truck L8000
, Fairland, OK 2006

BNSF hi-rail #13254
, Vinita, OK2006

KS Freightline boom truck #703533
, FL Westville, OK 2006

UP International 4900 boom truck #60166
, Pryor, OK 2006

CN hi rail crane
, Roberts Bank BC 2006
Stephen Rees

BNSF hi rail crane #13172
, Guernsey, WY 2006
Amaro Rocha

BNSF hi rail crane #20078
, Guernsey, WY 2006
Amaro Rocha

UP hi rail crane #82699
, OgalIala NE 2006
Amaro Rocha

MTA boom truck #780
, 2005

BNSF Ford L 800 boom truck #12447
, St. Louis County, OK 2006

BNSF Freightliner boom truck #18598
, St. Louis County, OK 2006

Alton & Southern International 4900 #50265
, Alorton, IL 2006
Keith Belk

UP Grove crane #MC0301

Kevin Kuehl

BNSF Brandt3028 crane #98012


Kenneth R Wilkerson Freightliner
, Granite City, IL 2006

AMTK HiRail #AH63832
, Readville, MA. 2008.
Jack Clifford

CN hi-rail crane #77035
, Centralia, IL 2008
Justin Draper

BNSF hi-rail crane #39217
, Barstow, CA 2009
Chris Payne

Pan Am crane
, Orrington, ME 2010
Travis Bragg'

AMTK Badger CD4430R 30T crane
, Landover MD 2010
Paul Marxen

UP Badger CD4430 30T crane
, 2010
Paul Marxen

PW 80T Hi-rail crane #W2207
, Cumberland, RI 2009
Michael Delage

STL&H high rail crane #414031
Montreal 2000
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