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"Virtually all railroad wreckers were assigned an idler car (called a "jib car" on the Soo) to accommodate the boom overhang. This one has a wheeled support for the wrecker boom to enable faster transit to a wreck site. A wrecker's boom was heavy and dangerously unstable, and there were numerous examples of wreckers ending up on their sides after the boom began to oscillate while the crane was being moved too fast over rough track. The large bin at the near end of the car holds oak blocks to support the crane outriggers when the wrecker is making a heavy or angled lift." J. C. La Rue, Jr.

Southern Rail crane #903006

Scott Oxford

CN Crane #50015

Mike Salfi

CP Ind Bownhoist 200T #414474
, Cranbrook BC 1991

CN Ind Bownhoist Crane #50397

Russ Watson

CN Bucyrus-Erie 250T Crane 2 #50380t
, Moncton, New Brunswick, CAN 1989
Roger Lalonde

CP Ind Brownhoist #414502
British Columbia Archive F-07340

CP American 150T crane #414400
, Coal Mountain, B.C. 12-3-2005, blt 1965
Brian Croft-Ed Koski

CP Ind Brownhoist 250T crane #414502
, blt 1948
Ed Koski

CP Ind Brownhoist #414477

British Columbia Archive F-06905

AMTK Crane #16002

CR Ind Bownhoist 250T #45210

Tom Wolfgang

CR 250T Ind Brownhoist #45210
, Conway PA 1979

MILW Ind Brownhoist 250T #X19
, Montevideo MN 2005
Vladimir J. Kedrovsky

BN Pile Driver #975414

Charles H. Biel

DH wrecker crew car #30111

Al Holleuffer

DH wrecker cars #30123

Al Holleuffer

DH crane #00152

Al Holleuffer

DH Crane #300021

Peter L. Finch

SF Crane #199794

Bill Weibel

PC Crane #50080

Dick Leonhardt

CSX Ohio Crane #MOW201

Arnold Morscher

CR Crane #45205

Tim O'Connor

Lehigh Valley #96503

Edward O'Donnell

BO Ind Brownhoist #940503

E. Clark

KCS Ind Brownhoist crane #W05

©Kermit Geary Jr.-GS

MN dual crane #001

Jeff Lubchansky

PRR dual crane #490797

Industrial Brownhoist dual crane
, 1920

CUT Industrial Brownhoist dual crane #X99
, 1920

LV crane #96533

LV crane #96534
, Allentown PA 1976
Randall C. Kotuby

LV crane #96534
, Lehighton, PA 1973

PRR crane #490710
, Ft. Wayne, IN 1940

PRR crane #495779

SP crane #5595

Tom Fassett

NYNH&H 230T Ind Brownhoist #D100

Charles Brown

RDG Ind Brownhoist 250T #90901
, blt 1946

RDG Ind BrownHoist 250T #90901

Bill Waller

RDG Ind Brownhoist 250T #90902
, blt 1956

UP Ind Brownhoist crane #25096
, Ogden, UT 2005
RJ Sorensen

CP Ind Brownhoist #206
, blt 1968
Ed Koski

CR Crane #50089

Steven M Geisler

Western Pacific crane #37

Frank Brehm

SP crane #7113
, Sacramento, CA State RR Museum 2005
Mike Bates

Arizona & Cal crane
, Parker AZ 2000
Tom Fassett

SP American 855DF crane #4028
, Coolidge AZ - 2002
©VG Aylward

DL American 135T crane #414402
, 2002
Michael G. Rushton

ATSF crane #199788
, Shopton IA 1938

CGW 250T Ind Brownhoist #X251
, Oelwein IA 1953

MILW 200T crane #X16
, Bensenville IL

UP 200T crane #903044

Illinois Central crane #100417
, McComb, MS 2005
Doug Kroll

BO crane #940504

Mike Castellow

BO crane #940505

Mike Castellow

CO Fulton Tool 250T crane #940000

Mike Castellow

WM Bucyrus crane #940902

Mike Castellow

Belvidere & Delaware River Industrial Works #16002
, Ringoes NJ 2004, ex AMTK
Bob Vogel

Belvidere & Delaware River Rwy Industrial Works #16002
, Ringoes, NJ [BRW] 2002, ex AMTK
Jeff Lubchansky

NW crane #514923

Mike Castellow

CSS&SB crane #X1150
, 1959
Gerald Widemark

CP Ind Brownhoist crane #414651
, Fordville ND 2003
Doug Johnson

NS 250T Industrial Brownhoist #514925
, Roanoke VA 2003
Charlie Long

Santa Fe 250T crane #99796
, Winlsow, AZ 2001
Doug Kroll

Baldwin 2250 heavy crane
, MTA S. Boston MA 2004 [30'x30']
Jack Clifford

Baldwin 2250 heavy crane
, MTA S. Boston MA 2004 [30'x30']
Jack Clifford

Indiana RR crane
, Indianapolis IN 2004
Tom Barrows

Ohio Central crane #PX300505
, 2004
Jim Shutt

CN crane #IC20100418
, Centralia IL 2005
Keith Belk

DMIR crane #X7
, WGN Spooner WI, 2005
Dan Grobestein

ATSF Ind Brownhoist crane #19970
, Temple AZ
Brian Paul Ehni

UP Ind Brownhoist crane #903042
, Omaha, NE, 1977
Brian Paul Ehni

Industrial Locomotive Works 150T #D158
, Minnesota Trans Museum 2006, nee GN/BN D-158/D-152, blt 1914
Ralph Back

PC dual crane #50021
, BotanicalGardens, Bronx NY 1975
Joseph Testagrose

WM crane #1674

WM Bucyrus crane #1656

CSS crane #X1150
. Michigan City IN 1957

Willamette & Pacific Crane #X1736

John Stewart

PRR crane #490723

PRR crane #495779

Erie Industrial Works crane #14
, Bay City MI

ATSF crane #199795
, Belen_NM

ICX Orton Crane #106

BM 250T crane #3366, 2010
Craig Osowski

RFP Ind Browhoist #1
, Fredericksburg, VA 1978
Extra 127 South

CBQ crane #204362
, Eola, IL 1976

DH crane #30022
, 1970
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