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Industial Steam
They're down right ugly, but they were needed in every branch of industrial activity, such as mines, lumber mills, manufacturing plants, and construction.  
  • Fireless locomotives have a steam-storage tank that is charged with steam and hot water from a stationary plant. They were used around powder works, lumber yards, sugar refineries, and other areas where sparks and smoke pose a fire hazzard.
  • Compressed-air locos were used around powder works, textile and paper mills, and in mines, because the exhaust(air) cannot contaminate the atmosphere, blacken walls, or soil fabrics. 
  • Saddle or side tanks were often used to eliminate the need for a tender.
  • Geared locomotives are suitable for use on the steep grades, sharp curves, and uneven track frequently found in lumbering operations and stone quarries. They have center-brearing trucks, with all wheels acting as drivers.
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