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They're down right ugly, but they were needed in every branch of industrial activity, such as mines, lumber mills, manufacturing plants, and construction. Saddle or side tanks were often used to eliminate the need for a tender.

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PRR 0-6-0T side tank #110

CN 0-4-0T side tank #7105

IC 2-4-6T tank #1428
, Chicago, IL 1930
OP-12258 Otto Perry

Erie 0-6-0T Cooke, 1904 #045
, rblt as tank 1927
Howard Davis-BL

Gulf Coast RR Museum 0-60-T Porter #12
, Parish, Fl 2004, blt 1929 cn15007
Dennis Zaccardi

DLW 2-6-0T side tank #9

0-6-0T side tank #5015
, Whitesburg GA
T King-GS

Inspiration Consolidated Copper 2-6-2 Porter side tank #3

National Lumber & Mfg 2-6-2 BLW double side tank #3

Granite Rock 0-6-0T side tank #10

WS Kay

EJ Lavino 0-6-0T #2
, Howellville PA

MKT 0-6-0T side tank #787

MB Cooke-BL

S&L Dominion Coal Co 2-6-4T MLW #45

Northern Pacific 0-4-0T Minnetonka #1
, Chicago IL 1948, Porter-Bell 1870
Howard Davis - BL

Northern Pacific 0-6-0T #9
, Tacoma WA 1953, Alco 1901, rblt 914
Albert Farrow - BL

NYC 0-6-0T #A

Detroit MI 1921

USA 0-6-0T side tank #100

Don Ross

Long Bell Lumber 2-8-2T Alco #800

Surgar Pine Lumber 2-10-2T Alco #5

DLW 0-4-0T side tank #35

Port Rdg Creosote Plant 0-4-0T #1

PRR C31 0-8-0T side tank #8542

Gary Mittner

CNJ 0-4-0T #940
, Communipaw NJ 1936 BLW,1902

CIA.MFRA.Del Portero SA Porter 2-8-2 54t Oil #7

George Elwood

McKinley Land & Lumber 2-6-2 Porter 83t #8

George Elwood

Steel Works 0-4-0T Porter 45t #58

George Elwood

MacMillan Bloedel 2-6-2T #1044
, Chemanius BC
Joseph Testagrose

Timberland 2-6-2T Porter 67t #4

George Elwood

Wheeling Steel 0-4-0T Porter 67t

George Elwood

Inland Steel 0-6-0T Porter 70t #39

George Elwood

Phoenix Iron Co 0-4-0T Porter 30t #12

George Elwood

SP 0-6-2T #571

Rick Hamman

Jeffersonville, Madison & Indianapolis 0-10-0 Side Tank 'Rueben Wells'
, blt 1868
Bob Redden

Mud Bay Logging Co 3 2-6-2T #3
, Olympia, WA 1937
Martin Hansen

California Fruit Exchange 2-6-0T #1
, Greagle,CA 1934
Martin Hansen

Harbor Plywood 2-6-2T #2
, National WA 1953
Martin Hansen

Schafer Brothers Lumber Co 2-6-2T #24
, Brady, WA 1948
Martin Hansen

Rayonier 2-6-6-2T #9
, Sekiu , WA 1957
Martin Hansen

Rayonier 2-6-6-2T #9
, Sekiu , WA 1957
Martin Hansen

NYC 4-6-6T suburban tank #1298
, Watertown NY 1951, ex Boston & Albany #403
Phil's Photos

NYC&HRR 2-4-4T suburban tank #1911
, High Bridge NY 1923

Boston & Albany 2-6-6T #303

NYC 2-6-6T #1407
, Albany NY 1901
Phil Soyring

NYC Kanawha & Michigan 2-8-2T #9501
, Dickson WA 1935
Phil Soyring

Boston & Albany 4-6-6T #400
, Allston MA 1922

Morristown & Erie 2-4-4T #2
, Morristown NJ, nee Chicago Elevated, ex Hanover Brick Co, blt Rhode Island, 1894
Donald Furler-BL
Industrial oil-burning Mikado 2-8-2

Internatiional Timber 2-8-2 Porter 87t Oil

George Elwood

Valley and Sletz 2-8-2 Porter 87t Oil #56

George Elwood
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