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Industrial Steam | Industrial Diesel | Porter Fireless

They're down right ugly, but they were needed in every branch of industrial activity, such as mines, lumber mills, manufacturing plants, and construction.

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GCSF 0-6-0 BLW fireless #2299

Ruggles & Rademaker 0-6-0 BLW fireless

Weirton Steel 0-4-0 Porter fireless #83

Public Service Electric and Gas 0-6-0F "Fireless" #6816
, blt H.K. Porter 1923;
Bill Waller

PP&L HEISLER 0-8-0 Largest Fireless blt, 1939 #4094

Arnold Morscher

Bethlehem Steel Company, 0-4-0, Heisler "Fireless", blt 1941 #111

PP&L 0-6-0, Fireless #7767
, Hamburg PA
ŠVG Aylward

Appalachian Power & Light, 0-4-0 Fireless

Union Electric Sys 0-6-0, 70T Heisler Fireless, "Norman" #2
, Venice IL, blt 1941, donated to National Museum of Transport
ŠVJ Porreca-GS

Union Electric Sys Porter 0-4-0, Fireless #3
, Venice IL
ŠVJ Porreca-GS

Union Electric Sys Porter 0-4-0, Fireless #4
, Venice IL
ŠVJ Porreca-GS

Union Electric Sys Porter 0-4-0, Fireless #8
, Venice IL
ŠVJ Porreca-GS

Alabama Power Barry Steam Plant 0-4-0 Fireless #40
, Davenport, IA, blt Davenport 1953
| INFO | Joshua Tubbs

AS&R Porter 0-4-0

George Elwood

Davenport 0-4-0 #40
, Heart of Dixie Museum, Calera, AL
Ray Cole

ACERO Porter 0-4-0 #14

George Elwood

Fleschmann Transportation Porter 0-4-0 57t #1

George Elwood

Great LakesSteel 0-6-0 Porter 73t #9

George Elwood

Mead 0-4-0 Porter 70t geared #3

George Elwood

NAR Co 0-6-0T Porter 68t #1
Elizabethton TN 2001
Russell Underwood

PPL 0-4-0 Porter 60t

George Elwood

PP&L 0-4-0T #4093
, Sunbury PA

PP&L 0-6-0T fireless #4093
, , Tamaqua PA, 2008, from Hauto Plant PA, formely @Jim Thorpe
Kevin Andrusia

Taylor-Wharton L&S 0-4-0 Porter 30t #548

George Elwood

Virginia Electric Power 0-4-0 Porter 44t geared #12

George Elwood

Potomac Electric Power Co 0-4-0#2
, Alexandria, VA 1966

Terrytown LA 0-4-0 Compress Air


HC Frick Coke Porter 0-4-0 Compress Air

Homestake MIning 0-4-0 Compressed Air #9

Marie Myers-DR

New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board 0-4-0 Porter Compressed Air
, blt 1915
Mike Palmieri
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