ATSF844 GE C40-8W

  North East Rails  
EMD SD41-42
Diesel Railroad Locomotives

DH18 Alco PA-1

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CP SD40-1 #5420
, blt 1976 fr756155-1, nee KCS 675
Ron Balewski

CP SD40-1 #5447
, blt 1975 fr74661-20, nee CNW 6910, to FURX 3012
Ron Balewski

BN SD42B #7357

Bradley Perkins

EMD SD42-2E #6303
, blt 1973 fr72640-10, nee MILW 180
Bradley Perkins

EMD SD40-3MPR #2000
, rbt w/latest computer diagnostic features, blt 1973 cn33919, nee CS 880, to MNCR 2025
Joseph Testagrose

General Am Trans SD40-2G #7357
, blt 1985 fr73687-10, nee MILW 191
Bradley Perkins

BN SD40-2L #7882
, blt 1979 fr786176-49
Charles H. Biel

BN SD40-2L #7872
, blt 1979 fr786173-39
Charles H. Biel

SP SD45T-2 #9182
, blt 1972 fr7336-17
Gregg Fuhriman © 1996
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