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Diesel Railroad Locomotives

DH18 Alco PA-1

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Also see Surviving Centennial (DDA40X) EMD Centennial UP Locos DD-35's

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UP DD35A #70


UP DD-35A #72
, blt 1965 cn29986
Dave Goss

UP DD35A #72
, Council Bluffs IA 1981
Alan Niebel - Alan S Gaines

UP DD35A #73
, Council Bluffs IA 1981
Alan Niebel - Alan S Gaines

UP DD35X #73
, N. Platte, NE 1969
Phil Soyring

UP DD-35B #73B
, blt 1963 cn28554, nee EMDX 5655

UP DD35A #74
, blt 1965 cn29988
Pete Piszczek

UP DD35A #74
, blt 1965 cn29988
Pete Piszczek

UP DD35 #74
, blt 1965 cn29988

UP DD-35A #75
, blt 1965 cn29989
J Hunt

UP DD-35 #76
, blt 1965 cn29990
©JR Quinn-GS

UP DD35B #76


UP DD35A #77
, Council Bluffs IA 1981
Alan Niebel - Alan S Gaines

UP DD35A #79


UP DD35B #79


UP DD35A #81
, Cajon Blvd., CA 1977, blt 1965 cn29995
Jim Munding

UP DD-35A #83
, blt 1965 cn29997
Dave Goss

UP DD-35A #84
, blt 1965 cn29998
George Elwood

UP DD35B #78


SP DD35B #8401
, blt 1964 cn28904, to SP 9901

UP DD35B #81
, Council Bluffs IA 1980

UP DD35B #83


UP DD35B #86


UP DD35B #87


UP DD35B #88
, blt 1965 cn29204

UP DD35B #93
, Council Bluffs IA 1981
Alan Niebel - Alan S Gaines

UP DD35B #96B
, Omaha, Neb 1979
Tom Farence

UP DDX35B #97
, Pocatello, ID, blt 1964 cn29213

SP DD35B #9901
, BIndustry CA 1977, blt 1964 cn28904, nee SP 8401

EMD DD35B demo & foreign switcher
, LaGrange IL, blt 1963 cn28320, to UP 72B?

DD40 truck
, 1969

UP DD40 construction
, LaGrange IL

, 1938

UP DD40 EMD shop
, 1969

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DD40X Centennial
Road Nbr Photographer Date Taken Location Built Serial #
6900J Hunt  196934526
6900Bill Waller  196934526
6900Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934526
6901©Dave Krumenacker1986Pocatello ID196934527
6901Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934527
6902Bill  196934528
6903Steve Hoskins1970East Los Angeles CA196934529
6904J Hunt  196934530
6904Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934530
6905Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934531
6906Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934532
6907Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934533
6908Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934534
6909J. R. Quin-GS1979Cheyenne WY196934535
6910©Dave Krumenacker1979Cheyenne WY196934536
6911Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934537
6912Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934538
6913Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934539
6914Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934540
6914Phil Soyring1970N. Platte, NE196934540
6915Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934541
6915©VG Aylward1989LA Fairgrounds 196934541
6916Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934542
6917Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934543
6918Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934544
6919Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934545
6919© JR Quinn - GS1979N. Platte NE196934545
6920Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934546
6920Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934546
6922Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934548
6923Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934549
6924Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934550
6925Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934551
6926Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934552
6927Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934553
6929Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV196934555
6930Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV197035504
6930 Jim Maurer | INFO1981Las Vegas NV197035504
6931Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV197035505
6931Kenneth Buckman1981Las Vegas NV197035505
6932Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV197035506
6933Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV197035507
6933Jim Munding1972Yermo, CA197035507
6934Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV197035508
6934G Pekkanen/J Hunt1981Las Vegas NV197035508
6935Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV197035509
6936Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV197135510
6936Riley2001Villa Grove, IL197135510
6936D.L. Owings2002S. StPaul MN197135510
6937©Dave Krumenacker1987Ogden UT197135511
6938Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV197135512
6938©JR Quinn-GS1980North Platte NE197135513
6939Steve Hoskins1971East Los Angeles CA197135513
6940Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV197135514
6941©Dave Krumenacker1975Salt Lakr City UT197135515
6942Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV197135516
6943© Gary Stuebben Jr1986Omaha NE197135517
6944Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV197135518
6945Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV197135519
6946Harv Kahn1981Las Vegas NV197135520

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