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PorterH.K. Porter was an old line manufacturer of small steam since 1866. They started building gas locomotives in 1911, and diesels in 1940. The "Joshua Rhodes" was built in a tiny three-story wooden shop with an annual capacity of 15 to 25 locomotives. In 1943, the H. K. Porter Company, Inc. occupied four large modern industrial plants at Pittsburgh and Blairsville, Pennsylvania, Newark, and New Brunswick, New Jersey. From a single type of steam locomotive the Porter line has grown to include every type of locomotive used in industrial switching. They built a total of 287 internal combustion locomotives prior to selling their designs to Davenport in 1950.

Most of these photos are from 1943 Porter Diesel and Gas Locos by George Elwood

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USN Porter 50T
diesel-elec 2-150hp eng
Robert E. Rathke

Porter 50T
diesel-elec 2-150hp eng
Robert E. Rathke

USN Porter 50T
diesel-elec 2-150hp eng chain drv
Robert E. Rathke

Carnegie-Ill Steel Clairton Works Porter DE50 #14
, 36", blt 1942 cn7364, to Monongahela Iron
Robert E. Rathke

Catskill Mtn RR Porter DE50 #29
, Phoenicia NY 2002, nee USN65-00329, blt 1942, cn7346
Sam Sponseller

Porter 50T 36" gauge

Penn Transformer Tech Porter DE45 #1311
, Washington PA Trolley Museum 2002, blt 1942 cn7384, nee USN4[65-00024?]
Steve Timko

PA Trolley Porter 45DE #1311
, Washington, PA 2005, blt 1942 cn7384, nee USN4 [65-00024], exx PA Transformer, ex McGraw-Edison
Wade H. Massie

Oregon Steel Mills Porter DE50 #126.650
, Portland, OR 1987 blt 1944 cn7653 w/Cum 2-HBI600, ex Dulien Steel, exx USN#65-00113, nee USN#6
Keith Ardinger-Sheldon Perry

Purdy Corp Porter DE50
, Mojave CA, blt 1942 cn7373, ex Pacific Term #2, nee USN65-00052
Robert Lehmuth

Guigard Brick Porter DE50 #5
, Cayce, SC 1970 , nee USN, to Birm Rail, to Vulcan Materials#6600, blt 1941 cn 7337
Ken Houghton

Virginia Central Porter DE50 #3
, (nee USN 65-00457, ex Hingham Ind Ct, ex101 cn7395?)
Arnold Morscher

USN Porter DE50 #65-00458
, Bingham MA 1962, nee Beth-hingham Shipbuilding #500, blt 1942 cn7396
Don Ross

Ohio & Indiana Stone Porter DE50
, Geencastle IN 1972, nee USN, ex Horton Iron & Metal, blt 1942, cn7374
Don Ross

Cuigard Brick Porter DE50 #5
, Cayce SC, nee USN#7, to Vulcasn Matls#6600 Pacolet SC, blt 1941 cn7337

Vulcan Materials Porter DE50
, Palcolet SC 1988, nee USA, ex Guigard Brick#5 cn7337 blt 1941
Tom King

Horizon Iron Porter DE50 #2
, Wilmington NC 1976, to Mechanical Piping, exPatapsco Scrap#1 nee Beth Fairfield Shipyard, (cn7448 blt 1943 )

Rescar Porter DE50
, Cicero, IL

Vulcan Detinning Porter DE45 #1(4)
, Neville Island,PA 1961 , cn8162 blt 1947

Porter 55T 36" gauge

Carnegie-Ill Steel Porter DE65 #22
, blt1942 cn7360, ren 103
Robert E. Rathke

Great Lakes Steel Porter DE62.5 #20
, blt 1939 cn7269, to Lipisett Steel 101

Great Lakes Steel Porter DE62.5 #20
, blt1939 cn7269 to Lipisett Steel 101

Pitt Steel Porter 65T
diesel-elec 2-200hp eng
Robert E. Rathke

Porter 65T
diesel-elec 2-200hp eng 36" gage
Robert E. Rathke

Atlantic Stone Mountain & Lithonia Porter DE65 #6
, Lithonia GA 1957, nee USA7022, exx USN65-00324 ex BM Weiss to Pan Am Engr, blt 1942 cn7423

USA Porter 65T #7022
, blt 1942 cn7423 ex Pan American Engr, exx Atlanta Stone#6, exxx BM Weiss exxxx USN65-00324
Robert E. Rathke

River Terminal Development Porter 65T
, Kearny NJ 1973, ex Lispsett Steel, nee USA7029, blt 1942 cn7382

Notre Dame Univ Porter 65T #5332
, Notre Dame IN - 2003, nee USA7032, ex NDW#1, cn7391,blt 1942
©Tom Kepshire

South Dakota Cement DE65T Porter #DE7425
, Rapid City SD 1972, ex Htman-Michaels, exx Alaska1104, nee USA7024, ren 4202, blt 1942 cn7425

South Dakota Cement (Dacoth) 65T Porter #4202
, Rapid City SD 1990, nee USA7024, exx Alaska#1104, ex #DE-7235 cn7425 blt 1942

Niagra Mohawk Power, Dunkirk NY, Porter DE65 #4
, Kasgrove Rail(Itel Rail), New Castle PA 2001, nee Buffalo Niagara Elect #4, to Interchange Speciallty Serv #1, blt 1946 cn8114
Tom Boylan

Interchange Speciallty Serv Porter DE65 #1
, New Castle Junction, PA 2009, nee Buffalo Niagara Elect #4, ex Niagra Mohawk Power#4 , blt 1946 cn8114
Eric Filo

Bristol & North Western Porter DE65 #5
, Benham, VA 1981, blt 1944 cn 7646, as Jackson Iron & Steel Co 5, to Lonesome Pine RR
Ken Houghton

Vulcan Materials Co Porter DE65
, South Joliet IL1972, nee Peoples Gas Light Coke #3, ex National Stone, blt1948 cn8179
Thomas Lawson, Jr

Silcott Porter DE65 #LS1680
, Economy PA 1989, nee Nationa Tube#3 OH, exx USS Lorain OH, ex USS, Am Bridge div blt 1946 cn8110
G.E. Lloyd

USAF Porter DE65 #7159
, Salt Lake City UT, nee USA7159, to Amalgamated Sugar ID, cn7470 blt1943

Yankeetown Dock Porter DE65
, nee USA7157, exxx ARR#1100, exx Hyman Micchaels, ex Sherwood-Templeton coal 7438to Precison National IL, cn7438

Amalg. Sugar Porter DE65
, Nampa ID 1979, nee USA-USAF7159, cn7479 blt 1943

Chicago Bridge & Iron DE65 Porter #2(520)
, Birmingham,AL 1986, (nee USA7023 exxxPan Am Eng Dallasa, exx US Pipe#42, ex Birmingham Rail &Loco , cn7424 blt 1943?)

Aberdeen Proving Grounds Porter DE65 #5
, Aberdeen MD, nee USA 7271, cn7341 blt 1942

US Gypsm Porter DE75T C-C #1203
, Plaster City CA, only 1 with Cooper-Bessemer FWL-6T 600 hp, blt 1946 cn8096, to Huckleberry RR #1203, Flint MI, to Sumpter Valley Railroad, to Georgetown Loop
Boerries Burkhardt

US Gypsum Porter demo DE75T C-C #1203

, Flint MI 1986, to Huckleberry RR, to Sumpter Valley Railroad, to Georgetown Loop, cn8096 blt 1946
Bob LaMay collection

Georgetown Loop DE75 Porter Demo C-C #1203
, Silver Plume, CO 2015, nee US Gypsm1203, exx Huckleberry RR #1203, Flint MI, ex Sumpter Valley RR, cn8096 blt1946
Jeff Van Cleve

Atlantic Western Porter DE80 #101
, 1972 Sanford NC, nee USN13/64-00141, ex Durham Southern500, to Knox & Kane#7607, blt 1944 cn7607
Dave Goss-GPE

Atlantic Western Porter DE80 #101
, 1974 Sanford NC, ex Durham Southern 500, nee USN13[64-00141], to Knox & Kane#7607, blt 1944 cn7607,
TL Scott

Durham Southern Porter DE80 #101
, Dunn, NC 1964, nee USN13/64-00141, to ATW101, to Knox & Kane#7607, blt 1944 cn7607
Warren Calloway

Knox & Kane Porter DE80T #1

, Kane, PA 1993, nee USN13/64-00141, exx Durham Southern#500, ex ATW101, blt 1944 cn7607
Robert A. Shook

Knox & Kane Porter DE80T #1

Kane, PA 1993, nee USN13/64-00141, exx Durham Southern#500, ex ATW101, blt 1944 cn7607
©Greg Dickson

Porter 70T 400hp

Tube Alloy Steel Porter 80T
diesel-elec 2-200hp eng
Robert E. Rathke

Porter 85T 500hp

Porter 100T
2-325hp eng
Robert E. Rathke

Republice Steel Porter DE100 #308/878
, Youngstown OH 1964, cn8269 blt 1950
Steve Gary - SMT

Republic Steel Porter DE100 #28
, Warren OH 1979, reblt & renum 829, cn8228 blt 1949
Frank Vollhardt
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