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PorterH.K. Porter was an old line manufacturer of small steam since 1866. They started building gas locomotives in 1911, and diesels in 1940. The "Joshua Rhodes" was built in a tiny three-story wooden shop with an annual capacity of 15 to 25 locomotives. In 1943, the H. K. Porter Company, Inc. occupied four large modern industrial plants at Pittsburgh and Blairsville, Pennsylvania, Newark, and New Brunswick, New Jersey. From a single type of steam locomotive the Porter line has grown to include every type of locomotive used in industrial switching. They built a total of 287 internal combustion locomotives prior to selling their designs to Davenport in 1950.

Most of these photos are from 1943 Porter Diesel and Gas Locos by George Elwood

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Canadian Railway Museum Porter GE12 'Sans Pariel' #9
, St-Constant / Delson, Quebec 2004, nee Remington Arms, ex AA Merrilles, exx Joseph Trans#9, blt 1928 cn7120
Pierre Lacombe

Robinson Clay Products Porter GM14 #11
, blt 1928 cn7096

Airco Alloys Porter 15T?
, Niagrara Falls, NY 1975
Doug Kroll

Heppenstal Porter GM16T #1
, Pittsburgh PA, blt 1942 cn7451, to Turner Seymour, to Charter Oak Cont
Robert E. Rathke

Linde Air Products Porter GM20 18T
, blt 1943 cn7381, nee Linde Air 1223
Robert E. Rathke

Linde Air Porter GM20
, Kittaning PA 1973, nee linde Air1223 Bettaarney PA, rbt Mack gas 1965, cn7381 blt 1943

Ferrocarrilera Transcontinental Porter 20T gas

Porter 20T
gas mech 145hp eng
Robert E. Rathke

Porter 20T
diesel-hydraulic 150hp eng
Robert E. Rathke

Louisiana Ind Porter GE22 22.5T Boxcab
, , Price, LA 1981, nee United Fruit 1, ex Celotex 3 LA, blt 1929 cn 7146
Michael M. Palmieri

ARMCO Nat Supply DE25 #1528
, to Babcock, to Mitchell8157 to Pacific SW Museum, to San Diego ry Museum, cn8157 blt 1971

Mitchell Co, Porter DE25 ll8157
, Torrance CA 1984, nee Armco Steel#1528, to San Diego Museum, cn8157 blt 1971
Robert Lehmuth

SDA Porter 25T #8187
, San Diego RR Museum Campo, CA 2002, blt 1948 cn8157

ESR (Empire State Railcar?) Porter 25T
, Fairless PA 1982

Porter 30T 36"gauge

Timken Roller Bearing Porter GE35 #3939
, blt 1929 cn7119, to AE Staley, to Sol Tick

USN Porter GM35 #4
, blt1941 cn7343? [65-00231], to Bryan Rock & Sand
Robert E. Rathke

Porter 35T
diesel-elec 200hp eng
Robert E. Rathke

Robert Gair Porter DE35 #3
, Piermont, NY1947, to Cont Can, to Safety Rail Car #1, Victoria TX, cn7986 blt 1946

Ayrshire Collieries Porter GE40 #3939
, Wright mine, Boonville IN, nee Northern IL Coal#13, exx Peabody Coal, ex Yankeetown Dock, rblt 1954 to DE Cat , cn7118 blt 1929

CBQ Porter GE 45 demo #8902
, Newark IL 1962, 1930 cn7186
Don Ross

Porter 44T 300hp

Porter 44T Steeple cab

White River Porter DE44 #4
, blt 1942 cn7335, to National Castings
Robert E. Rathke

Huron Portland Cement Porter DE44
, Alpena,MI 1976, nee USA7446 Lake Ontario Ord #2, NY, to Heyden Chem, to Birmingham Raill & Loco, cn7402 blt1942

National Castings Porter DE44 #4
, Farrell PA 1979, nee White River RR #4, cn7335 blt 1942

Northern IL Coal Co Porter GE45 #12
, blt 1928 cn7103, to Peabody Coal

Navy Porter DE45T #76
, , Rockton, SC 2007, exx USN 65-00162, ex Charelston NRHS #76, blt 1949 cn8231
Mike Stroud

Historic Harmar Bridge Co, OH, Porter DE45T I #1
, nee USN65-004466, ex Union Carbide, exx Elkem Metals, blt 1941 cn7314
Bill Waller

Historic Harmar Bridge Co, OH, Porter DE45T I #1
, nee USN65-004466, ex Union Carbide, exx Elkem Metals, blt 1941 cn7314
Bill Waller

Columbia Silicates Porter DE45
, South Congaree, S.C. 1970, blt 1943 cn7565 nee USN65-00187, to Penn Glass Sand, to SC Museum, Winnsboro SC
Ken Houghton

USN Porter 45T #1
diesel-elec 2-150hp eng
Robert E. Rathke

USN Porter 45T
diesel-elec 2-150hp eng
Robert E. Rathke

Vulcan Materials Porter DE45T
, McKees Rocks PA 1979, blt 1941 cn7316?, Ex Pitt, Alleg & McKees Rocks #16, nee USN65-00164?
Warren Calloway

Vulcan Materials Porter DE45T
, Pittsburgh PA 1977 , (Ex Pitt, Alleg & McKees Rocks #16, nee USN65-00164, blt 1941 cn7316?)
Dave Hamley-Steve Timko

Progress Rail Service Porter DE50 #7349
, , Middletown, RI 2009 , nee USN#65-00328 Portsmith NH, exxx USN Concord MA, exx USN Newport RI, ex Old Colonyd & Newport RR#4, cn7349 blt 1942
Michael Delage

CF Industties Porter DE45
, Mulberry, FL 2009, nee USA7060, exx VA Carolina Chemical, ex ex Mobil Minning & Mineral#2, cn7399 blt 1942
Dennis Zaccardi

Mobil Minning & Minerals Porter DE45T #2
, Mulberry Phospate Museum FL 1994, ex#1&220, blt 1942 cn7399, VA Chemical, exx USATC 7060, nee USA#1
Arnold Morscher

TransiTank Car Porter DE45 #7449
, Fordyce AR 1984, (nee Solvay Process, LA, exxx Alied Chemical, exx Birmingham Rail, AL, ex Ertman KS, blt1943 cn7449?)

Nat Metals Porter DE45 #500
, Terminal Island, CA, 1976

American Aggregates Porter DE45 #7317
, Oxford, MI 1974
David Hamley

PAM Porter DE45 #16
, McKees Rocks PA 1973, nee USN20/65-00164, ex PAM6, to Vulcdan Detinning, cn7316 blt 1941

Pacific Terminal Porter DE45 #2
, Long Beach CA 1972

National Metals Porter DE45 #500
, Wilmington, CA 1975
Bob LaMay collection

Western Ry Assoc USN Porter DE45 # 65-0044
, Rio Vista Jct CA, ex USN#L-4. cn7394 blt 1942
Joseph C.
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