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Map of Railroads where these photos were taken.
The Wilkes-Barre & Hazleton Electric Railway climbed 3 mountains in its path over 1,200 feet in elevation, with only one half-mile tunnel on Penobscot Mountain, and no grade crossings. The first cars rolled onto the tracks in 1903, and traveled the complete 30-mile trip from Hazleton to the 3rd floor terminal in Wilkes-Barre in 1907. A protected electrical line called the "3rd rail", prevented delays in the winter. With improvements in highway transportation and the construction of Rt 309, the brainchild of Hazleton financier, Alvan Markle, stopped operations with Car 228 stranded on the 3rd floor WB terminal. See the Rail Map to see the peaceful path through Nuangola, Blytheburn, and Albert in Mountaintop. The Terminal was located in Wilkes-Barre.

Data sources: Times Leader, 8/30/98, by Juan Torres, and Mountaintop on the Move, P.O. Box 212, 474-6397

WBH Trolly #202

WBH #214

WBH Trolly #204

Courtesy Hazleton Historical Society

Wilkes-Barre & Hazelton #204
, St Johns PA 1909
In 1932, three Mack Rail buses replaced the large double truck interurban cars, opertaing between Wilkes-Barre and Hazle Park for approximately 1 year.WB&H abandon operations 9/17/1933.(2)

WBH Mack Railbus #204
, Wilkes-Barre

WBH Mack Railbus #206
, Hazle Park

WBH Nuangola 1912

WBH Nuangola Station PA
, 1912

WBH Alberts Corners
, Mountaintop PA 1907

WBH N.portal Penobscot Mtn.
, 1908

WBH station
, Wilkes-Barre

WBH station
, Wilkes-Barre 1913

WBH Terminal
, Wilkes-Barre 1909
The company's subsidiary, the LTC, operated a 22 mile trolley line between Hazleton and Freeland, serving an anthracite mining area. It was built in 1893 and abandonded in 1932.

Lehigh Traction Co & WBH station
, Hazletion

Lehigh Traction Co & WBH station
, Wyoming St., Hazletion

Lehigh Valley Traction car barn
, Hazelton PA 1910

Lehigh Traction Car Barm.
, Hazleton PA 1935

Lehigh Traction Co 'Jewel'
, Hazleton PA 1900

Lehigh Traction Co.
, Hazleton PA 1908

Lehigh Traction "MacAdoo" #60
, Hazleton PA 1929

Lehigh Traction Co 'Harleigh' Brill #70
, Hazleton PA 1923, blt1915, #cn19657
Don Ross

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Wilkes-Barre & Hazleton Electric Railway Roster 1
Road Nbr Name BuilderBuiltDescription Disposition
  Brill1903Pass/Baggage wrecked 1907
202 - Hazleton HSWilkes-BarreBrill1903Wood Pass/Baggage 51' to Wash Balt Annapolis RR 1916
204 - Hazleton HSHazletonBrill1903Wood Pass/Baggage 51' to Wash Balt Annapolis RR 1916
204 Mack1932Rail Busto LV Transit
206 Brill1903Wood Pass/Baggage 51' MU to Wash Balt Annapolis RR 1916
206 Mack1932Rail Busto LV Transit 1933
208 Brill1903Wood Pass/Baggage 51' MUto Wash Balt Annapolis RR 1916
210 Brill1903Wood Pass/Baggage 51' MUto Wash Balt Annapolis RR 1916
212 Brill1903Wood Pass/Baggage 51' MUto Wash Balt Annapolis RR 1916
214Wilkes-BarrreBrill1915Steel Pass/Baggage 54' MUscrapped 1934
216HazletonBrill1915Steel Pass/Baggage 54' MUscrapped 1934
218AntraciteBrill1915Steel Pass/Baggage 54' MUscrapped 1934
220LehighBrill1915Steel Pass/Baggage 54' MUwrecked 1928
222LuzerneBrill1915Steel Pass/Baggage 54' MU 
224WyomingBrill1915Steel Pass/Baggage 54' MUscrapped 1934
226KislynBrill1915Steel Pass/Baggage 54' MUscrapped 1934
228NuangolaBrill1915Steel Pass/Baggage 54' MUscrapped 1935
230BytheburnBrill1915Steel Pass/Baggage 54' MUscrapped 1935
232WestmorelandBrill1915Steel Pass/Baggage 54' MUwrecked 1928
300NescopeckBrill1907Wood Bag/Freight 51' MUScrapped 1934
301  1912Wooden Ash Car 
302  1912Wooden Box Car 
303  1912Wooden Ash Car 
304  1912Wooden Box Car 
305  1912Wooden Ash Car 
306  1912Wooden Box Car 
307  1912Wooden Ash Car 
308  1912Wooden Box Car 
310  1912Wooden Box Car 
312  1912Wooden Box Car 
314  1912Wooden Box Car 
316  1912Wooden Box Car 
318  1912Wooden Box Car 
400 - Don Ross
400 - Don Ross
 Alco-GE191260T Steeple Cabto Ohio PS 1933, then
Toledo & Eastern,1945
401 Brill1903Portable Sub Sta 36' 
500  1912Wooden Caboose 
1Roster compiled from:
"Wilkes-Barre & Hazleton Electric Railway", Cdr. E.J. Quinby, Model Craftsman Pub, Fredon, NJ © 1972
2"History of Mack Rail Motor Cars and Locomotives", LVNHS, © 1959
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