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Articulated Consolidation AC1
Builder: Baldwin Fuel:3817 Gal
Cyclinders: 22 x 30"Water:12,000 Gal
Weight:481,200 lbsDia. Drivers:57"
Steam Pressure:210 lbsTractive Effort:90,940 lbs
Articulated Consolidation AC4
Builder: Baldwin Fuel:4889 Gal
Cyclinders: 24 x 32"Water:16152 Gal
Weight:614,000 lbsDia. Drivers:63"
Steam Pressure:235 lbsTractive Effort:116,900 lbs

In 1901, North Pacific Coast Railroad built #21, one of the first cab-ahead engines. For SP, the principal reason for this cab location was the 38-mile series of snow sheds between Truckee and Blue Canyon that were built to keep the line open in the winter, when drifts of 50-200' piled up in the Sierras. In 1909, Baldwin delivered two 2-8-8-2 Mallets(4000 & 4001), to replace the Consolidations. They pulled well, but the crews were overcome by the gasses, and they could not see ahead, due their length.

To solve these problems, Baldwin delivered 15 MC-2 class locomotives in 1909, where the tender was attached at the smoke box end, and the fuel oil was piped the length of the engine at 5lbs pressure from the tender to the firebox. By 1913, there were 46 of these locomotives, most of which were later converted from compound to simple. In 1911, 12 Mallet Mogul (MM-2) cab-forward 2-6-6-2's were built for passenger work. Four wheel pilot trucks were added due to excessive flange wear that caused derailments. By the 1930's , SP had a total for 257 cab-forward locomotives.

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Road Nbr Photographer Date Taken Location Comments
3900-11Articulated Mogul AM-219114-6-6-2rebuilt from MM-2
3905Fred C. Stoes(3)1936Altamont Pass 
3905Fred C. Stoes(3)1947 Portland OR 
3906Stan Kistler1947 Portland OR 
3907Fred C. Stoes(3)1930'sAltamont Pass 
3909 1947 Portland OR 
3910OP-15650 Otto Perry(2)1939 Eugene, OR 
3910 1939 Eugene OR 
3911Fred C. Stoes(3)   
4200-4211Mallet-Mogul MM-219112-6-6-2 
4200BJ Harding(1)1938Yoncalla OR 
4207Byron Bostwick    
4208Fred C. Stoes(3)1937Niles Canyon CA 
4000-1MC-1(not CF)19092-8-8-2Rebuilt to AC-1 in 1928
4000K. Moore(3)1909  
4001Daniel McKellips(3)1909  
4000-1AC-119282-8-8-2Rebuilt from MC-1
4000OP-15653 Otto Perry(2)1931 Sacramento, CA 
4000Bud Laws(1)1911 W. Oakland, CA 
4000 1938 Roseburg, OR 
4001OP-15654 Otto Perry(2)1938Weed, CA 
4002-16Mallet Consolidation MC-219092-8-8-2Rebuilt to AC-1
4002 1938 Los Angeles, CA 
4003OP-15655 Otto Perry(2)1938Wells, NV 
4003 1941 Colton, CA 
4005 1938 Klamath Falls OR  
4006OP-15656 Otto Perry(2)1938Klamath Falls, OR 
4008 1947Sparks NV 
4009OP-15899 Otto Perry(2)1939Glendale, CA 
4009 1939 Los Angeles, CA  
4010 1937 Los Angeles, CA  
4012 1948 Sacramento CA 
4012 1939 Sparks NV 
4015OP-15657 Otto Perry(2)1935Truckee, CA 
4015 1946 Eugene OR  
4016OP-15658 Otto Perry(2)1940Los Angeles, CA 
4016 1940 Los Angeles CA 
4016 1941   
4017-28Mallet Consolidation MC-419112-8-8-2Rebuilt to AC-2
4017 1941 Mojave CA 
4018 1939 Los Angeles CA 
4018 1937 Los Angeles CA 
4019OP-15659 Otto Perry(2)1926Ashland, OR 
4019    Oakridge,OR 
4021OP-15660 Otto Perry(2)1935Sparks, NV 
4021   Wakridge OR 
4023 1936Sacramento CA 
4024Rick Hamman   
4024 1940 Los Angeles CA 
4026 1942 Los Angeles CA 
4027 1946 Portland, OR 
4027   Oakridge OR 
4029-48Mallet Consolidation MC-61912-132-8-8-2Rebuilt to AC-3
4030 1948   
4031HJ Harding(1)1934Sparks, NV 
4032 1949 Portland OR 
4033 1948 Sacramento, CA 
4034   Sacramento, CA 
4035Bud Laws(1)1923 Sacramento, CA 
4036   Eugene, OR 
4037 1946 Alturas, CA  
4038 1947 Alturas CA 
4039 1937 Alturas, CA  
4040OP-15662 Otto Perry(2)1931Tracy, CA 
4041Fred C. Stoes(3)1937Roseville, CA 
4042 1948 Klamith Falls OR  
4043 Stan Kistler1949 Portland, OR  
4044 1948 Klamath Falls, OR  
4046 1939 Los Angeles, CA  
4047 1948 Klamith Falls, OR  
4047 1939 Los Angeles CA 
4048 1940 Mojave CA 
4100Bill Gardenour   
4101 1952 Roseville, CA 
4101 1940 Los Angeles CA 
4101OP-15902 Otto Perry(2)1940Los Angeles, CA 
4102OP-15903 Otto Perry(2)1935Truckee, CA 
4103OP-15904 Otto Perry(2)1939Glendale, CA 
4103 1941   
4104Howard Davis(1)1949Sparks NV 
4104Stan Kistler1954 Oakland CA   
4105OP-15663 Otto Perry(2)1935Reno, NV 
4105 1938 Bakersfield CA 
4106OP-15664 Otto Perry(2)1931Reno, NV 
4106 1940 Los Angeles CA 
4107OP-15665 Otto Perry(2)1931Roseville, CA 
4107 1939 Los Angeles CA 
4108OP-15910 Otto Perry(2)1935Roseville, CA 
4108 1953 Oakland CA 
4109OP-15666 Otto Perry(2)1935Truckee, CA 
4110 1952Sacramento CA 
4110OP-15668 Otto Perry(2)1935Los Angeles, CA 
4110OP-15667 Otto Perry(2)1935Los Angeles, CA 
4111 1941 Mojave CA 
4111OP-15669 Otto Perry(2)1935Norden, CA 
4112OP-15915 Otto Perry(2)1940Los Angeles, CA 
4112Fred C. Stoes(3)   
4113Bud Laws(1)1933  
4114Bud Laws(1)1930Taylor Yd, LA CA 
4114OP-15670 Otto Perry(2)1934Los Angeles, CA 
4114 1948 Los Angeles, CA 
4115HJ Harding(1)1934Los Angeles, CA 
4115Ron Healy   
4116 1951 Bayshore Yard, CA 
4117 1947 Los Angeles, CA 
4117OP-15671 Otto Perry(2)1937Los Angeles, CA 
4118 1941 Rosamond, CA 
4119OP-15672 Otto Perry(2)1934Los Angeles, CA 
4119OP-15917 Otto Perry(2)1934Los Angeles, CA 
4119 1951 Bayshore Yard, CA 
4120Gary Overfield   
4121 1941 Mojave, CA 
4122OP-15673 Otto Perry(2)1934Bakersfield, CA 
4123OP-15921 Otto Perry(2)1937Los Angeles, CA 
4124 1940Mojave,CA 
4125 1940Tehacapi,CA 
4127OP-15923 Otto Perry(2)1938Gerber, CA 
4128 1940 Los Angeles,CA 
4129 1940 Los Angeles,CA 
4129 1939 Roseville CA 
4130 1940 Rosevilla,CA 
4131 1940 Rosevilla,CA 
4132OP-15674 Otto Perry(2)1931Roseville, CA 
4134 Stan Kistler1954 San Jose,CA 
4135 Stan Kistler    
4136© Gary Stuebben1954Tracy, CA 
4136 Stan Kistler1954 Oakland CA 
4137  1946 Los Abngles CA 
4138 Stan Kistler1939 Klamith Falls OR 
4139 Stan Kistler1949 Klamith Falls OR 
4140  1953 Santa Clara, CA 
4141 Stan Kistler1953 Roseville, CA 
4142Fred C. Stoes(3)1937Roseville, CA 
4142OP-15677 Otto Perry(2)1938Roseville, CA 
4143  1949 Portland, OR 
4144OP-15678 Otto Perry(2)1938Dunsmuir, CA 
4144 Stan Kistler1950 Los Angeles CA 
4145  1954 Sacramento CA 
4146©Alex Campbell1954Gerber CA 
4146OP-15931 Otto Perry(2)1935Cisco, CA 
4147OP-15679 Otto Perry(2)1935Sparks, NV 
4148Gene Deimling1938Dusmuir, CA 
4148OP-15932 Otto Perry(2)1938Roseville, CA 
4148  1953 El Casco 
4150Byron Bostwick    
4150  1946 Los Angeles CA 
4151Fred C. Stoes(3)1937Truckee, CA 
4152OP-15680 Otto Perry(2)1938Reno, NV 
4153Wesley Krambeck(1)1937E. St. Louis IL 
4153 1946  
4154 1955Roseville, CA 
4155 1954 Sacramento,, CA 
4155 1954 Los Angeles, CA 
4156 1948 Colton, CA 
4157Fred C. Stoes(3)1937Truckee, CA 
4157 1949 Roseville, CA 
4158 1947 Los Angeles, CA 
4161 1956 Bayshore CA  
4162 1947 Tucson AZ  
4162Fred A. Stindt 1956Bayshore CA  
4163 1948 Los Angeles CA  
4164 1954Los Angeles CA 
4165Bud Laws(1)1937Kansas City MO 
4166Bud Laws(1)1937Kansas City MO 
4166OP-15681 Otto Perry(2)1938Roseville, CA 
4166 1946 Mojave CA 
4167Byron Bostwick    
4167Bud Laws(1)1950Roseville CA 
4168 1954 Sparks, NV 
4169 1955 9 Roseville CA 
4170Ron Healy1937Collfax 
4170 1955 Roseville CA 
4171 1947 Roseville CA 
4172 1949 Los Angeles CA 
4173 1940 Roseville CA 
4173Bud Laws(1) Tucson AZ 
4174Bud Laws(1)1937Kansas City MO 
4175OP-15682 Otto Perry(2)1938Roseville, CA 
4176 Stan Kistler 1954 Los Angeles CA 
4176 Fred A. Stindt1939 Roseville CA 
4177 Stan Kistler 1939 Los Angeles CA 
4177   Oakridge, Or  
4178Bob Baily   
4178 Stan Kistler 1939 Los Angeles CA 
4179 Stan Kistler 1948 Los Angeles CA 
4180 1955 Roseville CA 
4181Edward O'Donnell1939Reno NV 
4182 1948 Los Angeles CA 
4183 1956 Sacramento CA 
4184Richard B. Hain   
4184 1953 Bakersfield CA 
4185 1951 Bayshore Yard, CA 
4186 1955Tracy CA 
4187OP-15935 Otto Perry(2)1940Los Angeles, CA 
4187 1951Los Angeles CA 
4188 1940Reno NV 
4188 1939Los Angeles CA 
4189Fred C. Stoes(3) Watsonville Jct 
4189 1947Los Angeles CA 
4190OP-15936 Otto Perry(2)1940Los Angeles, CA 
4190 1939Los Angeles CA 
4191 1956Bayshore CA 
4192 1939Blue Island IL 
4193C. W. (Bill) Jernstrom(3)1952San Luis Obispo CA  
4193 1939 Los Angeles CA 
4194 1950 Los Angles CA  
4194 1950 Mojave CA 
4196OP-15937 Otto Perry(2)1940Glendale, CA 
4196   1950 Los Angeles CA 
4195© Gary Stuebben1939 Los Angeles, CA  
4197   1940 Los Angeles CA 
4198Byron Bostwick    
4198   1939 Los Angeles CA 
4199   1948 Los Angeles CA 
4199   1955 Fresno CA 
4201   1952 Los Angeles CA 
4202OP-15938 Otto Perry(2)1940Glendale, CA 
4202 1934 Eugen OR 
4203   1942 Roseville CA 
4204 1935 Sacramento CA 
4204 1954 Eugene, CA 
4205 Stan Kistler 1955 Colfax CA 
4206Walter R. Evans  Roseville, CA 
4207 Stan Kistler 1953 Los Angeles CA 
4208 1937 Oakland CA 
4209 1956 San Jose CA 
4209 Stan Kistler     
4210OP-15683 Otto Perry(2)1931Sacramento, CA 
4210Bud Laws(1)1953Roseville CA 
4211John Hungerford-JT1956Tehachapi Mts CA 
4211 1955 Alturas CA 
4212Max Miller-BL1956Roseville CA 
4212 1956 San Jose, CA 
4213 Stan Kistler 1958 Bayshore CA 
4214Bud Laws(1)1956Los Angles CA 
4215 1954 Los Angeles, CA 
4216Joe Dixon  Roseville, CA roundhouse 
4217 Harold F. Stewart1956 W. Oakland, CA 
4217 Stan Kistler 1956 Los Angeles CA 
4218 1957 Sacramento, CA 
4218Stan Kistler1955 Los Angelea CA 
4219Howard Davis(1)1950Portola CA 
4220Bud Laws(1)1955Oakland CA 
4220OP-15684 Otto Perry(2) 1957Roseville CA 
4221Howard Davis(1)1946Roseville CA 
4221 Stan Kistler 1952 Colton CA 
4222 Stan Kistler 1952 Oakland CA 
4223 Stan Kistler 1955 Ravendale CA 
4224 1955 Watsonville, CA 
4225 Stan Kistler 1955 Suisun CA 
4226Stan Kistler1955 Roseville CA 
4226Bud Laws(1)1954Roseville CA 
4227Bud Laws(1)1956Roseville CA 
4227Stan Kistler1951 Los Angeles CA 
4228OP-15685 Otto Perry(2) 1957Roseville CA 
4228Bud Laws(1)1952Roseville CA 
4228Stan Kistler1947 Los Angeles CA 
4230Stan Kistler1951 Glendale CA 
4231Stan Kistler1954 Tracy CA 
4232Stan Kistler1955 Oakland CA 
4233Stan Kistler1949 Los Angeles CA 
4234Stan Kistler1949 Roseville CA 
4236Stan Kistler1955   
4236Stan Kistler1954 Watsonville Jct CA 
4237Stan Kistler1955 Roseville CA 
4238Stan Kistler1955 Los Angelea CA 
4239Stan Kistler1953 El Paso  
4240OP-15686 Otto Perry(2) 1957Roseville CA 
4240Stan Kistler1956 Bayshore CA 
4241Stan Kistler1950 Los Angeles CA  
4242OP-15687 Otto Perry(2) 1957San Francisco, CA 
4242C. W. (Bill) Jernstrom(3)1952 Watsonville Jct 
4244Stan Kistler1952 Bakerfield CA  
42451942 Los Angeles, CA 
4248Howard Davis(1)1948Roseville CA 
4249   Los Angeles, CA 
4250Stan Kistler1993Wenamar  
4250Bud Laws(1) Fernley NV 
4251 1956 Roseville CA 
4252 1956Alturas CA 
4253 1951Los Angeles, CA 
4254 1943 Los Angles CA  
4256 1954 Roseville, CA  
4257Fred C. Stoes(3) Tehachapi Loop 
4258 1956 Oakland CA 
4259Howard Davis(1)1940Sparks NV 
4259Stan Kistler1957 Roseville CA  
4260Bud Laws(1)1950Roseville CA 
4261Stan Kistler1951Roseville CA 
4261Stan Kistler1947 Los Angeles CA 
4262Stan Kistler1953Los Angeles CA 
4263Stan Kistler1955Watsonville CA 
4264 1947 Tucson AZ 
4266 1955 Rosevville CA  
4267 1955Ravendale CA 
4268Bob Rathke Reno, NV  
4269Howard Davis(1)1948Roseville CA 
4270Stan Kistler1949 Sparks NV 
4271Stan Kistler1956 Rosevville CA 
42731952 Bakersfield CA  
4274Stan Kistler1954 Los Angele CA 
4274Stan Kistler1957 Penryn CA 
4275Gene Deimling1947Los Angles CA 
42751947Los Angles CA 
4276OP-15688 Otto Perry(2)1957Roseville, CA 
4276Stan Kistler1957 Roseville CA 
4277Stan Kistler1955 Alturas CA 
4277   Truckee, CA 
4278OP-15689 Otto Perry(2) 1957San Francisco, CA 
4278Stan Kistler1949 Los Angeles CA 
4279Stan Kistler1949 Colton CA 
4280Stan Kistler1955 Roseville CA 
4281 1953 Watsonville Jct, CA 
4282   CA 
4282Stan Kistler    
4283Stan Kistler1955 Watsonville Jct CA 
42841955 Santa Clara CA 
4284Stan Kistler1955 Watsonville Jct CA 
4285Stan Kistler1947 Lancaster CA 
4286Walt Paschelke c/o Joel Ashcroft1951McCredie Springs, OR 
4286Stan Kistler1956 San Jose CA 
4287 1955 Watsonville CA  
4287Stan Kistler1956 Bayshore CA 
4288 1948 Los Angeles CA 
4288 1948 Los Angeles CA 
4289 1951 Glendale CA 
4290 1949Roseville CA 
4291Stan Kistler1955 Los Angeles CA 
4292 1952 Bakersfield CA 
4293 1951CA 
4294D. Dean California Railroad Museum 
4294C. W. (Bill) Jernstrom(3)1956Tracy, CA 
4294MacOwen-JT1969Sacramento CA 
1. From the Collection of Bud Laws. The original owner is listed, if known.
2. From the Collection of Denver Public Library
3. From the Collection of Rick Hamman . All digital prints are available in an 8 1/2" X 11" size from YESTERYEAR DEPOT
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