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Central New Jersey American Standard Steam
American Standard
The first type of steam locomotive to become an accepted standard was the 4-4-0. It developed naturally from the 4-2-0, when side or parallel rods were devised to couple two pairs of driving wheels to one pair of cylinders. As equalized spring suspension developed, this became a practical machine capable of hauling passenger and freight trains of the time at their relative speeds.

CNJ American Std Freight 4-4-0 1800's#72

CNJ American Std 4-4-0 (small Driver Wheels) #66

CNJ American Std 4-4-01800's#160

CNJ American Std 4-4-0 Passenger #42

. As the need for more powerful freight locomotives resulted in the addition of more coupled driving wheels, the American Standard was built in larger units strictly for passenger service. Many were noted for fast runs during the early years of the "High Speed Era" in the 1890's.This was their heyday. Few were built after the turn of the century, and these were purely utilitarian, without the glamour of their predecessors.

CNJ American Std 4-4-0 New York #35

CNJ American 4-4-0 Vauclain Cmpd 1890's #453
Ten Wheelers
The quest for more powerful freight locomotives added more coupled driving wheels from time to time during the locomotive's evolution. As an American 4-4-0 developed into the fast passenger masterpiece of the day, another pair of drivers was added, creating a new type, the Ten-Wheeler, for freight service. During the 1860's it became the prime mover. However it developed into a general type. As in the American Type, driving wheel diameter was varied to suit the intended speeds. All except the 600 class were built for freight service. Many were upgraded by partial rebuilding which included Superheater and improved Valve Gear.

CNJ 4-6-0 #181

CNJ 4-6-0 wide firebox #409

CNJ 4-6-0 w/piston valves, 1900 #494

CNJ 4-6-0 w/Baker Valve gear, 1910 #759

CNJ 4-6-0 #774

Reed Estabrook

CNJ 4-6-0 w/ Superheater & Walschaert's Valve gear, 1912 #763

CNJ 4-6-0 Passenger #602

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