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Slugs/Power Mates are two locomotive units operating in tandem, both of which are equipped with traction motors. Only the locomotive is equipped with diesel engine and main generator, which provides the electric power for traction motors in both units. The crew can operate the train from the cab of either unit. The Power Unit ("MOTHER") can operate independently of the Power Mate("SLUG"), but Power Mate cannot operate independently of the Power Unit. "The weight in the slug (usually steel plates or concrete blocks) is simply for better tractive effort.

They are generally used in yard duty where the switcher has enough horsepower, but not enough tractive force to push long strings of cars up a hump. However, a road slug is used in transfer service where the top speed rarely exceeds 30 mph. Some of the more sophisticated road slugs have cut out devices where the slug stops operating at higher speeds as it ceases to be useful and it is only draining useable power from the mother unit at that point. CSX just converted a number of GP30's and GP35's to road slugs (the units look like regular Geeps except for the lack of radiators and exhausts, and retain their cabs.) They are also creating Slug mothers by taking SD40-2 locomotives de-turbocharging them for slug capabilities with the recently acquired CR slugs: See CSX 2412

Although they look similar, the EMD transfer units (Cow-Calf) had prime mover diesel engines in the "B" unit(calf), with exhaust stacks and radiators". - Info provided by Doug Kroll

BN TEBUC6 slug #6295
, St. Paul, MN 1994, blt 1993 by VMV Ind from BN SD9 #6167 | INFO
Doug Kroll

BN TEBUC6 #6296
Charles H. Biel

BN TEBUC6 #6296
| INFO, Pasco, WA 2007
Jean-Marc Frybourg

BN TEBUC6 #6289
Charles H. Biel

BN TEBUC6 w/dyna #6294
Charles H. Biel

BN TEBUC6 #6299
, Kansas City KS 2001 | INFO
Doug Johnson

BNSF yd slug #3960
, Kansas City, KS 2003
Chris Knight

BNSF Yard Slug #3963
, Newton, KS 2002, w/GP7u 3822, ex ATSF 1119, nee33, blt from GP7
Doug Kroll

BNSF slug #3968
, Barstow, CA 2003
Wayne Buser

BNSF Slug #3972
, Fridely, MN 2004
Aaron Florin

BC Rail yd slug #S402
, North Vancouver, BC 1984, blt 1983 in Squamish shops from RS3 #571
Doug Kroll

Belt Railway of Chicago yd slug #526
, Chicago, Il 2003, ex SW1200
Matt Lastovich

Chicago North Western yd slug #BU5 &BU14
, Proviso Yd, Melrose Park, IL 1977, BU5 blt 1962 from TR2B #2001B, BU14 blt 1974 from Alco S2 #1084
Doug Kroll

CO slug #144T
, Cincinnati OH 1986
© Gary Stuebben

CO slug #145T
, Clifton Forge VA 1986
Kermit Geary Jr

CO slug #147T
, Huntington WV 1986
Kermit Geary Jr

CR MT-4 (motor Trailer-4 axle) yd slug #1001
, Buffalo, NY 1980, blt 1979 from RS11 #7625, ex PRR 8625
Doug Kroll

CR MT-6 (motor Trailer-6 axle) hump slug #1114
, Buffalo, NY 1980, blt 1979 by GE from RSD12 #6871, ex PRR 8671
Doug Kroll

CSX MT-6 (motor Trailer-6 axle) hump slug #1010
, Selkirk, NY 2003
Ryan Parent

CSX MT-6 (motor Trailer-6 axle) hump slug #1014
, Buffalo, NY 2000, ex CR w/EMD 3 axle trucks
Doug Kroll

CSX GP30 slug #2264
, Gary, IN 2003
Mike Rapchak Jr

CSX slug #2234
, Memphis, TN 2004
M.J. Scanlon

CSX slug #2343
, Waycross, GA 2001
Paul Amos

Indiana Harbor Belt yd slug #478
, Dolton IL 2004
Pat Huemmer

Indiana Harbor Belt Yd slug (power booster) #PB1
, Argo IL 2002, blt 1976 from SW7 #8856
Doug Kroll

Indiana Harbor Belt road slug (power booster) #PB4
, Broadview, IL 1997, blt from NW2
Doug Kroll

Kansas City Southern yd slug #4078
, Kansas City, MO 1985, ex CNW BU5, blt from TR2B #2001B
Doug Kroll

Kansas City Southern yd slug #4078
, Kansas City, MO 1998, ex C&NW BU9, blt from S2 #1005
Doug Kroll

North Louisiana & Gulf road slug #50
, Gibsland, LA 1983, ex RI #998 blt 1978 from an RI SW1
Doug Kroll

NS yd slug #478
, S. Pittsburgh TN 2004
Tim Huemmer

Ohio Central MT-4 motor Trailer-4 axle) slug #1003
, Youngstown, OH 2001, blt 1979 from RS11 #7638, ex CR1003, nee PRR 8638
Doug Kroll

Paducah & Louisville slug #2108
, Louisville, KY 2004

PC hump slug #6849B
, Syracuse, NY 1977, blt 1975 from RSD5 #6803, orig PRR #8450. At first, it retained it's cab and was mated with RSD15 #6849A
Doug Kroll

South Buffalo yd slug #6849B
, Woodlawn, NY 1984, blt 1976 from WM S2
Doug Kroll

ATSF hump (drone) slug #144
, Kansas City, KS 1985, blt from RSD5
Doug Kroll

SP yd slug #1010
, Sellwood OR 2004, ex-L&N SW7
Tim Huemmer

SP yd slug #1012
, Little Rock AR 1999, ex-L&N SW
Ken Roble-PH

Texas & Northern slug #2
, Hughes Springs, TX 1983, blt 1977 from S4 #13 w/EMB blomberg trucks
Doug Kroll

UP yd slug #S9
, Kansas City MO 2002, ex MP1400, exx MP1206 SW7
Tim Huemmer

UP SL-1 yd slug #102
, Des Moines, IA 2002, blt 1980 as MP1404 from MP SW8 #2002(Texas & Pacific #813), ex UP S13
Doug Kroll

WM yd slug #138T
, Hagerstown Yd MD 1980, blt 1962 from S1 #102
Doug Kroll

Illinois Central Gulf slug #52
, Chicago IL 1984, blt 1953, cn17988, nee SW9 Mississippi Central 201, ex IC 1237, slug52 1981
Karl Henkels-WRP

Erie Lackawanna DRS6-6-1500 slug #B65
, Secaucus, NT 1978, blt 1950 cn74714, nee EL #1150
Olev Taremae

Oregon, California & Eastern MK S3-3B slug #7606
, Sycan, OR
Sheldon Perry

CNW slug #BU3
, nee 1207 SW-1, blt 1942 cn1738, rblt slug 1958
Keith Meacham-DR

Philadelphia, Bethlehem & New England slug #11
, Swedeland PA 2003, blt 1952
Charlie O'Hay

Richmond, Fredricksburg & Potomac slug #1
, Swedeland PA 2003, blt 1952
©Mark Hoeller

NS slug #937
, Louisville KY 2004

Norfolk & Western slug #9919
, Alexandria VA 1981
©Mark Hoeller

BN BLW VO slug #ET-1
, Pasco, WA 981, ex NP652 blt1942 cn64246
Ken Houghton

RI slug #53
, Silvis, IL 1979
Ken Houghton

Republic Steel Slug #1
, Cleveland, OH 1978
Ken Houghton

SOO slug #2118

J Hunt

BCR slug #S405
, North Vancouver, CAN 1989
D.E. Albertson

CR slug #S405
, Syracuse, NY1979, Alco AEH-12 exRSD-15
Tim Darnell

Sandersville RR slug #90
, Sandersville, GA 1982
J Hunt

SF Slug & 1556 SD39 #145
, Barstow, CA 1987
Roger Lalonde

Columbia & Cowlitz slug #701B
, Longview WA 1973
Joseph Testagrose

SF Alco RSD5 slug #143
, blt 1952 cn80205 as #2119, ex 3953, exx9853
Don Ross

N&W RP-F6 Slug #9916
, Brewster, OH 1979, ex H24-44 #158, Exx- VGN #58
Ken Houghton

CN slug #200
, Woodcrest shop 2003
Mike Rapchak Jr

NS RPU6 slug #860
, Chattanooga, TN 2006, ex CR/NS 970, blt 1978
Mike Ray

Winchester and Western MT4 slug #120
Jason Underwood

CN Distributed Braking Container #15101
, Superior, WS 2009 (not really a slug)
Dan Mackey

UP slug #S7
, North Platte, NE 1983, Rblt by UP-Omaha from SD24B blt 1959 cn 25394
Kent Charles
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