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Tank Car

Randy Houk

BN Tank Car #973239

Charles H. Biel

BN Tank Car #973519

Charles H. Biel

CSX Fuel Tender #993368

J.C. DuBois

Chemical Car

Chris Webster

Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo hazzardous waste #1524

Bryan Biller

SP Oil Cans

Richard Percy

SP MOW Water Service #6500

Richard Percy

SP MOW Tank Car #62946

Richard Percy

Wilmington & Western RR covered fuel oil tank #UTLX5504
, for oil burning steam engines @ Marshalton DE 1996
Joseph C. Nelson

Philadelphia Quartz #70391

Bill Waller

Dupont Tanker #29421

J Hunt

Shippers' Car Line old 3-dome tanker #42
Mike Farrell

1-Dome Mini tanker #hplx102044

John Stephen Foster

Cooke Paint & Varnish 2-dome tanker #101
Jim Sands

Budweiser Corn Syrup Tanker

John Stephen Foster

2-Dome Mini tanker #gatx75002

John Stephen Foster

Borden Milk Car #520

©Mike Farrell

Borden Milk Tank Car #531

GPEX milk car #1057
, Museum of Trans, St. Louis MO - 2002
©Dylan Cantrell

Halliburton slurry cont. #82
Nick Harvey-Phillips

Halliburton Cemet Car#L34


Sherritt "whale-belly" tank #33091

Union Tank "whale belly' 417288 gal liquid gas #83699
, Galveston Island RR Museum 2005

ATSF Chevron tanker #CPDX911R

Steve Edwards

Eastman Chemical Tank car #84000

CONX Vinyl Chloride Tank #9085

Tim O'Connor

Occidental tank car #42000
, 1968
Jim Sands

Wyandotte Chemicals Tank Car #78539
, 1970

Am Maze Tanker #78374

Sean Lamb

Citco "whale belly" Tanker #31084

Quaker State Tanker #86463

Sean Lamb

EBAX Ethyl Tanker #302

Tim O'Connor

Air Liquide Argon tanker #1032

Patrick A Ward

GATX Liquid Carbonic Tank Car #81667
, 1970

CPC corn syrup tank #3122
, 1970

GATX Petri Wine tanker #904

Bud Laws

Virginia Truckee water car
, Carson City NV 1938
Martin Hansen

Duval Sulfur #76533


Domino Sugar #ASRX1746
, 1972

Tropicana UTLX tank #200788

Stanley H. Jackowski

Union Tank Triple tanks #2035

Terry Link

MKT tanker #100250
, Smithville TX 1977
Gary Morris

Standard Brands vinegar tank #1634
, Museum of Trans St Louis MO
Steve Barker

TransRail Inc molten sulfur tank car #6934
, Hearne TX 2003
Bryan Flint

ACFX Phosphorus tanker #95871
, Navasota TX2003
Bryan Flint

ACFX large tank car #85299
, Sugarland TX 1976
Brian Paul Ehni

Ethyl Corp Liquide Carbide small tank car #65311 , Nashville, TN 1990
Brian Paul Ehni

North American Car small Molten sulfur tank car #19450
, Chicago IL 1989
Brian Paul Ehni

General American Sulphuric Acid tanker #113

Bill Blomgren

Millennium Inorganic Chemicals tank #2098
, Greenwich OH 2003
Bill Blomgren

Union Tank Car tank #951507
, Riverdale IL 2003
Mike Rapchak Jr

Orange Empire Museum 6-dome wine #70529
, Perris CA 2004
Wayne Buser

North American Car tank #300864
, Winona, MN 2004
Doug Johnson

Central Refining ACF tanker #4238
, 1913
Steven A. Wydeck

National Sugar Refining ACF tank #102

Steven A. Wydeck

Exxon Mobil Tank Car #448041
, Goodview, MN 2004
Doug Johnson

Air Products liquid argon #6003

Louis-François Garceau

Air Products liquid argon #6004
, Pine Jct.IN 2007
Mike Rapchak Jr

Union Tank Car jumbo tanker #910575
, Pine Jct IN 2004
Mike Rapchak Jr

Quantum Chemical tank #269
, Riverdale IL 2004
Mike Rapchak Jr

GATX 60,000 gl largest tank car
, 1965

Heinz 57 Vinegars Tank Car #201
, Ottawa CAN 1946

Lutz Schramm Pickle Car #122
, Ottawa CAN 1946

Ford Motor Standard Tank Car #12
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