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PRR Conestoga

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CR Gray MOW N-3 #46101

Dan Dorko

EL Class N3A #C237

Catawissa Railroad

RDG Class N4 #92837

Catawissa Railroad

CR Class N-4 #94004

Roger Kirkpatrick

PRR Caboose #19864

CR N5 #19031

Robyn Black

PRR Class N-5C #23115

Roger Kirkpatrick

CR Class N5G #18647

Catawissa Railroad

CR Class N5K #18646

Catawissa Railroad

CR Class NE-6 #19843

Catawissa Railroad

CR 2321

CR Class N-7D #21114

Roger Kirkpatrick

PRR Class N8 #478144

Catawissa Railroad

PRR caboose #478131
, North Brunswick NJ 2001
Mike Peterson

CR Class N-8B #23512

Jeff Sumberg

CR Class N-21Bay #21313

Roger Kirkpatrick

SP C-50-9 (w/extra spotlights) Railroad Police #4709

©Gregg Fuhriman

USCG Dist 17
, Whittier Alaska 2003

Lionel caboose #9239
, Strasburg PA 1999
Jim Sands

CO safety caboose #3664
, St.Thomas, ON 1981
Doug Kroll

CO Progress caboose #C3308
, Handley, WV 1982
Doug Kroll

CR N-6A transfer caboose #18101
, Hornell, NY 1981
Doug Kroll

Connecticut Southern Bay caboose #21226
, E.Hartford CT 1999, ex CR
Doug Kroll

Chicago & West Pullman caboose #207
, S.Chicago, IL 1986
Doug Kroll

Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range caboose #C235
, Keenan, MN 1982
Doug Kroll

Duluth & Northeastern caboose #07
, Cloquet, MN , w/arch bar trucks
Doug Kroll

DeQueen & Eastern caboose #82
, Broken Bow, OK 1983, outside braced bay window, home built
Doug Kroll

Essex Terminal caboose #1610
, Windsor, ON 2001
Doug Kroll

Farmrail Caboose #101
, Clinton, OK 2003
Doug Kroll

Genesee & Wyoming Caboose The St. Ellis #11
, Retsof, NY 1980
Doug Kroll

Guilford #491
, Ayer, MA 2002
Doug Kroll

Grand Trunk Caboose #79197
, Broadview, IL 1986
Doug Kroll
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