RR Crossing

  North East Rails  
Portland Terminal
Pre-Guilford Diesel Roster

RR Crossing

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Courtesy of Jim Breckner
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Courtesy of Joe Reckner
Portland Terminal All-Time Pre-Guilford Diesel Roster

Source : Chesapeake & Ohio Diesel Locomotives by Carl W. Shaver and David L. Gilliland



Road       Builder /  Model /       Build

Numbers    Rebuilder  Rebuilt Model Dates    Notes

1001-1004  ALCO       HH660         1936-38

1005-1008  ALCO       S1            1941-49

1051-1054  ALCO       S2            1941-49

1055-1063  ALCO       S4            1950

1081       EMD        GP7           1950     S/G Equipped; Renumbered to MEC 581

1082       ALCO       RS11          1956     Renumbered to MEC 802

1101       ALCO       S3            1950     Ex-Greater Portland Public Development Corporation

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