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CP Track & Tie Lifter

Paul Duncan

CN Track & Tie Lifter

Paul Duncan

UP Tie Kershaw Tie Crane #BTC15K

Tom Daspit

UP Tie Kershaw Tie Crane #BTC15K

Tom Daspit

CP Tie Crane #210220

Paul Duncan

SP Tie Trailer #BTC15K

Tom Daspit

Up tie crane crawler
, Midland, Texas 7-15-03
Bob Johnson

UP Tie Crane #TB52099

Stephen Foster

CP MOW "Claw" #280816

Paul Duncan

CNW tie crane
, moves from car to car using a walking platform.
Paul Horst & Mark Gillings

CNW tie crane
, To move, the crane jacks itself up, moves the frame to the next car, and sets itself back on the frame
Paul Horst & Mark Gillings

CP Tie Crane

Mike Pryor

LIRR Kersahw tie crane #TC618
, Richmond Hill NY 2004
Marc Pitanza

PC tie crane rides on edges of Gondola #598666

Arnold Morscher

CN Crane w/ties #90789

Paul Duncan

NS Tie Lifter?

Dan Burns

CN Railroad Ties #53668

Russ Watson

CN Snap Track #54520

Russ Watson

NW Track Car

Mark M. Smith

Southern sectional snap track car #991007
, Monroe VA 1984
Mike Castellow

RBMN Atlas Const. Tie Truck #T331

Clint Chamberlin

RBMN Atlas Const. Tie Truck #T331

Clint Chamberlin

CSX Tie truck

William Barry

Rail Sys DME tie truck #124
, New Ulm MN 2003
Doug Johnson

NC Ports Railway Burro Tie Crane

©Bruce De Young

AMTK Kershaw tie crane #77700
,Readville MA - 2002
Jack Clifford

UP tie crane #THC8909

D.L. Owings

CSX Kershaw tie handler #TH200003

Steve Brautigam

UP tie crane #TMC176154
, digs out ballast for new ties, Westminster CA 2002
Wayne Buser

NJT Times tie crane
, Mahwah, NJ 2003
Bruce De Young

CSX RR-300 Lucky gondola crane #999130
, Doswell VA 1997
Russell Underwood

John Deer Tie crane #80C

Russell Underwood
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