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CP400  Ballast Regulator

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CN Electric MOW #67008

Russ Watson

CN Idler Car #57627

Russ Watson

CN air dump car #56001
, CA 2003
Tom Daspit

CP side dump


Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range limestone side dump car #2190
, Proctor MN 2004
Dan Grobestein

BN Air Car #90

Charles H. Biel

SP Air Repeater Car #266


CN Laser Clearance Vehicle
, Kamloops CAN, checks all fixed features that could cause obstruction to dimensional loads
Christian Charland

PRR Tunnel Clearance Car #497125

Brian Paul Ehni

PRR Tunnel Clearance Car #497125

Brian Paul Ehni

NYC Brill tunnel clearance car #X8016
, Collingwood OH 1962, exM10 blt 1928

NYC tunnel clearance car #X8016
, Rome NY
George Elwood

NYC tunnel clearance #X8015
, to SRS X8015

Ohio HiRail track car

Arnold Morscher

RDG Tool Car #90797

Bill Waller

RDG Work Car #90891

Bill Waller

RDG wreck relief camp car #90893
, Reading
Mike Soulia

CP M235, 1967

Bill Waller

CP M235, 1967

Bill Waller

CP Service/Supply Car #424994

Lloyd Hodges

CR Generator, Jordon NY #9005

Brendan Kelly

CN MOW crew car #70742

Mike Salfi

PRR line repair #489503
, 1961

Northern Indiana Commuter District cantenary repairs #MTW100
Mike - NSRaysman

AMTK wire repair car #A16501
, amtkA16501 Odenton MD 2003
Steve Okonski

Amtk wire repair #15152

Joseph Testagrose

AMTK Wire Repair closeup

Stan Feldman

AMTK Wire Repair

Stan Feldman

AMTK Catenary #A16514
, Readville, MA. 2008.
Jack Clifford

AMTK wire car #A16514
, Readville MA 2005
Jack Clifford

Septa wire car #OPSO152
, Wayne Junction Yd, 2002
Mike Brotzman

AMTK wire car #A16517
, Perryville MD 2005
Lee Adams

Amtrak Catenary
, Readville, MA 2006
Jack Clifford

PRR Catenary #489500

CSSB Northern Indiana Commuter Trans Dist (NICTD) catenary maint vehicle #MTW100
, Hammond IN 20007
Mike Rapchak Jr

GN Catenary Maint #838
, Leavanworth WA 1955, (ex-X2804, nee-2804) baggage - mail , INFO
Bud Laws

BN Tool Car #9976008

Charles H. Biel

AMTK Wire Maintenance? #A16505

Bill Waller

CN Test Caboose #76673

Mike Salfi

UP creostote machine
D.L. Owings

Loram RailVac/Excavator #701
, cleans yards, tunnels, etc

LIRR Loram Vacuumn #LRV-2
, Islip NY
Daniel Marra

Loram Super Rail Vac #LRV4
, Olathe KS 2003
Steve Barker

Loram Super Rail Vac #LRV4
, Olathe KS 2003
Steve Barker

Loram Rail Vac LRV-5 #505
, Downers Grove, IL 2005
Joe LeMay

Loram Railvac LRV-6 #506
, 2008
Shane Darst

AMTK PowerVac
, Boston MA 2005
Jack Clifford

GapVac at Rail Link wreck
, ST Regis, MT 7-11-2002

Hulchers Peterbilt Vac
, Kansas City MO 2002

NYCTA VakTrak Vacuum
, Westchester Yard NY 2003

DBIX Ford L 120
, Alorton, IL 2006

RJ Corman Sterling Vac hi-rail
, Alorton, IL 2006

Youngs Enviro Clean-up Guzzler #SW24
, Bowling Green KY 2007
Steve Junas

Loram Badger Ditcher #DC-1
, Beachville, ON 2005
Gerry Ferns

Loram Badger Ditcher head #DC-1
, Beachville, ON 2005
Gerry Ferns

Loram Badger Ditcher #DC-1
, Beachville, ON 2005
Gerry Ferns

Loram #DC4
, Ridgefield, WA 2006

Loram Badger Ditcher #DC6
, Minneapolis MN 2002
Vladimir J. Kedrovsky

Loram Ditcher #DC6
, Chicago, IL 1971

Loram Ditcher #DC6
, Minot ND 2005
Chris Paulhamus

Loram ditcher
, Nashville, TN 2004
Doyle Massey

CSX Concrete tie trailer #ET9346

MN Fire Tanker #601
, Croton-Harmon N.Y 2001
Stan Feldman

MN EMS #2643
, Croton-Harmon N.Y 2001
Stan Feldman

MN fire engine #6911
, Croton-Harmon N.Y 2001
Stan Feldman

NYCTA De-Icer #RD342
, blt 1983, Westchester, NY 2002
Jeff Erlitz

Denver & Rio Grande Western work camp car #AX3416
, Monument, CO 1985
Doug Kroll

Western Maryland troop kitchen car
, Gaithersburg, MD 1992, ex-USA w/original Allied trucks
Russell Underwood

SP RR Police Budd bag-dorm #250
, ex FRA test, ex3104, blt 1950
Brian Paul Ehni

UP tool car #903686
, South Fork CO 2005, ex SCL
Jim Sands

PRR MOW #496251

Unknown MOW
, Greenbush Commuter Line. New tracks 2006
Jack Clifford

NW bunk car #527157
, Conneaut OH 1970
Phil Soyring

DH Pay Car #653

Bud Laws

CBQ grocery car #212465
, Galesburg IL 1969
Phil Soyring

AMTK Catenary Maintenance #A16514
, Readville, MA. 2008
Jack Clifford

LIRR Chloride car #MW497101

WM Kitchen #K3015

BN Radio Control? #RCC103


LV Commisary Car #94055
, Scranton, PA 1976

MILW Crew car #X583
, Washington, IA 1951

MP MW Crew Car #X4091
, Sedalia MO 1973

MP MW Crew Car #X4769
, Booneville MO 1973

LV Tool & Block Car #94061
, Scranton PA 1976

RI tool car #96156
, Washington, IA 1958

BM TF-1 mow #65001
, Ayer MA 1980
Gary L Webster

UP Commissary Services Dinning Bunk Car #904852
, Laramie, WY 1989
D. A. Stickley

LV Crew #96486
, Lehighton, PA 1966
Matt Herson

Fonda Johnstown Gloversville Brill fire suppression?
, Philadelphia PA
Joseph Testagrose

UP Commissary Services Car

LV wreck train block car #96556
, S. Easton PA 1939

LV Pay Car #100
, S.Easton PA 1888
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