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CP400  Ballast Regulator

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HiRail Truck

Randy Houk

NWP MOW Hyrail

Richard Percy

NS hi-railer raising one wheel #A5218
, Monongahela PA 2004
Bill Waller

CSX going to HiRail

David W. Dupler

SP Signal MOW Hyrail

Richard Percy

UP Welder's Truck

Dick Tinder

SP Welder's Hyrail #6500

Richard Percy

CN Tar Truck #075937

Paul Duncan

CR Hi-Rail

Stan Feldman

UP Hydroscopic Truck #460

Mike Porter

SP MOW Sump Hyrail

Richard Percy

RWC Inc. Hi-Rail weed sprayer
, Fostoria, OH 2004
Matthew Sadler

SF Weed Sprayer #199205

Gary Morris

SF Weed Sprayer #199205

Gary Morris

RailMax SSI Mobley Co weed sprayer

CL Zeni

RailMax SSI Mobley Co weedsprayer

William Barry

RailMax SSI Mobley Co weedsprayer

William Barry

Rail Max SSI Mobley Co

Dick Tinder

Asplundh RailMax weed sprayer
, 2007
Chris Ness

CP weeder tank

Cliff Basler-BB

CP weeder #301623

Cliff Basler-BB

ATSF weed sprayer #199205

© Gary Stuebben

ATSF weed sprayer #199206

©Charles Trapani, Jr-GS

Weed Sprayer #MW210

Wayne Buser

CP Aslpundh Weed Sprayer #TEX0006

D.L. Owings

National Aluminate Co weedsprayer #121
, NALCO operated weed spray cars for many years
John C. La Rue, Jr.

Asplundh Weed Sprayer
, Santa Clara CA 2003
Tom Daspit

Weed Sprayer
, Santa Clara CA 2003
Tom Daspit

UP Reforestation Services Weeder
, Hoffman Belt Yd, St Paul MN
D.L. Owings

Nalco Chemical weed sprayer #118

Mike's Collection

Minneapolis & St. Louis weed burner #427
, 1955
Jim Sands

Aspludh weed sprayer #0006
, Gary IN 2004
Mike Rapchak Jr

CSX Weed sprayer
, Hagerstown MD 1978
Lee Adams

CSX weed sprayer
, Greenwich OH 2006
Bill Waller

SSI weed control
, Durand, MI 1980
Jack Smith

Mercier weed sprayer
, Berea, OH 2011
S.A. Tish

Chipman Chemical Weed sprayer.#300
, Petaluma CA 1962

CP Hand Cart

Paul Duncan

Port Stanley Terminal Speeder

Paul Duncan

SF Speeder #800

Daniel S. Dawdy

PC MOW Ford Truck #TC-48

Robert A. LaMay

RN HiRail #HRV5

VG Aylward-GPE

RN HiRail #1

Stan Feldman

RBMN Hi-rail Truck #4

Clint Chamberlin

SSW Weed Sprayer #98826

Tim O'Connor

CSX Vaccum for spilt ORE

Kevin DeGroff

UP Brandt hi-rail #1915-70155
, Westminster CA 2002
Wayne Buser

Brandt Western Star roadrailer
Cletus Romano

RDG MOW hi-rail #40
, Catasauqua & Fogelsville Branch in Mickleys, PA.1964
Ken Houghton

BM Hi-rail #A5000

©Steve Myers

DH Hi-rail "The Cat" #503

DME hi-rail boom truck #231
, New Ulm MN 2003
Doug Johnson

CN Hi-Rail diesel

Daniel Gelina

CP Boom truck
, Winona MN 2005
Doug Johnson

SF Cline wheel truck #28736

Wayne Buser

CP roadrailer #7601-05
, Winona, MN 2004
Doug Johnson

UP fuel-oil #66558
, Eureka, MO
Keith Belk

BNSF hi-rail #18604
, Rochelle IL 2003
Dan Grobestein

LV Plymouth Crew Car
, Lehigh Tannery PA 1968

Milwaukee Sewage Evans Auto-Railer #E-2

Don Ross

Evans Auto Railer Demo
, Evans Products Co., Detroit, MI 1936
Ken Houghton

USA Auto Railer #R-11
, Baltimore MD

PC rubber-tire tractor
, Baltimore MD
Gerald Widemark

BO tractor
, BO Museum MD 1990

QC STM duplex #82-703
, New Orleans, LA 2001
Marc Dufour

PC rubber-tire tractor
, Baltimore MD
Gerald Widemark

Hayward Baker Mack drill truck
, Joseph, MO 2005
Paul Knowles

ICE Freightliner crew cab work truck
, Bettendorf, IA 2005
Keith Belk

BNSF work truck #21685
, Winona MN 2007
Shane Darst

PRR maint truck #31111

RFP truck
, Richmond VA
Brian Thompson

AMTK hi-rail #AJ29116
, South Boston, MA. 2006
Jack Clifford

UP welder #81077
, Saint Paul, MN 2009
Matt Petersen

ATSF Weed_Sprayer #199203


ATSF Weed_Sprayer #199208


Amtrak Mobile Command Center bus
, Wilmington DE.2016
These tractors were used for switching the dock areas in Baltimore, MD. First built in 1912, they were originally battery powered and later repowered with gasoline engines. They did not run on the rails, as Hi-Rail units do. They could only be used in areas which had the rails set into the road surface, as is normal in dock areas and industry access tracks running through the streets.

PRR rubber tire tractor #443
, Baltimore OH

PRR rubber tire tractor #444
, Baltimore MD 1951
Paul McGrane

PRR rubber tire tractor #445

PRR tractor #446
, Baltimore MD 1952
Paul McGrane

PRR rubber tire tractor #1
, Juniata Shops, Altoona, PA 1913

PRR rubber tire tractor #14379

PRR rubber tire tractor #14380
, Jersey City, NJ 1950
John Dziobko

PRR rubber-tire tractor #14388
, Jersey City, NJ
Sy Reich

PRR battery-powered, rubber-tired tractor #14389
, Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ, used for shifting cars in tight areas
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