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   DATE------------------------------MERGER   ACTION
   12-21-1908 CB&Q (Chicago, Burlington & Quincy) gains control of C&S
   (Colorado & Southern).
   - -1915 WP acquires B&L (Boca and Loyalton)
   - -1916 NOTM (New Orleans, Texas & Mexico) gains control of NI&N (New
   Iberia & Northern).
   04-27-1921 UP & OSL (Oregon Short Line) gain joint control of LA&SL
   (Los Angeles & Salt Lake).
   02-01-1924 NOTM (New Orleans, Texas & Mexico) gains control of H&BV
   (Houston & Brazos Valley).
   06-21-1924 NOTM gains control of I-GN (International-Great Northern).
   12-08-1924 MP gains control of NOTM (New Orleans, Texas & Mexico).
   12-01-1925 NOTM gains control of SAUG (San Antonio, Uvalde & Gulf) and
   AB (Asphalt Belt).
   02-02-1926 NOTM gains control of SL (Sugarland), A&G (Asherton &
   Gulf), and RGC (Rio Grande City).
   11- -1926 MP gains control of NOLC (New Orleans & Lower Coast).
   12-31-1926 NOTM gains control of SAS (San Antonio Southern).
   01-01-1927 T&P gains control of A&S (Abilene & Southern).
   08-01-1927 CHTT (Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer) sold to C&EI.
   05-01-1927 BSL&W (Beaumont, Sour Lake & Western) gains control of HNS
   (Houston North Shore).
   04-20-1929 MRBT (Mississippi River & Bonne Terre) leased by M-I.
   04-20-1929 MP gains control of M-I (Missouri-Illinois).
   12- -1930 DRGW gains control of D&SL (Denver & Salt Lake).
   12- -1931 MP gains control of DK&S (Doniphan, Kensett & Searcy).
   04-14-1932 SP gains control of SSW (St.Louis-Southwestern - 'Cotton
   06-20-1932 T&P gains control of FWB (Fort Worth Belt).
   - -1938 D&IR (Duluth & Iron Range) and DM&N (Duluth, Missabe &
   Northern) merge creating DM&IR (Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range).
   08- -1940 M&O (Mobile & Ohio) and GM&N (Gulf, Mobile & Northern) merge
   creating GM&O.
   01-01-1946 AB&C (Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast) merged into ACL.
   06-01-1947 Alton merged into GM&O.
   06-06-1947 PM (Pere Marquette) merged into C&O.
   - -1948 SLSF gains control of AT&N (Alabama, Tennessee & Northern).
   12-01-1949 W&LE (Wheeling & Lake Erie) leased by NYC&STL (New York,
   Chicago & St.Louis-'Nickle Plate Road')
   08-22-1950 CofG (Central of Georgia) acquires control of S&A (Savannah
   & Atlanta).
   03- -1956 GCL (Gulf Coast Lines - NOTM, BSL&W, O&NW, NI&N, ISM&E,
   SLB&M, IGN, SAS, SAUG, AB, SB&RGV, SL, H&BV, HNS) absorbed into MP.
   01-01-1957 CSTPM&O (Chicago, St.Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha) leased by
   08-30-1957 NC&STL (Nashville, Chattanooga & St.Louis) merged into L&N.
   01-02-1958 L&M (Litchfield & Madison) merged into C&NW.
   10-06-1958 UP acquires control of SI (Spokane International).
   12-01-1959 VGN (Virginian) merged into N&W.
   12-31-1959 C&WC (Charleston & Western Carolina) merged into ACL.
   01-28-1960 AT&SF & PRR gain joint control of TP&W (Toledo, Peoria &
   08- -1960 SOU gains control of CofG (Central of Georgia - includes
   CofG control of Savannah & Atlanta).
   10-17-1960 DL&W and ERIE merge creating EL (Erie-Lackawanna).
   10-31-1960 N&W gains control of A&D (Atlantic & Danville) and renames
   it NF&D (Norfolk, Franklin & Danville).
   11-01-1960 M&STL (Minneapolis & St.Louis) merged into C&NW.
   01-01-1961 DSS&A (Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic), MSP&SSM
   (Minneapolis, St.Paul & Sault Ste.Marie) & WC (Wisconsin Central)
   merge creating SOO Line.
   10-31-1961 T&NO (Texas & New Orleans) absorbed into SP.
   10-31-1961 L&NE (Lehigh & New England) sold to CNJ.
   05-17-1962 PRR gains control of LV (Lehigh Valley).
   12-31-1962 DT&I gains control of AA (Ann Arbor).
   02-04-1963 C&O gains control of B&O.
   07-01-1963 SOU (through subsidiaries) gains control of G&F (Georgia &
   09-25-1964 T&P gains control of KO&G (Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf), OC-A-A
   (Oklahoma City-Ada-Atoka) sold to ATSF.
   10-16-1964 NYC&STL (New York, Chicago & St.Louis - 'Nickle Plate
   Road') merged into N&W, WAB (Wabash) & P&WV (Pittsburgh & West
   Virginia) leased by N&W, and N&W gains control of AC&Y (Akron, Canton
   & Youngstown).
   08-01-1965 GC&SF (Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe) and P&SF (Panhandle &
   Santa Fe) absorbed into AT&SF.
   08-12-1965 PE (Pacific Electric) absorbed into SP.
   01-03-1967 C&O gains control of CSS&SB (Chicago South Shore & South
   05-12-1967 MP gains control of C&EI.
   07-01-1967 SAL (Seaboard Air Line) & ACL merge creating SCL.
   - -1968 UP acquires MH Railroad (Mt. Hood), creates MH Rwy subsidiary.
   02-01-1968 NYC & PRR merge creating PC (Penn Central).
   03-29-1968 C&O-B&O gains control of WM (Western Maryland).
   04-01-1968 N&W gains indirect (Dereco) control of EL.
   07-01-1968 N&W gains indirect (Dereco) control of D&H.
   07-01-1968 CGW (Chicago Great Western) merged into C&NW.
   08-01-1968 MP & C&NW gain joint control of A&S (Alton & Southern).
   08-31-1968 TC (Tennessee Central) sold in parts to IC, SOU, & L&N.
   12-31-1968 NYNH&H (New York, New Haven & Hartford) merged into PC.
   - -1969 FDDM&S (Ft.Dodge, Des Moines & Southern) leased by C&NW.
   01-31-1969 NO&NE (New Orleans & Northeastern) absorbed into AGS
   (Alabama Great Southern) [SOU].
   06-06-1969 Evansville line (eastern side) of C&EI sold to L&N, Chicago
   to Woodland Jct. becomes joint with MP.
   07-01-1969 P&N (Piedmont & Northern) merged into SCL.
   03-02-1970 GN (Great Northern), NP (Northern Pacific) & CB&Q (Chicago,
   Burlington & Quincy) merge creating BN; also leased SP&S (Spokane,
   Portland & Seattle).
   04-01-1970 KO&G (Kansas, Oklahoma & Gulf) absorbed into T&P [MP].
   01- -1971 AT&N (Alabama, Tennessee & Northern) absorbed into SLSF.
   05-01-1971 Amtrak takes over most inter-city passenger trains
   (holdouts - SOU, CRI&P, GA, & D&RGW).
   05-31-1971 G&F (Georgia & Florida), S&A (Savannah & Atlanta) and W&T
   (Wrightsville & Tenille) absorbed into CofG (Central of Georgia)
   08-01-1971 CI&L (Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville - 'Monon') merged
   into L&N.
   12-31-1971 GAS&C (Georgia, Ashburn, Sylvester & Camilla) merged into
   GN (Georgia Northern) [SOU].
   12-31-1971 LOP&G (Live Oak, Perry & Gulf) merged into LOP&SG (Live
   Oak, Perry & South Georgia) [SOU].
   - -1972 B&P (Boston & Providence) merged into PC.
   04-01-1972 PGE (Pacific Great Eastern) renamed BCR (British Columbia
   08-10-1972 IC & GM&O merge creating ICG.
   11-10-1972 SCL gains control of L&N.
   02-03-1973 P&W (Providence & Worchester) resumes independent
   08- -1973 B&HS (Bonhomie & Hattiesburg Southern) and FC&G (Fernwood,
   Columbia & Gulf) merged into ICG.
   01-01-1974 NS (Norfolk Southern) merged into C&NW (Carolina &
   Northwestern) [SOU].
   02-05-1975 IN (Illinois Northern) absorbed into AT&SF.
   04-01-1976 PC, LV (Lehigh Valley), CNJ (Central Railroad of New
   Jersey), EL, RDG (Reading), L&HR (Lehigh & Hudson River), L&NE (Lehigh
   & New England), CR&I (Chicago River & Indiana), PRSL
   (Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines), BCK, NY&LB (New York & Long
   Branch), MHM (Mt.Hope Mineral), B&E, CI, Ironton, L&WV, NJ, P&A, TPT,
   W&N, and RR (Raritan River) merge creating CR (Conrail).
   06-01-1976 T&GC (Tampa & Gulf Coast) absorbed into SCL.
   09- -1976 SCL acquires control of D&S (Durham & Southern).
   10-15-1976 C&EI and T&P absorbed into MP.
   01-12-1977 VIA Rail Canada created as CN subsidiary.
   01-01-1978 TPMPT (TP-MP Terminal RR of New Orleans) absorbed into MP.
   01-01-1978 OE (Oregon Electric) and OT (Oregon Trunk) absorbed into
   04-01-1978 VIA Rail Canada becomes separate crown corporation.
   04-01-1978 PFE (Pacific Fruit Express) dissolved equally to SP & UP.
   09-29-1978 VIA assumes operation of CP passenger trains.
   11-01-1978 A&S (Abilene & Southern), T-NM (Texas-New Mexico), NO&LC
   (New Orleans & Lower Coast), FWB (Ft.Worth Belt), M-I
   (Missouri-Illinois), SJB (St.Joseph Belt) & UT (Union Terminal)
   absorbed into MP.
   - -1979 SD&AE (San Diego & Arizona Eastern) sold to San Diego
   Metro-Transit Development Board.
   - -1980 ICV (Indian Creek Valley) absorbed into B&O.
   03-31-1980 CRI&P ceases operations.
   06-24-1980 GTW gains control of DT&I (Detroit, Toledo & Ironton).
   10-20-1980 OKKT (Oklahoma, Kansas & Texas) created by purchasing
   Herington, KS to Dallas, TX from CRI&P.
   11-01-1980 Chessie System (C&O-B&O-WM) & SCL combine creating CSX
   11-21-1980 SLSF (St.Louis-San Francisco - 'Frisco') merged into BN.
   01-01-1981 NAR (Northern Alberta Railways) merged into CN.
   06-08-1981 QA&P (Quanah, Acme & Pacific) absorbed into BN.
   06-16-1981 GTI (Guilford Transportation Industries) purchases MEC.
   09-01-1981 IT (Illinois Terminal) merged into N&W.
   09-15-1981 D&S (Durham & Southern) absorbed into SBD.
   10-01-1981 D&TS (Detroit & Toledo Shore Line) merged into GTW.
   01-01-1982 AC&Y (Akron, Canton & Youngstown) absorbed into N&W.
   01-01-1982 K&IT (Kentucky & Indiana Terminal) absorbed into SOU.
   06-01-1982 Norfolk Southern Corporation created by N&W and SOU, NS
   Corp. to control N&W and SOU.
   06-02-1982 SOO Line gains control of MN&S (Minneapolis, Northfield &
   11-04-1982 SCL gains control of GA (Georgia).
   12-22-1982 UP gains control of MP & WP.
   12-29-1982 L&N absorbed into SCL, name changed to SBD (Seaboard
   System), controlled by CSX.
   05-01-1983 WM absorbed into B&O.
   06-28-1983 GTI purchases B&M.
   01-01-1984 GTW absorbs DT&I.
   01-01-1984 ATSF absorbs TP&W.
   01-05-1984 GTI gains control of D&H.
   09-01-1984 Amtrak absorbs WT (Washington Terminal Co.).
   01-06-1985 Alaska RR transferred from federal to state ownership.
   07-10-1985 G&M (Gulf & Mississippi) created by ICG line sale.
   12-24-1985 CC (Chicago, Central & Pacific) created by ICG line sale.
   01-01-1986 MILW (Chicago, Milwaukee, St.Paul & Pacific) merged into
   03-31-1986 MSRC (MidSouth) created by ICG line sale.
   09-05-1986 DM&E (Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern) created by C&NW line
   01-01-1987 TH&B (Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo) merged into CP.
   03-25-1987 CR sold to public via stock offering.
   03-27-1987 SEKR (Southeast Kansas) created by MP line sale.
   04-09-1987 GSW (Great Southwest) absorbed into MP.
   04-28-1987 CMNW (Chicago, Missouri & Western) created by ICG line
   04-30-1987 B&O (Baltimore & Ohio) absorbed into C&O (Chesapeake &
   05-18-1987 JSW (Jefferson Southwestern) absorbed into MP.
   06-15-1987 SN (Sacramento Northern) and TS (Tidewater Southern)
   absorbed into WP.
   06-16-1987 WP absorbed into UP.
   07-19-1987 RRV&W (Red River Valley & Western) created by BN line
   08-01-1987 C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio) absorbed into CSXT.
   08-31-1987 SBD (Seaboard System) absorbed into CSXT.
   10-11-1987 New WC (Wisconsin Central) created by SOO line sale.
   10-31-1987 MRL (Montana Rail Link) created by BN line sale.
   11-19-1987 GCRC (Golden Cat) created by MP line sale.
   12- -1987 Independent MHRR (Mt.Hood - separate from UP-owned MH)
   created by UP line sale.
   12-01-1987 WYCO (Wyoming & Colorado) created by UP line sale.
   12-29-1987 OWRN (Oregon-Washington Railway & Navigation), DC (Des
   Chutes), and YVT (Yakima Valley Transportation) absorbed into OSL
   (Oregon Short Line) [UP].
   12-30-1987 OSL absorbed into UP.
   12-31-1987 LASL (Los Angeles & Salt Lake), MH (Mt.Hood), and SI
   (Spokane International) absorbed into UP.
   12-31-1987 WMW&NW (Weatherford, Mineral Wells & Northwestern) absorbed
   into MP.
   02-29-1988 ICG renamed IC (Illinois Central).
   04-14-1988 MSRC gains control of G&M.
   08-09-1988 RGI (Rio Grande Industries) gains control of SP.
   08-12-1988 UP gains control of MKT (Missouri-Kansas-Texas - 'Katy').
   12-10-1988 FRV (Fox River Valley) created by C&NW line sale.
   02-01-1989 TP&W regains independence from ATSF.
   04-13-1989 OERR (Oregon Eastern) created by UP line sale.
   11-30-1989 OKKT (Oklahoma, Kansas & Texas) and SABT (San Antonio Belt
   & Terminal) absorbed into MKT.
   12-01-1989 MKT leased to MP.
   12-01-1989 GH&H (Galveston, Houston & Henderson) merged into MP.
   01-09-1990 Part of CMNW sold to GWW (Gateway Western), part sold to
   SPCSL corporation (Southern Pacific 'Chicago-St.Louis').
   02- -1990 NEKM (Northeast Kansas & Missouri) created by UP line sale.
   05-17-1990 New W&LE (Wheeling & Lake Erie) created by N&W line sale.
   10-20-1990 TNER (Texas Northeastern) created by lease of UP lines.
   12-05-1990 RBM&N (Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern) created by CR
   line sale.
   01- -1991 CP gains control D&H (Delaware & Hudson).
   - -1991 Wabash absorbed into NS.
   01-14-1991 WTJR (Wichita, Tillman & Jackson) created by lease of UP
   02-04-1991 YSLR (Yolo Shortline) created by UP line sale.
   03-17-1991 NOLR (New Orleans & Lower Coast) created by UP line sale.
   04-14-1991 KSWR (Kansas Southwestern) created by lease of UP lines.
   06-02-1991 KYLE leases Northern Kansas lines from UP.
   07-02-1991 FSR (Fort Smith) created by lease of UP lines.
   07-27-1991 TCWR (Twin Cities & Western) created by SOO track sale.
   08- -1991 MA&N (Mohawk, Adirondak & Northern) created by CR line sale.
   01-01-1992 SO (South Orient) created by ATSF line sale.
   07-01-1992 KCS absorbs L&A (Louisiana & Arkansas), FSVB (Fort Smith &
   Van Buren), and ARW (Arkansas Western).
   09-30-1992 SP absorbs NWP (Northwestern Pacific) and VE (Visalia
   05-01-1993 MON (Monongahela) merged into CR.
   06-20-1993 NC (Nebraska Central) created by lease of UP lines.
   08-28-1993 FV&W (Fox Valley & Western - Wisconsin Central subsidiary)
   created by merger of FRV (Fox River Valley) and GB&W (Green Bay &
   11-14-1993 INPC (Idaho Northern & Pacific) created by lease and sale
   of UP lines.
   11-21-1993 EIRR (Eastern Idaho) created by sale of UP lines.
   01-01-1994 MSRC (MidSouth), SR (SouthRail), TNR (TennRail), and MDR
   (MidLouisiana Rail) merged into KCS.
   12-13-1994 UP gains minority control of C&NW through stock
   01-31-1995 WC (Wisconsin Central) purchases AC (Algoma Central).
   04-25-1995 UP purchases remainder of stock and assumes control of
   08-01-1995 UP absorbs WRPI (Western Railroad Properties, Inc. - C&NW)
   09-22-1995 BN and AT&SF complete stock swap and purchase, form BNSF
   Corporation - railroads still separate.
   10-01-1995 UP absorbs C&NW.
   - -1996 IC gains control of CC.
   01-01-1996 CN absorbs GTW and DWP.
   02-09-1996 C&IM sold to I&M (Illinois & Midland).
   09-11-1996 UP gains control of SP.
   Control Railroad still exists actively and corporately as part of new
   Lease Railroad still exists corporately, operations consolidated with
   Absorb Controlled or leased subsidiary is fully integrated into
   parent; separate operations and/or corporation dissolved.
   Sale Railroad or part thereof loses identity to new parent.
   Merger Railroad loses all identity to parent.
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