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L&NE by George Elwood | L&NE History by Phil Paone

L&NE logoLehigh & New England

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The Lehigh and New England was formed in 1895 to serve as a bridge route for the anthracite(Tamaqua) and cement-producing region(Bath) of eastern Pennsylvania to a connection with the New Haven at Campbell Hall, NY. On May 9, 1904 the Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co. took ownership, and began making improvements and adding steam locomotives.

L&NE never ran many passenger trains. There were only 3 short runs: Tamaqua-Summit Hill-Hauto, Swartswood-Sussex-Goshen, and Bethlehem-Pen-Argyl. In 1927-30, they purchased 2 gas-electrics from Brill for these runs. The L&NE traffic increased during WWII, and they began ordering diesels from Alco in 1947. During the 1950's anthracite traffic declined, and the line was abandoned October 31st 1961 .

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Lehigh & New England Diesel Roster AND L&NE Map
Road NbrPhotoBuilderModelDate Built
91 - Bob Fischer
91 - H Fagerberg
BrillGas-electric Pass1926-28
601601 - Bob Fischer
601 - J Maloney, Jr
Whitcomb65DE19aex Army #1362 1942
602602[WK&S 1999] - Jim Benny
Whitcomb65DE19aex Gulf Oil Co #8 (not org. LNE)
611-616611 - William/Chris Gross
611 - Bill Kisselstein612 - ©David Nyce(1)
613 - William T. Greenberg, Jr
613 - Bob Fischer
614 - Bob Fischer
616 - ©David Nyce(1)
ALCO S21949
651-663651 - Bob Fischer
652 - William/Chris Gross
654 - Bob Fischer
655 - ©David Nyce(1)
655 - ©VG Aylward(2)
657 - Craig Zeni
659 - ©David Nyce(1)
661 - Bud Laws(3)
662 - George E. Votava
ALCO RS-21949
703 - CH
704 - William/Chris Gross
706 - Paul McGrane
709 - ©VG Aylward(2)
ALCO FA-11948
710710 - Tim Darnell ALCO FA-11949
751-752751[LN339] - Stephen Foster
753 - Bob Fischer
ALCO FB-11948
753613[LN237] - Ray Cole
ALCO FB-11949
Rolling Stock
502-524511 - Bob Fischer
512 - Bob Fischer
 4-wh bobber Caboose 
550-569566 - Bob Fischer
567 - Bob Fischer
 8-wh Caboose 
571-578572 - Bob Fischer 8-wh Caboose 
581-584580 - Bob Fischer
583 - Robert E. Rathke
584 - Robert E. Rathke
Reading8-wh Caboose  
694,695,699 American HoistSelf- Prop Crane1950's
698, 700698 - Bob Fischer
 Steam Crane 
602-603353[ex 602] - Bob Fischer
RusselWedge Plow 
1. With permission from Gary Stuebben. Reproduction or redistribution without permission is prohibited!
2. With permission from George Elwood.
3. From the Collection of Bud Laws. The original owner is listed, if known.

Lehigh & New England "Railway"
The CNJ took over operations of 40 miles of the former LNE Railroad right after the LNE went under. The CNJ then created "Lehigh & New England Railway".But when the CNJ pulled out of Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley took control until Conrail come into the picture.
Road NbrPhotoBuilderModelDate Built
1531-321531 - Ed McKernen
1533-351533[exRDG460] - David Nyce(1)
1534[ex RDG461] - Walter A. Appel-BF
1535 - Bruce A. Leemann

Lehigh & New England Steam Roster
Road NbrPhotographerDate TakenLocationComments
1  0-4-0Baldwin1889
2  0-6-0Baldwin1872
3  4-6-0Baldwin1873
4 4-6-0TBaldwin1895
4   ex Luzerne & Susquehanna 2
5  4-6-0LVRR1896
7  4-6-0Cooke1901
7H Albert1905Pen Argyl PA 
7  2-6-0Cooke1882
7-8  2-8-0PRR1879
9  2-8-0Baldwin1889
9George Newton1905Lansford PAex Panther Creek 13
10  2-8-0PRR1879
10  2-8-0Baldwin1889
11-12  2-8-0PRR1879
5 1925Goshen NY 
7D4-6-0Cookeex 6 1901
7HL Goldsmith1923Bethlehem PA 
8HL Goldsmith1921Pen Argyl PAex LCN 11
11 1923Pen Argylex LNC 12, ex CNJ325
15 1915Bethlem PA 
19   1905, to RV13
20Joseph A. Smith Coll1946Arlington, PA1905, to RV14
20Ted Gray-DR1936New Brunswick NJ1905, to RV14
21Bud Laws(3)  1906
22   1906
22 1939Pen Argyl PA1906
23KL Von Stueben1908Bath PA1906
24 1932 1906
24   1906
25Bud Laws(3) Pen Argyl PA1906
26Gary Overfield(2)1935Pen Argyl PA1906
27Howard Davis(3)1950Pen Argyl PA1909
27C.C. Grayson(3) Pen Argyl PA1909
29Howard Davis(3) Pen Argyl PA1948
29Bud Laws(3) Pen Argyl PA 
30MT Olson   
31JW Hulsman1925  
32   1909 Later 151
34 1932Penn Argyl PA1906
35   1909
37 1936Penn Argyl PA1909
38 1930Pen Argyl PA1909
39Bud Laws(3) Pen Argyl PA1909
40HL Goldsmith   
43©Greg Dickenson   
43  Pen Argyl PA 
45Harold K Vollrath(3)1935Pen Argyl PA 
51   ex LCN 26
54   ex LCN 29
55JE Gunsser1908Lansford PAex Panther Creek 30
56   ex Panther Creek 31
59 1908Penn Argyl PAex LCN 34
59   ex LCN 34
58E-102-8-0Baldwin1908, re-blt 1916
58Bud Laws(3) Pen Argyl PAex LCN 33
101Phil Soyring1938Martin's Creek, PA1913
101Bud Laws(3) Martin's Creek, PA1913
111-115I-20-8-0Baldwin1914-5, 111-113 rblt w/superheating
111   1906
112FR Dirkes1937Nazareth PA 
113Bud Laws(3)   
113Bud Laws(3)1930Tadmor PA 
114Bud Laws(3)   
116 1948Pen Argyl PA 
117Bud Laws(3)   
117 1948  
118Bud Laws(3)   
118  Tadnor PA 
120Harold K Vollrath(3)1950Arlington PA 
121Bud Laws(3)   
122 Bob Fischer      
131Bud Laws(3)1950Arlington PA1927
131Harold K Vollrath(3)1946Tamaqua PA1927
132Harold K Vollrath(3)1950Arlington PA 
133Harold K Vollrath(3)1940Tamaqua PA 
133Harold K Vollrath(3) 1947Arlington, PA 
134Harold K Vollrath(3)1946Tamaqua PA 
134 Bob Fischer      
135C.C. Grayson(3) Pen Argyl PA 
135Joseph A. Smith Coll1946Arlington PA 
136Howard Davis(3)1950Arlington PA1931
136Harold K Vollrath(3)1949Tamaqua PA 
151-2E-122-8-0Baldwin1911, ex32-33
151 1911Pen Argyl PA1915 ex 32
152Joseph A. Smith Coll1940 Pen Argyle pa1915
153C.C. Grayson(3) Pen Argyl PA1915
153Howard Davis(3)1950Modena PA1911
153Lamar Kelley1938 Pen Argyl PA1911
154C.C. Grayson(3) Pen Argyl PA1916
154   1916
201Harold K Vollrath(3)1946Pen Argyl PAex Crane RR 2
202   ex Crane RR 1
203Harold K Vollrath(3)1933Pen Argyl PAex Crane rr 6
204   ex Crane RR 12
205B-40-6-0Vulcan1911 ex Alpha Portland Cement
205Harold K Vollrath(3)1940Tadmor PAex Crane RR 12
206Harold K Vollrath(3)1950Bath PA1931
207©David Schnell-MF IRM1936
207Harold K Vollrath(3)1940Tadmore PA1931
207Phil Soyring1946Pen Argyle, PA1936
301-307E-142-8-0Alco Schenectady1922-3
301DW Furler1946Ornage Farm NY1922
302Harold K Vollrath(3)1940Pen Argyl PA1922
302Harold K Vollrath(3)1948Pen Argyl PA1922
303Harold K Vollrath(3)1946Tadmor PA1922
303 1939Pen Argyl PASch 1922
304Harold Davis(3)1948Pen Argyl PA1922
305Harold K Vollrath(3)1948Bath PA1923
305 1939Pen Argyl PA1923
306Harold K Vollrath(3)1948Pen Argyl PA1922
307Harold K Vollrath(3)1946Pen Argyl PA1923
307   Pen Argyl PA1923
401Bud Laws(3)   
401Howard Davis(3)   
401Harold K Vollrath(3)1946Pen Argyl PA1927
402Bud Laws(3) Pen Argyl PA 
402Harold K Vollrath(3)1950Bath PA1927
402Harold K Vollrath(3)1949Tamaqua PA1927
403Harold K Vollrath(3)1947Pen Argyl PA1931
403 Bob Fischer      
404Harold K Vollrath(3)1950Arlington PA1931
404Harold K Vollrath(3)1946Tamaqua PA1931
425Bud Laws(3) Pen Argyl PA 
501-504G-1/L-12-8-2PRR Juniata1915-8
501Harold K Vollrath(3)1947Arlington PAex PRR 1318
501Bud Laws(3)  ex PRR 1318
502Harold K Vollrath(3)1947Pen Argyl PAex PRR 190
503Harold K Vollrath(3)1950Bath PAex PRR 1719
503Harold K Vollrath(3)1949Pen Argyl PAex PRR 1719
503Robert E. Rathke Pen Argyl PAex PRR 1719
504 1948Tamaqua PA 
2. With permission from George Elwood.
3. From the Collection of Bud Laws. The original owner is listed, if known.
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