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NYC Auto Rack #NIFX9024

VT Image Base

NYC Auto Rack

Jeff Sumberg

PC Auto open Carrier #801270

Iron Will

PC Autorack #962577

John Stephen Foster

Rock Island Auto Rack

Rock Island Line

CN open Auto Carrier

Brendan Kelly

CN open Auto Rack #70003

Vladimir J. Kedrovsky

SP RTTX open Auto Rack #250003

Tim O'Connor

NYC open autorack #KTTX903638

SSW bi-level open autorack #84577

Tim O'Connor

CN open auto rack #710925

D.L. Owings

C&O open autorack #BTTX10499
, 1965

TWP RTTX open rack #100838
, 1966
Jim Sands

SLSF open auto rack #3003
, 1967 Marshalltown IA
Jim Sands

PRR open autorack #KTTX902180
, 1968

UP Open auto rack
, Grandview MO 2002
Steve Barker

NW open auto rack

Jim Sands

MILW RTTX open autorack #903025
, 1966 Marshalltown IA
Jim Sands

Trailer Train autorack #853482
, Minneapolis MN 2005
Vladimir J. Kedrovsky

BN Bi-Level Enclosed Auto Rack #993014

Charles H. Biel

TTX Double Stack Training Car #110

Matt Schroedle

CN covered auto rack, no sides #711907
,Bruce Z. Friedman

EL Closed Auto Rack, 1998 #940772

Michael Dye

EL Closed Auto Rack, 1996 #850374

Larry DeYoung

TTRX open, sided autorack #901501
, Houston, TX 1976
Brian Paul Ehni

EL Open Auto Rack #940983@CR Buckeye Yd, 1991

Bill Weibel

MILW open auto rack

Jim Sands

EL Closed Auto Rack #961625@CR Buckeye Yd, 1991

Bill Weibel

KCS Auto Carrier #8183


UP auto rack #800344

D.L. Owings

BTTX articulated auto rack #880304
, Minneapolis MN 2002 | INFO
Vladimir J. Kedrovsky

Trailer Train 140 ft articulated bi-level auto rack #880054
Louis-François Garceau

NS articulated autorack
, Fostoria OH 2003
Kennedy How

NS articulated auto rack #110117
, Winona MN 2005
Doug Johnson

TTX Articulated Autocars

Tim Harris

BNSF articulated autorack #314189
, Fostoria OH 2003
Kennedy How

CSXT articulated auto rack #600010
, Olathe KS 2002
Steve Barker

Amtrak Bi-Level Autotrain Unloading #

David J. P. Long

Auto Train Autoracks, Lorton, VA #57

Harv Kahn

Autotrain Auto Carrier
, Sanford FL 1972
Steve Zabel-JT

TCQX Tri-Level Auto #99002

DL Owings

AMTK AutoTrain Rack #9092

Pete Piszczek

Autotrain Loading

Robert E. Rathke

SP Tri-level Auto Rack Loading yard #

Michael Wright ©1996

Johnstown America auto rack #790002
, St Paul MN 2004
Vladimir J. Kedrovsky

CN Johnstown-America Aluminum Vehicle Carrier (AVC) #712872
, Hammond IN 2004
Mike Rapchak Jr

CP SS autorack #546143
, Winona, MN 2005
Doug Johnson

TTUX prototype Uni-Level truck rack car #110100
, 86' for large track (class 5 through 8)
Jeff Horstman

PGE Auto Trailer #1030

British Columbia Archive F-04920

CN auto transporter #9503
, Quebec City CAN 1972
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