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Gallitzin Tunnels, PA

RR Crossing

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Gallitzin Tunnels, PA are west of Horseshoe Curve, where 3 tunnels are located
The best train watching in North America!

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Tunnel Hill, Gallitzin, PA
Twin Tunnels [3605']: Gallitzin blt 1904 [now closed] & Allegheny Tunnel, blt 1854

East Tunnels
Pat Huemmer

CR 5616 SD60I
approaches east portal of "Allegheny" tunnel while an intermodal exits the "Portage" tunnel and begins "the slide", 1998
Pat Huemmer

CR SD45-2 #6657

West bound pushers approaching east tunnels. The bridge(s) in the background carry the eastbound mainline over the abandoned New Portage Secondary track 1987 (see PC6008)
Arnold Morscher

CR SD40-2 #6459

Approaching east tunnels on track #1. Grassy JCT of former Mule Shoe connection to the abandoned New Portage Branch can be seen at right, with the "fly over" bridge 1987 (see PC6008)
Arnold Morscher


Approaching Tunnel Hill - old bridge
Jerry Britton

CR C40-8W #8425

West side New Bridge 2002
Bill Blomgren

CR SD40-2 #6387

W Allegheny tunnel
David W. Dupler

CR SD45-2 #6665

West boundleaving the tunnels 1987
Arnold Morscher

AMTK F40PH #278

West side of Tunnel Hill (shown with double tracks)
Steven M Geisler

PRR #6007

West side, 1965.
Randy Masales-BS

PRR E8 #5711 & 5809

West side 2001
Bill Waller

West twin tunnels

w/double track
R D Johnson

CR SD45 #6085

leaving W Gallitzin tunnel 1984, now closed
Andrew Koenigsberg

CR SD45-2 #6664

West Gallitzin tunnel 1987 [out of service 1998). Right was later enlarged for double tracks
Arnold Morscher

CR SD40-2 #6381

W. Allegheny 1993 [Later enlarged for double tracks]
Arnold Morscher

CR SD40-2A #6366

W. Galltzin tunnel 1994 [out of service 1998).
Arnold Morscher

CR C40-8W #6257

west Allegeny being double trracked 1995

CR SD40-2 #6369

West Gallitzin tunnel 1984
Andrew Koenigsberg

CR SD40-2 #6519

W Galltzin tunnel 1993 [out of service 1998).
Arnold Morscher

East Gallitzin & Allegheny tunnels

with old blowers from the steam era still in place
David W. Dupler

CR SD45-2 #6663

E Galltzin tunnel 1987 [out of service 1998).
Arnold Morscher

CR SD45-2 #6659

E Allegheny 1987 [Later enlarged for double tracks]
Arnold Morscher

PRR RSD15 #8607

East portal Gallitizin Tunnel
Paul McGrane

NS 3332(SD40-2) NS 3346(SD40-2)
helpers approaching W. Allegheny [New Bridge] , 2002
Pat Huemmer

NS C40-9W #9632 & 9552

Gallitzin PA 2003
J. E. Landrum

PRR wood burner

West side, Gallitzin PA 1880
John Denney Jr
New Portage Tunnel [1650'], blt 1851
 CR #2418
CR 2418 approaches east portal of "Allegheny" tunnel on track #3 while CR 7885 exits the "Portage" tunnel on track #2 (now removed), begins "the slide", and crosses the "New Portage Secondary" (now removed)... In the foreground is the crossover from track #4 to track #3 (now removed). - George G. Haines III

CR SD40-2 #6399

East Portage 1987
Arnold Morscher

AMTK F40PH #355

East Portage 1987
Arnold Morscher

CR SD80MAC #7206

New Portage Tunnel heads east 2003
Lance Myers

PRR E-8 #5795

W Portage [double-tracked]
Bud Laws
 PC SD35 #6008
on the eastbound" mainline, having just exited the "portage"tunnel, and is crossing the "fly over" for the former "New Portage Secondary" track which connected to the lower westbound mainline headed for the "Allegheny" and "Gallitzin" tunnels to the right. David W. Dupler


Entering West New Portage tunnel 1990
Andrew Toppan

AMTK F40PH 400
entering West New Portage tunnel , 1996
Pat Huemmer

Trailer Train

Entering West New Portage tunnel at Gallitzin on "The Slide" 1987
Arnold Morscher

CR C40-8W #6151

Entering West Portage Tunnel
Dave Reichley

CR SD80MAC #4100

Eastbound at West New Portage tunnel at AR Tower 1999
Arnold Morscher

CR SD40-2 #6382

Eastbound on track 1 towards New Portage Tunnel at AR Tower, with return loop connecting to twin tunnels in foreground 1996
Arnold Morscher

AR Tower & wye
, 1996
Pat Huemmer

AR Tower
Pat Huemmer

CR SD40-2 #6386

Eastbound just before W New Portage tunnel 1996
Arnold Morscher
General Altoona - Gallitzin - Cresson Area

CR SD40-2 #6524

west at Cresson MO tower1988
Andrew Koenigsberg

CR SD40 #6341

Approaching the east "Slope" from west of Altoona
David W. Dupler

AMTK E8 #440

downhill at Benny Curve East of Gallitzin
David W. Dupler
heading to Cresson, looking east toward Gallitzin. The three tracks in the foreground are higher in elevation and lead into the "portage" tunnel.
©Corel Corp, 1994
 CR SDP45 #6690
on the westbound mainline heading toward Cresson ( note the grade differential between the lower westbound and the upper eastbound main tracks) with the PRR signal bridge and the "high bridge" in the background. - Andrew Koenigsberg

CR SD45-2 #6664

Mid Grade[MG] tower between Horseshoe and Galliztin 1987
Arnold Morscher

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