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CP Scale test #420931


IC Scale Test Car #100121

Daniel Dawdy

Western Maryland Scale Test Car #1696

CN scale test car #52284

Bob Boudreau

Cuyahoga Valley scale test car #270427
, Cleveland Works RR(ex River Terminal) Cleveland,OH 2003
Roger [CRmac80]

Cuyahoga Valley scale test car painted Wonder Bread

Eddie Van Huffel

MP scale monitor #15503

Doug Johnson

Minneapolis & St. Louis scale car #X03
, 1947
Jim Sands

Bureau of Standards ACF scale car #1
, lot 1208 1931
Steven A. Wydeck

NBS scale test #1
Joseph Testagrose

NBS scale test #2
Joseph Testagrose

USDA Federal Grain Inspection #100000
Joseph Testagrose

DH Scale Test Car

Mike Pryor

Lehigh Valley Scale Test Car #96672

James Mack

Delaware & Hudson scale test car #35051
, Watervliet NY 1976
Doug Kroll

Erie RR scale test car #RS-41
, Meadville, PA 1976
Doug Kroll

UP scale monitor #90303
, Winona MN 2004
Doug Johnson

CR scale test #80017

Marc Pitanza

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