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PC GE E33 #4602

John Van Scoyk

NH GE EF-4 aka E33 #303
, Oak Point Yd Bonx NY 1968, ex NW233, nee VGN134, blt 1956 cn32547
Joseph Testagrose

NH GE EF-4 aka E33 #309
, ex NW240, nee VGN140, blt 1957
Bill Russell

NH GE EF-4 aka E33 #302
, ex NW233, nee VGN133, blt 1956
Bob Redden

CR E33 #4605

Steven M Geisler

CR E33 #4610
, Morrisville, PA 1979
Timothy Mader

PC E33 #4604
, Kearny NJ 1976, ex-VGN, exx NW exxxNH
George W. Hamlin

PC E33 #4606

Steven M Geisler

Virginian RR EL-C aka E33 blt 1956 #135

GJ Rolape

NW E33,ex-VGN 135, blt 1956 #235

VT Image Base

NW E33 ex-VGN 135, blt 1956#235

VT Image Base

CR E33 #4610

Dick Leonhardt

Conrail E-33 #4608
, Kearney, NJ, 1978
Timothy Mader

PC GE E40 #4977

©Hans Kuring-GS

PC GE E40 4000hp #4977

Steven M Geisler

PC GE E40 #4973
, Meadows Yard.Kearney NJ 1973, (ex NH) 4000hp
Harv Kahn

PC E44 #4438
, Morrisville, PA 1975
Timothy Mader

PC E44 #4403
, Morrisville, PA 1978
Timothy Mader

PRR E44 #4429
, 1965 Baltimore MD, blt1962 cn33976
Timothy Mader

PRR E44 #4447
, 1970 Enola, PA, blt 1962 cn33994
Timothy Mader

PRR E44 #4456
, 1967 Enola, PA, blt 1963 cn34003
Paul McGrane

CR E44, blt 1961 #4409

Dick Leonhardt

PRR GE E44, blt 1962 #4436

CR E44, blt 1961 #4410

Dave Kohut

CR E44 #4451
, Kearny NJ 1978
Timothy Mader

PC E44, blt 1962 #4636

Steven M Geisler

AMTK E44 #502

Jeff Lubchansky
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