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VulcanThe Vulcan Iron Works of Wilkes-Barre, PA, began producing internal-combustion locomotives in the 1920's. They were suitable for the use of alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, distillate, and crude oil. These locomotives may be direct geared drive, or equipped for electric drive. Weights range from 4 tons to 70 tons. "Vulcan's largest diesel is one 70-ton center cab B-B unit built in 1944 for Carnegie-Illinois Steel's plant at Gary, IN"(1) "Approximately 51 diesel-powered units weighing 25 tons or more were made before production ceased in 1954."(1)

Vulcan Iron Works 1

Michael G. Rushton

Vulcan Iron Works 2

Michael G. Rushton

Vulcan Iron Works 3

Michael G. Rushton

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Canadian Industries [James Island, BC] Vulcan 4T G/M #3
, BC Forestry Museum, Duncan BC 1992, blt 1937 cn4210
©John F. Campbell

Canadian Industries [James Island, BC] Vulcan 4T G/M #4
, BC Forestry Museum, Duncan BC 1992, ex#3, cn4210 blt 1937
Gary Everhart

Leslie Salt [Cargill] homebuilt Vulcan 4T G/M #16
, Newark CA, blt 1948 cn4709 Buda
Robert Lehmuth

Leslie Salt Rebuilt 4T Vulcan #9
, Newark, CA 2004, cn4305 blt1941
Robert Lehmuth

Canal Construction Vulcan 3T G/M #1
, Lake Comorant MI, blt 1928

International Nickel Co 6-ton Vulcan #7
, Port Colborne, ONT 1977, cn4341 blt1941, 24 gauge, conv propane
Steve Timko

Flagg RR Vulcan 8T? #5
, Edaville RR, Carver MA, to Silver Lake RR Madison NH
Jack Clifford

Himmelberger-Harrison Co Vulcan 4T
, Morehouse, MO 2007, nee Canal Constm Memphis TN, cn3895 or 3894, blt 1928
Rick Morgan

Fort Madison Farmington & Western Vulcan 4T?
, Donnellson, IA 2006, defunt

Vulcan Iron Works Valley Shop Switcher Vulcan 8T GM
, Electric City Trolley Museum, Scranton, PA 2006, 2008, ex Dushore Car Co #1, exx-Abe Solomon Co #1, to PA RR Museum, blt 1930 cn4067
Andy Inserra

Vulcan Iron Works Valley Shop Switcher Vulcan 8T GM
. PA RR Museum, Strasburg PA 2008, ex Electric City Trolley Museum. exx Dushore Car Co #1, exxx-Abe Solomon Co #1 , blt 1930 cn4067
Gordon Q. Cochrane, Jr

Dushore Car#1 Vulcan 8T
, Dushore PA(Dr. Harold Cox), exx-Abe Solomon Co #1, to PA RR Museum, blt 1930 cn4067
Bob LaMay collection

Vulcan Iron Works Shop Switcher Vulcan 8T #3695??
, Abe N. Solomon Scrapyard 1965, (blt 1930 cn4067)

Abe N. Solomon Iron & Steel Vulcan 8T
, Vulcan Plant Wilkes-Barre, PA 1965 (cn4067 blt 1930)

Abe N. Solomon Iron & Steel Vulcan 20T
, Wilkes-Barre, PA 1965 ( blt 1926 cn3695),

Abe N. Solomon Iron & Steel Vulcan 20T
, Wilkes-Barre, PA 1965 ( blt 1926 cn3695),

Delmont Gas Coal Vulcan 8T mine 4-speed gas
, (to Seehart Coal, to Patton Clay Co, blt 1926 cn3599?)

Everett Ry Vulcan 6T mine gas 24ga #2
, Everett, PA 1976

Teaberry Southern Vulcan GM 6.5T #4
, ST Mary's PA 1985, nee Eastern Tanners Glue #4 Gowanda NY. ex Bucksgahuda Western, blt 1950 cn4662

Bucksgahuda Western "Norman" Vulcan GM 6.5T #3
, ST Mary's PA 2012, nee Eastern Tanners Glue #3 Gowanda NY. blt 1924 cn3464
Greg Wiltsie

Santa Clarita RR Vulcan GM 6T #5
, Moorpark, CA 1993, nee Mussens, ex Canadian Ind, cn4038 blt 1929
Robert Lehmuth

Canada Cement Vulcan 8T
, blt 1926 cn3617

JP Conway Lumber 8-ton Vulcan
, Barrys Bay ONT 1960. nee Barys Bay Lumber #3, cn4142 blt 1931
Brian Westhouse

Valley RR Vulcan 8T GM
. Essex, CT 1986, nee CT River Dev #3990, exxx Wickwire-Spencer Steel, exx CO Fuel & Iorn, ex Tarbel-Walters, blt 1929 cn3990
Chuck Heidorn

White Mountain Central RR Vulcan 8T
. Lincoln, NH 2000, ex nee CT River Devel#3916, exxx EL Smith Co, exx CT River Power, ex Rock of Ages Quarry, Barre VT, rpwr Chevrolet 283 cu in, blt 1928 cn3916
Chuck Petlick

Railwel Ind Vulcan 8T
. St-Jerome, Que 2005
Pierre Lacombe

Southern New Jersey RR Vulcan GM 8T #M-1
, Tuckerton NJ 1939, nee Stone & Webster#40, MD, ex Falls Creek Sand & Stone, to Central Iraon & Metal, Springfield IL, blt 1926, cn3716

SW Construction Matls, TX Vulcan 16T G/M #3946
, Irving TX, nee Bates & Rogers Const exx USA7660, ex Wainwright Ship Yards FL, blt 1928 cn3946
Don Ross

Bethlehem Steel Vulcan 8T #B873

Chesapeake RR Vulcan 8T GM 4302
, Marydel, DE 1994, blt 1940 cn4302, nee USA106, ex Tidewater Const #288
Rich Lorntzen

Horne Railroad Construction Co Vulcan 8T GM
, Hobgood NC 1980, ex Greene Bros Lumber, NC, nee CT River Dev 3915, blt1928 cn3915 Herc
© Mac Connery- GS

Toe River RR rebuilt Vulcan GM 8T #3915
, ex Horne RR Const., exx Greene Bros Lumber, nee CT River Dev #3915, blt1928 cn3915
Tony Brady

Guy "Doc" Donaldson Vulcan 8T #1
, Reserve, LA 1983, nee Coplay Cement#4 Saylor, PA, ex Armant Sugar Plantation LA, cn3683 blt 1926
Todd Minsk

Cool Springs Park Vulcan 4667 6T
, Macomber, WV 1970 nee Dupont NJ, ex Brady Boyles, cn4667 blt1948

Whitehall Cement Vulcan 10T DM #1/39
, Cementon PA, blt 1937 cn4214
Kermit Geary Jr

Nazareth Cement Vulcan 10T G/M
, blt 1928 cn3899 or 3900?

Yosemite Mtn Sugar Pine RR Vulcan GM 10T #5
, Fish Camp CA, nee Frederick Snare#4 ex Columbia Iron, exx Superior Steel #4, blt 1935 cn4177
MD McCarter-BL

Yosemite Mtn Sugar Pine RR Vulcan GM 10T #5
, Fish Camp, CA. 1986, nee Frederick Snare#4 ex Columbia Iron, exx Superior Steel #4, blt 1935 cn4177
Robert Lehmuth

Midwest Central Vulcan G/M 10T #101
, Mt Pleasant RR Museum IA 1977, nee Frederick Snare#2, exx Superior Steel#5, ex Columbia Iron & Metal, blt 1935 cn4175
Jim Sands

Vulcan 10T? #10

Tidewater Const Co Vulcan 10T EC #288
, ESHR Little Creek Boat Yd, Norfolk, VA 1988
Andy Smith

Miss Portland Cement Vulcan 12T GM #7
, St Louis MO, to Lone Stra Cement, blt 1926 cn3693

Vulcan Iron Works Vulcan 20T #2
, Wilkes-Barre PA 1929, (blt 1926 cn3695?)

Rochester Iron Metal Vulcan GM 16T #3727
, Rochester NY 1951, nee Florida Public Serv, exxxx Mohawk Limestone, exxx General Crushed Stone, exx Southern NY RR, ex Unadilla Valey RR, blt 1927 cn3727

Copperweld Steel Vulcan 16T GM
, Warren, OH 1966, nee Bates& Rogers3631 NJ,ex Hunkin-Conkey PA for PA TPKE, cn3631 blt 1926
Steve Timko

Cargil Vulcan 20T G-M #1
, Onawa, IA 1997, ex Midwest Const #1, exx USACE#1, exxx Otter Tail Power, nee USA2083, blt 1941 cn4354
John Schumann

Langren Grain Vulcan 20T G/M #1
, Onawa IA 1981, nee Corps of Engineers 2083, exxx USA 7714, exx Otter Tail Power 1, ex Midwest Const 1, to Cargill Seed Sales 1, , blt 1941, cn4354
Bill Volkmer-Don Ross

Cargil Vulcan 20T GM #1
, Onawa, IA 1982, ex Midwest Const1, exxUSA1, exxxUSA7714, nee USA2083, blt 1941 cn4354
Ken Houghton

Susquehanna Chemical Vulcan 25T
, Westline PA 1948, (nee Pittsburg Midway Coal, KS, ex Spencer Heater Bradford PA blt1929 cn4007?)

PH Crane Vulcan 20T #6443
, Racine WI 1973, nee USA2040, ex USA7672 cn4312 blt 1941

P&H Harnischfeger Vulcan 20T GM #6443
, Cudahy WI 1974 nee USA2040, ex USA7672 cn4312 blt 1941

Chicago Bridge & Iron Vulcan 20T GM#180 GM
, Salt Lake City UT 1982, nee USA7713 cn4353 blt 1941 rblt 1951

Coplay Cement Vulcan G/M 7-60-B2, 30.5 Ga, 20T? #2
, Saylor PA, to Keystone Wood Preserving Phila, blt1926 cn3707

WVA Pulp & Paper Vulcan 20T?
, Herminie PA

RGMN Vulcan 25T gas #101

Soc Iberica de Nitrogeno Vulcan 30T D/M #4663
, blt 1952 cn4663
Javier Fernßndez

Augusta RR Vulcan 35T G/M #7
, blt 1942, nee Maumelle Ordnance Works 1, ex USA 8223, blt 1941 cn4364
Don Ross

Augusta RR Vulcan 35T G/M #7
, 1973, blt 1942, nee Maumelle Ordnance Works 1, ex USA 8223, blt 1941 cn4364

Augusta Railroad Vulcan 35T G/M #7
, Ft Smith AR 2003, w/LeRoi 250hp, nee USA1, ex USA8223, blt 1941 cn4364
Jim Huff

Pittsburgh Midway Coal (KS), Vulcan 35T GM #1
, Tampa Fl 1955, to Ohio Steel, to Tampa Bay Term, to Sol Walker Tampa FL, cn4164 blt 1933

Int'l Harvester Wisconsin Steel Div Vulcan GE 45T EC #11
, Chicago IL 1981, nee USA7432, cn4334 blt 1941

Aberdeen PG 50T G/E #2
, to USA7306, to PSEGC #20, w/2 LeRoi 350hp, blt 1931 cn4144

Logansport Eel River Vulcan 50T #2
, Logansport IN 1990, ex Farm Bureau IN, nee Frick Co, Waynesboro PA, cn4529 blt 1944
Tim Vermande

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Vulcan 45TD/E Cat #9
, Chehalis-Centralia RR Assoc Chehalis, WA, nee USN65-00205, w/2 Cat 360hp, blt 1942 cn4362
Rob Jacox

Chehalis Centralia Vulcan 45T D/E Cat #9
, Chehlis WA , nee USN 65-00205, cn4362 blt1942

ex Borg Warner PA Vulcan 45T D/E #39-502
, @ CNJ Stn Wilkes-Barre PA 1966, nee San Antonio Ord #1, ex AEC, exx USA 7222, w/2 Cummins 300hp, blt 1941 cn4385
Michael G. Rushton

Maule Industries Vulcan G/E 45T #55
, Miami FL 1967, nee USA 45545, ex usA7436, to Sterling Eng, blt 1941 cn4338
Don Ross

Laona Northern RY 45T G/E EC #101
, Laona WI 1975, nee USA4554, exUSA7435, exConner Land & Lumber101, Cooper-Bessemer EN-6, blt 1941 cn4337
Mike Crowe

Maule Ind Vulcan 45T EC #55
, Miami FL 1961 nee QMC USN 4555, to Sreling Engine, cn4338 blt 1941

Indiana Grain Coop Vulcan 50T DE
, Indianapolis, IN 1985, nee Frick1870, ex Ace Equipment , to Logansport & Eel River#2, cn4529 blt 1944

Indiana Grain Vulcan 50T
, Beech Grove, IN 1984, nee Frick1870, ex Ace Equipment , to Logansport & Eel River#2, cn4529 blt 1944
Gary Everhart

PP&L Vulcan 65T D/E #3347
, Bethleham PA 1987, w/2 Cat 450hp, blt 1952 cn4738
©Kermit Geary Jr.-GS

PP&L Vulcan 65T D/E #3347
, Martins Creek PA, 1977, w/2 Cat 450hp, blt 1952 cn4738
John C. Durant

Morse & Ory Vulcan 65T D/E #7
, Amite LA, nee Naval Depot 65-00047 Earle NJ, ex Army 7038, w/2 Cummins 400hp, blt1943 cn4401
Joe Brockmeyer

Warwick RR Vulcan 65T D/E #105
, Cranston RI 1970, nee USA7037, exxx Naval Supply 65-00119, exx Eveready Supply (D), ex WAR4400, blt 1943 cn4400
Paul McGrane

Seaview RR Vlucan 65T DE #2
, Hunts River 1983, nee USA7037, ex Warwick RR #4400/105, exx Eveready Supply, exx Seaview Ry #2, blt 1943 cn4400
Bob LaMay collection

Cape Cod Hyannis Vulcan DE 65T #1
, Buzzards Bay, MA 1982, ex- Seaview RR 2, exx Warwicjk 4400. 105, exxx Eveready Supply, exxxx Naval Supply 65-00119, nee USA7037, blt 1946 cn4400
Ken Houghton

Marcellus & Otisco Lake Vulcan 65DE #7025
, nee USA7025, to Std Slag 49, blt 1941 cn4389
Phil Soyring

Standard Slag Vulcan DE 65T #49
, Weirton WV 1970, nee USA7025, ex Marecellus & Oticso Lake 7025, blt 1941, cn4389
Steve Timko

Narragansett Pier RR Vulcan 65T D/E #40
, nee USA#7036 NJ, ex USN#65-00120 Hingham MA , to Yancey RR, cn4399 1943 2 Cummins 400hp
Marty Kullen-Paul McGrane

Narragansett Pier RR Vulcan 65T D/E #40
, nee USA#7036 NJ, ex USN#65-00120 Hingham MA , to Yancey RR, cn4399 blt 1943

Narragansett Pier Vulcan DE 65T #40
, Micaville NC 1982, nee USA#7036 NJ, ex USN#65-00120 Hingham MA , to Yancey RR, cn4399 blt 1943
Emery Gulash-Steve Timko

Monsanto Chemical Co Vulcan 65DE #1421
, MP yard, El Dorado AR 1959, nee USA2, exx USA7053, ex Lion Oil 1421, to Keystone Steel & Wire, Peoria, IL 1959, blt 1941 cn4350
Jim Tatum

Williams Grove HS Engine Assoc. Vulcan 65T #52
, Williams Grove, PA 2013
Jim Stanton

Vulcan 2' gage 3.5T DM
, Wyalussing, PA, nee San Souci Park, Nanticoke PA, blt 1946 cn4781
Frank Czajkowski

PRR Vulcan Am Bridge gear #170036

Vulcan Iron Works
, Wilkes-Barre PA 1929
History of Vulcan Iron Works
The Vulcan Iron Works was born when Richard Jones raced a small steam-powered boat, that he had built, through the Wilkes-Barre canal basin in 1835. He later formed Jones Iron Works in 1849, and Incorporated as Vulcan in 1866. "Vulcan Iron Works began to expand through mergers and acquisitions, taking over Wyoming Valley Manufacturing Co, Pittston Engine and Machine Co., and Carter & Allen Co of Tamaqua."(2)
"By 1929, the Vulcan was one of the communities most valuable assets, with 1,600 employees. It produced locomotives, sugar mills, mine hoists, giant kilns and other iron products for an international market. It produced locomotives like The Dorothy, Union Pacific 119, the Dewitt Clinton, and the Old War Horse."(2)
From Ed Odonnell
For well over 50 yrs the Vulcan Iron Works, Wilkes-Barre,PA built industrial/mine,switching and feeder line locomotives of various gauges and utilizing varied sources of power. Vulcan was noted for producing quality products worldwide. As a young lad I witnessed the"birth" of various locomotives in the Hazle Street erection complex.In later years,(1946), as a freight conductor on the CNJ, I nursed (20PHR)"French", "Turkish" etc. engines from Ashley Pa to Allentown PA,from which they would move to Jersey City,NJ for export. The company also maintained a plant in West Pittston, just north and across the river from W-B where various metal parts were fabricated.

The Vulcan Iron Works began building locomotives in 1874 and was in business until at least 1952. The west coast company I think you are referring to was the Eureka Foundry Company of Eureka, CA. They built a duplex locomotive that resembled a Heisler except for the cylinders mounted inboard on the trucks. Vulcan also built seven locos of this design but all were used on mining operations-none were ever used by loggers. Got this information from "Allegheny Valley Logging Railroads", book #11 in the series on the Logging Railroad Era of Lumbering in Pennsylvania. Photos of both the Eureka and Vulcan locos appear in this book. I also have a reprint of a 1913 Vulcan loco catalog printed in 1980.

1Marre, Louis A, Diesel Locomotives: The First 50 Years, Kalmbach Books, 1995
2Material taken from the Times Leader Profile, 1992
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