ATSF844 GE C40-8W

  North East Rails  
EMD FP-7 Diesel Railroad Locomotives

DH18 Alco PA-1

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Also see: F-Units by Barry Silverthorn and Technical Data by Brent Holt

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RI FP-7 #402
, blt 1949 cn8623
Jeff Prince

BN FP7A #726
, nee NP 6601, blt 1952 cn15682
Charles H. Biel

Western Pacific F7PA #805
, blt 1950 cn9004
Frank Brehm

CP FP7 #1425

©1994 Corel Corp

EMD FP7ABB demo #7001
, blt 1949

EMD FP7ABB demo #9051
, blt 1949 cn11015, to SOO500A

Reading FP7 #900
. blt 1950 cn11387
J Hunt

R.J. Corman RR FP7AA #1940 & 1941
, Bardstown KY 1989, nee SOU 6141, blt 1950 cn12337
Doug Kroll

CP FP7AA #1403
, Windsor Stn, Montreal QUE 1958, blt 1953
Joseph Testagrose

PRR FP7AB #9821
, Richmond IN 1960, blt 1951, cn 13636,13596, to PC1521/1482
Bud Laws

PRR FP7AA #9821/9840
, Richmond IN 1960, blt 1952, cn 12412,12418, to PC4334/4340
Bud Laws

Ontario Northland FP7 CAT repowered #2001

ONT FP7A with mated with European TEE power unit #1987

JL Hunt

Ontario Northland FP7 CAT repowered #2001

LIRR F7AM-HEP Aux Power Unit #620

JL Hunt

BN F7B #725
, nee NP6011C, blt 1950 cn10929
Charles H. Biel

SF F7B (silver/yellow stripe) #362
, nee SF303, blt 1949 cn8725
Jeff Prince
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