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Allegheny RR CF7 #304
, Warren, PA 1993, P-II, ex ATSF 2521, neeF7 264L
Doug Kroll

Austin, Todd & Ladd CF7 #2491
, Geary, OK 2003, P-III, exATSF 2491, nee F7 312L
Doug Kroll

Florida Central CF7 #50
, Plymouth, FL 2002, P-III, ex ATSF 2503?
Doug Kroll

Louisiana & Delta CF7 #1508
, New Iberia LA 2001, P-III, ex ATSF 2621, nee F7 #227L
Doug Kroll

Midwest Coal Hauling CF7 #2627
, Clinton, NC 2003, P-III, nee F3 #21L
Doug Kroll

Pioneer Valley CF7 #2647
, Westfield, MA 2004, P-III, ex ATSF#2647, nee F7 #210L
Doug Kroll

AMTK (ex SF) CF-7 #585
, P-III rebuilt F7
J Hunt

SF CF-7 #2480
, Albuquerque NM 1978, P-II 4-stack rebuilt F7
George Elwood

RESCAR CF-7 #2534
, P-III rebuilt F7
J Hunt

SF CF-7 #2574
, P-II rebuilt F7
Jeff Prince

Ashley Drew Northern ATSF SF-7 #1513
Warren Calloway

ATSF U30CG #401
, Kansas City KS 1968

SF U30CG #402
, 1969
Dave Goss-GPE

SF U30CG #403

J Hunt

SF U30CG #8005

J Hunt

SF U30CG #8003

J Hunt

SF GE U30CG #8001
, Cleburne, TX 1973
K.B. King

SF SF30B rebuilt at Cleburne from U23B for Chicago-LA #6419

Todd Greenberg

SF SF30C (U36Cr) #9521

JL Hunt

Minnesota Commercial SF30-C rebuilt from U36C #50

D.L. Owings

SF30-C rebuilt from U36C #9537

Shane Lambert

Livingston Rebuild SF30C #9517
, Lincoln NE 2004, rbt U36C
Glen Beans

SF SF30C #9520
, Walong, Ca 1993
Steve Schmollinger

SF SWBLW reman VO1000 #1460

Terry Stroth
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